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Today on The Stay At Home Chef I'm showing you how to make Authentic Italian Bruschetta.
You gotta love my Italian pronunciation.
In America, we just call this "brew-shetta," but in Italy they call it "brew-sket-ta," and I probably butchered that yet again.
To start, you'll need a couple of tomatoes.
You want to find the best quality tomatoes you can, and then we're going to dice them up.
And place the diced tomato into a mixing bowl.
Then you'll need about five fresh basil leaves.
You just want to stack them up and then roll them up tightly.
Take a knife and slice.
This is called a chiffonade.
Then we'll just take all of this basil, place it all in with your tomato.
Next you'll need some good quality Italian extra virgin olive oil.
We'll give the tomatoes a little drizzle with about a tablespoon to a tablespoon and a half.
Then you'll need half a teaspoon of dried oregano.
Sprinkle that in.
You'll need a generous pinch of salt, and last, just a splash of balsamic vinegar, and I'm using my good stuff.
Just a splash and then we'll stir this all together.
Let the tomatoes chill in the fridge while you get your bread ready.
You'll need some sort of baguette, and you'll want to slice that at a slight angle about a quarter-inch thick.
Then you'll want to take one whole garlic clove and trim off the end so you have an exposed side.
You want to just rub each side of each piece of bread with that garlic to give it a little bit of garlic flavor.
I know it may seem a little bit weird, but if you pick up a piece and smell it, you can even smell that it has a hint of garlic.
Then you want to drizzle just a little bit of olive oil onto each side of each slice of bread.
If you don't have a steady hand, you can also just brush the olive oil onto each slice of bread.
Next, we need to toast our bread.
You can either grill it on an outdoor grill or toast it on the stove in a heavy skillet.
Today, I'm doing a little combination of both and using a cast iron grill pan on the stove.
You want the pan to be super-hot... you'll just toast all of the bread right here in the pan.
Let it toast on the first side for two to three minutes, then just flip them over.
Give it two to three minutes to toast on the other side, and then we are ready to assemble our bruschetta.
Then you just take a spoonful of the cold bruschetta and slide it onto that hot bread.
And that's it!
You have authentic Naples-style Italian Bruschetta.
Thanks for watching!
You can find the full-written recipe in the video description.
Be sure to subscribe, like, and follow and check out the rest of my videos, where you can find hundreds of restaurant quality recipes you can easily make at home.
See you later!


How to Make Authentic Italian Bruschetta | The Stay At Home Chef

155 分類 收藏
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