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- Howdy, howdy, howdy, all you sugarplums and boogerdums!
Hope you're ready for the merriest "Ask Orange"
of the year, 'cause--
- Stop everything!
(record scratch)
Orange, I have terrible news.
- [Announcer] Hey Orange, Christmas is canceled forever!
- Christmas is canceled?
Well, that's fine.
(record scratch) - It is?
- Sure, we'll just celebrate Hanukkah instead.
Silly Pear.
There are all sorts of holidays out there.
- Okay.
I'm just kinda surprised to hear it at all,
considering you don't really know anything about Hanukkah.
- I do too!
This is called a menorah.
- No, this is a menorah.
(record scratch) - Oh.
So what did I just light?
(both scream)
- [Announcer] It's time for "Ask Orange!"
(crowd cheering)
Orange, sing "Christmas Goop" again, I love this song.
- Yeah!
Get ready to goop, y'all.
We're bringing Christmas back.
Here we go!
(high-energy music)
- (yelling) Stop! (record scratch)
There will be absolutely no singing
of "Christmas Goop" this year.
- What?
B-b-but why not?
- Because, every time you sing it,
we get goop all over the kitchen.
- B-b-but--
- No b-b-buts!
No goop, and that's final!
- [Announcer] I really love "Christmas Goop."
- Sorry, not gonna happen.
- [Announcer] Gooooooooop!
- No!
- Ah, c'mon Pear.
The people want it.
- I don't care!
No one is singing "Christmas Goop" this year.
- Ah, okay, fine.
- [Announcer] Hey Orange, rap about Christmas.
- Hmm, great idea!
Kick it!
(high-energy rap beat)
♪ Christmas, Christmas, Christmas ♪
♪ It's a wonderful time ♪
♪ When boys and girls around the world ♪
♪ Get covered in slime- ♪
- Hold up! (record scratch)
I thought I told you,
no singing "Christmas Goop!"
- But I'm not singing it, I'm rapping it!
- That's--okay, that's a good point.
- More like goo point!
Kick it!
Oh! (high-energy rap beat)
♪ Christmas Goop ♪
♪ A tradition known far and wide ♪
♪ Christmas Goop ♪
♪ Super slime for the Yuletide ♪
♪ Christmas Goop ♪
♪ Don't let it get in your eye ♪
♪ Christmas Goop ♪
♪ It's a holiday surprise ♪
(Pear screams)
- [Announcer] Hey, hey Orange,
if SpongeBob is the main character,
why is Patrick the star?
- (laughs) You make a really good point!
And Patrick makes five really good points! (laughs)
- [Announcer] Hey Orange, put this in the next "Ask Orange."
And also, Fat Watermelon is rolling at you!
- Huh? (screams)
Thanks for the heads-up!
That Fat Watermelon almost got me.
- Hey!
I'm not fat.
- Oh, sorry.
It's just that they said
Fat Watermelon was rolling towards me.
- I know, that's Fat Watermelon.
(Orange screams)
(Watermelon screams) (crash)
- [Announcer] Instead of Dodgeball, how about DodgePear?
- [Pear] Ow, ooh, ugh, ow!
(Little Apple laughs)
Stop it!
(Orange laughs)
(Pear screams)
- Guys, Pear's right.
We should stop.
- Yeah, I guess this is kinda mean.
- Oh, it's not that.
It's just that we're playing DodgePear all wrong.
See, you throw the ball in Dodgeball, right?
Ergo, the rules of DodgePear should involve throwing Pear.
- Ohhh.
- That makes sense.
(Pear screams) (others laugh)
- [Announcer] Hey Orange!
What happened to the Mystery Orange Button?
- I don't know.
It's a mystery. (laughs)
- [Announcer] Wazzuuuuup!
- Wazzuuuuup!
- [Announcer] Wazzzuu--
- --uuuu--
- [Announcer] Nothing much.
(record scratch) - Oh.
Well, I guess that settles that. (laughs)
- [Announcer] Hey Orange!
Edit your friends!
- Edit my friends?
What does that mean?
- Wow!
You can do that?
I had nose idea! (giggles)
- (laughs) This could be really useful.
(stretching sounds) - Whoa!
Thanks, Orange!
(pen scratching)
- Whoa!
Thanks, Orange!
(pen scratching)
- Um, thanks, I guess?
- You're welcome!
(Pear screams)
- (screams) That's scary! (shattering glass)
- [Announcer] Hey Santa Claus!
- Hello there!
- [Announcer] Hey!
- Hohohoho, hello!
- [Announcer] Hey Santa Claus!
- I'm right here!
Now, what do you have to say to me?
- [Announcer] No, Claws!
(record scratch) - Huh?
(demon roaring) (Santa screams)
- [Announcer] Hi!
- Hi!
- [Announcer] Hi!
- Hi!
- [Announcer] Dear Orange,
I heard someone's whole left side was cut off,
but they're all right now.
- (laughs) Where'd you find that joke?
I simply half to know! (laughs)
- [Announcer] FBI, open up!
- [FBI Agent] FBI!
We said open up!
- Sorry, this door doesn't open up, it opens to the side!
- [FBI Agent] Well, that's true.
- [FBI Agent] Yeah, he got us good!
Ugh, this is so embarrassing!
- [FBI Agent] Let's just go.
This guy's too funny to arrest.
- [FBI Agent] Heh, agreed.
Have a nice day, Orange.
Don't break any laws, please.
- [Announcer] Hey Orange, if you laugh
that means you're in love with Passion Fruit.
(Pear farts)
(eating noises)
(Pear farts)
- Dude, you okay?
You don't look so good.
(whistling increases) (farting increases)
(both scream)
("Jingle Bells" instrumental)


Annoying Orange - Ask Orange #57: Christmas is CANCELLED!!!

9 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 25 日
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