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- Alright, it's time to go to bed.
(smooth music)
So first I would like to use this cleanser.
It's also a mask actually.
So, just if you want to cleanse your face,
you just cleanse it.
If you want to mask it, you just leave it on for longer.
Obviously you guys can't smell it,
but it smells really good.
It smells like honey and it's made of honey mixed with clay.
It's definitely a product that I'd like to use
every day just because it's a great overall product
'cause it's both cleansing and hydrating.
I'm actually gonna grab a hair tie now
so it doesn't get stuck all in my hair.
(water running)
So it's actually a cleanser that doesn't foam
as you can see, so you got to rub it in really well.
Now we're all clean and then next up,
I'm gonna use this face mist that I really like
from this French brand called Caudalie.
I feel like it's really refreshing for the skin
and I also just really like the smell of it.
Maybe I can make a perfume out of it, I don't know.
Up next, now we're gonna hydrate.
I have this face cream that is a little bit weird,
but Dr. Barbara Sturm actually took my blood
and mixed it in these face creams so it's personalized
and it helps to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out
with my own blood cells.
I like this cream a lot because it's very thick
and very hydrating and especially in the winter
it's very important to extra hydrate your skin.
It's just great to to have an overnight and let it
really sink into your skin so it can boost your collagen.
This is honestly like magic,
and this has changed my skin so much.
It's this brand called Sunday Riley.
What I like so much about it is that
I really feel like when you get these marks
from old pimples or any sun damage or anything like that,
when I put this on,
the next day my skin just looks so radiant
and just like blurred out.
As you can see here,
I have some little scarring from pimples that I touched
which I shouldn't have.
I just rub it in with the other face cream
that I put on before.
Alright, next up something very important.
It's an eye cream.
I really like this eye cream by Tata Harper
because it actually has this shimmer in it,
so once you apply it,
it actually instantly gives you that brighter
and refreshing look.
Also something that I personally struggle with
is my smile lines,
so I always put eye cream on there as well
just to make them a little bit more plump.
Next up, something very important
that everyone should do before they go to bed.
Brush your teeth.
I actually found this toothbrush about a year ago.
It's called Quip.
I loved it so much that I decided to invest in it as well.
But I love so much about Quip,
is that it's actually a subscription model.
Every three months,
you get a new head plus battery in your mail.
'Cause I feel like toothbrush is such a thing
where you buy it and you kind of forget
when you got it,
so you end up using your toothbrush for way too long.
(water running)
Something I also like to with my toothbrush
is actually scrub my lips.
It helps your lips to absorb the product
that I'm gonna put on next better.
You just basically make small round circles.
Don't go too hard 'cause your lips are very sensitive.
Then after brushing my teeth and scrubbing my lips,
I use this Agave Lip Mask.
It's a lip mask, but it's also kind of like a lip balm.
It's just a lip balm but a little bit thicker.
I like it so much is because it just stays on for hours
and hours after I put it on.
I think it's a great thing to put on,
especially before going to bed because then once
you're sleeping, you wake up the next day
and it's just like super hydrated, plump lips.
So yeah.
Up next, we have something
that I feel like a lot of people forget about,
but the winter's really dry, especially the heat inside.
So every night before I go to sleep,
I actually like to put in
this healing oil by Innersense.
I love it so much I'm already out of it.
I like to do this every night.
Sometimes even in the morning
when my hair feels really, really dry.
It also smells really nice.
Alright, so we're finished in here
but we're not completely done yet
because I have some other things
that I like to do before I go to sleep.
There's a couple of other things
that I like to do before I go to sleep.
I sleep under this blanket.
It's a gravity blanket.
This blanket actually weights 20 pounds.
I like it so much 'cause I feel like it really..
Well it's actually proven to really calm you down.
But I just feel like,
it feels like someone's hugging you when you're sleeping.
Next, I sleep with these three stones
or sometimes I put them under my pillow.
This is rose quartz which is great for your heart chakra,
very healing for your heart.
This is tourmaline.
It's actually a great grounding stone.
Then this is selenite and it actually helps you
to dream more vividly and to connect to your higher self.
This is also a great stone for meditation.
So I like to sleep with these three.
Then I also, at the end of the day,
especially if I've been around a lot of people,
you never really know their energy,
so I like to burn some sage.
Then also palo santo smudges energy and uplifts it.
So this is a great one.
Then there's one more thing that I like to do
before I go to sleep,
and that's right from this book.
It's called Moonlight Gratitude
and it basically gives you this little mantra
every night to read.
And it just, yeah.
A really nice way to end your day.
So, yeah.
Thanks for getting unready with me, and good night.
(upbeat closing tune)
(laser beams)


Roosmarijn de Kok夜間保養 | Go To Bed With Me (Roosmarijn de Kok's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me)

28 分類 收藏
2001 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 24 日
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