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  • NARRATOR: When it's winter in the southern hemisphere,

  • gentoo penguins need to make landfall to breed.

  • It's winter in June in the Falklands

  • and a two-year-old gentoo has only one thing on his mind--

  • romance.

  • But he's never done this before.

  • He's young, inexperienced, and possibly in for a rocky ride.

  • This young male gentoo penguin must follow some simple steps

  • to score a mate.

  • A female will choose a male to breed

  • with based on his behaviors.

  • So the pressure is on.

  • Step one, find a girl.

  • Step two, make sure she's single.

  • Step three, find her a nice rock.

  • Once that's all settled, it's time to find a home.

  • So they both build a nest together with pebbles.

  • Construction approved.

  • It's no castle, but it will do the job.

  • Honeymoon over, it's time to go fishing.

[music playing]


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B1 中級 美國腔

企鵝的浪漫指南|Penguinpalooza(企鵝嘉年華) (A Penguin's Guide to Romance | Penguinpalooza)

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