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Hello everybody, welcome back to my channel
My name is Jessica and today I'm going to show you my current brow routine
I started doing my brows differently recently
and you guys seem to really like them
so if you want to see how I achieved these natural, feathery brows,
just keep watching
First, I'm gonna use an eyebrow gel
Usually, eyebrow gel is used as the finishing product,
but I find using it at the beginning helps with shaping the brows
After I get them in the base shape I want,
it's easier to fill them in more evenly
I'm applying the gel pretty generously
and brushing the hairs in the opposite direction
to make them more feathery
Make sure to brush the ends of the brows upwards to make them look naturally thicker
Next, I'm using MAC's Shape + Shade Brow Tint in “Spiked” to fill in my brows
I'm going to draw hair strokes in the same direction as my natural brow hairs
throughout the entire brow
This product's kind of different from other brow products
in that you can't blend it out
but that's what makes it perfect for drawing in fake hairs
You can stop here, but I'm gonna define them a little more
by using a felt tip eyeliner
This is really gonna add dimension to them
and make them look thicker
and it's also a good step to consider if you have dark hair
and want your brows to be more cool toned
Black eyeliner can look a little harsh though
so I am using an old one that's almost out of ink
You can also use a regular eyeliner
just make sure you're using a really light hand
And that's my current brow routine
Thank you so much for watching
I hope this video was helpful
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remember to follow me on all of my social media
which will be linked in the description box down below
and I will see you in my next video


自然毛流感眉毛教學 (NATURAL BUSHY BROW TUTORIAL | Jessica Vu)

32 分類 收藏
楊舒閔 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 24 日
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