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  • Nestled in Sagami Bay not far from Tokyo lies the alluring island of Enoshima

  • Only a stone's throw from Kamakura's Great Buddha statue

  • this islet is a tourist paradise

  • boasting everything from stunning vistas to shrines and traditional streets.

  • What's more the entire area is well connected

  • by the Odakyu train network making it a convenient side trip from Tokyo

  • I was eager to try for myself

  • I'm Sam Evans, staff writer for

  • and today I'll be making this trip a reality

  • From Tokyo's Shinjuku Station

  • I'll ride along the Odakyu Line in the coveted Romance Car

  • to Katase- Enoshima in neighboring Kanagawa Prefecture

  • from where I'll make the short walk over

  • the bridge to the island

  • After experiencing what Enoshima has to offer

  • I'll take the Enoden train to Hase Station

  • and conclude my journey at Kamakura's celebrated Great Buddha Statue

  • So follow along as we spend the day in enchanting Enoshima and Kamakura

  • We're at Odakyu Shinjuku Station

  • and we're about to get on the romance car to Enoshima

  • Now this is the most convenient way to make this journey

  • So let's get on board

  • So we're finally about to arrive on Enoshima Now if you look behind me

  • that is the island itself Now there's an important shrine and plenty

  • of other things to do

  • So let's cross the bridge and explore

  • From Enoshima we're going to take the Enoden train

  • to see the Great Kamakura Buddha statue

  • one of the three most celebrated bronze buddha statues in all of Japan

  • And that concludes our trip through the area

  • Thanks for joining me

  • I hope this video has been enjoyable and perhaps even inspires some ideas

  • should you decide to plan a trip to this area For more information about Enoshima and Kamakura

  • or to watch another video click the links on the screen now or head

  • over to your comprehensive up-to-date travel guide

  • first-hand from Japan

  • Thanks for watching

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  • Happy travels

Nestled in Sagami Bay not far from Tokyo lies the alluring island of Enoshima


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從東京、江之島、鎌倉出發的簡易一日遊| (Easy Day Trip from Tokyo, Enoshima & Kamakura |

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