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  • Well, hello. We must get on, it's Shrove Tuesday and there's Pancakes to make.

  • So to begin you will need.

  • I am going to whisk my eggs in my trusty copper bowl. Copper bowls are very good for whisking

  • eggs. You'll find that your eggs will whisk much quicker and in a much firmer way.

  • And then we're going to add some milk. I would recommend to roughly three eggs to start by

  • adding a quarter. And now three tablespoons of flour to be added gradually.

  • You want to make sure that you don't get any lumps. And then I'll add my other two. And

  • there we have the batter for your Pancakes.

  • So the first thing you need to do is to make sure you've got a nice even fire so your pan

  • is evenly hot. And then you can add the butter. If your not an experience cook and a little

  • bit nervous of flipping your pancake, make sure you put in only a small amount of mix

  • to make to a nice thin Pancake, and then you wont have to turn it over.

  • If you want a slightly thicker Pancake and you want to cook both sides then the easiest

  • way to turn it over is to flip it.

  • A nice clean way to turn the Pancake over.

  • These ones are going to go to the servants. There are plenty of them so I've got a lot

  • more to make.

  • Keep them warm in front of a fire until they are ready to serve.

  • I've taken more time over these ones. They're for Lord and Lady Braybrooke and between each

  • layer I have either sprinkled sugar or I've spread some apricot jam.

  • Layer that on, the final one, and then a sprinkling of sugar.

  • You can serve it to the top table then with perhaps some clotted cream or any other bits

  • that you choose. We have Pancakes for Lord and Lady Braybrooke and for us servants.

  • A good way to begin Lent.

Well, hello. We must get on, it's Shrove Tuesday and there's Pancakes to make.


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如何做煎餅--維多利亞式的方法。 (How to Make Pancakes - The Victorian Way)

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