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  • The city of Monterey sits on the central Californian coastline,

    蒙特利這座城市 坐落在加州中部的海岸線,從洛杉磯出發

  • a scenic five-hour drive north from Los Angeles,

    往北開 5 小時,沿途風景秀麗

  • and an easy two-hour drive south from San Francisco.

    從舊金山出發,往南開 2 小時,輕鬆抵達

  • Perched on the edge of a marine sanctuary larger in size than Yellowstone

    此市位處海洋保護區邊緣 面積大於黃石公園

  • and twice as deep as the Grand Canyon,


  • Monterey's wild majesty has long humbled those who've walked her rugged shores.

    蒙特利的自然環境廣闊壯麗 讓走訪崎嶇海岸線的旅人驚嘆不已

  • This is a place where the upwelling of cold,


  • dark Pacific currents lifts a bounty of sea life and mystery onto the shore.

    將許多海洋生物 與海洋秘辛帶到岸上

  • This is a place where the breath of the sea shapes both stone and wood,

    大海的氣息吹來 形塑石頭和木頭

  • and has stirred the imaginations of artists and writers like

    激發許多藝術家和作家 迸發無限想像力

  • Salvador Dali and John Steinbeck.


  • Monterey's modern story began when the Spanish established a presidio,

    蒙特利的現代歷史 從西班牙在此建立要塞開始說起

  • hauling skywards chapel bells


  • that have been calling the faithful for over two centuries.

    超過 2 世紀以來 不斷呼召虔誠的信徒

  • In 1846, the US flag was raised over The Custom House,

    1846 年,海關大樓升起美國國旗

  • marking the end of California's Spanish and Mexican chapters.

    為西班牙和墨西哥在加州的統治時代 畫下句點

  • Three years later,

    3 年後

  • delegates from all over California converged at Monterey's Colton Hall,

    來自加州各地的委任代表 聚集在蒙特利的柯爾頓廳

  • to thrash out the state's first constitution.


  • Continue your journey through the city's early pages


  • at the Monterey State Historic Park.


  • Follow the self-guided walking tour


  • that breathes life into the brick and adobe buildings


  • where the port's whalers once lived, and relaxed.


  • But while the city's early prosperity was fuelled by whale oil,

    不過這座城市早期的財富來源 歸功於鯨油

  • it was a much smaller sea creature that brought Monterey its greatest riches.

    相較來說,這麼小型的海洋生物 卻帶給蒙特利如此巨大的利益

  • Wander down Cannery Row, past processing plants


  • that once steamed and tinned billions of sardines each year,

    每年在這裡蒸煮和裝罐 數十億隻沙丁魚

  • earning Monterey the title, the sardine capital of the world.

    為蒙特利贏得 世界沙丁魚首都的稱號

  • The characters, noise and


  • gut-wrenching stench celebrated in Steinbeck's classic,


  • Cannery Row, faded with the collapse of the silver tide in the 1950s.

    隨著錢潮退去後 在 1950 年代也隨之瓦解

  • But it was soon replaced by a new wave of prosperity,

    不過很快地 觀光取而代之

  • hospitality.


  • Today, gift shops and restaurants fill the former canneries,

    如今,禮品店 和餐廳進駐過去的罐頭廠

  • with the largest of all now home to the acclaimed Monterey Bay Aquarium.

    其中最大的罐頭廠 也成為最受矚目的蒙特利灣水族館

  • Gaze up as clouds of sardines,


  • unmolested by the purse nets of old,


  • glide through towering kelp forests.


  • And don't miss the rescued sea otters


  • chowing their way back to good health on fresh clams.


  • While in the Jellies Gallery,


  • incredible invertebrates put on a psychadelic light show


  • worthy of a Rock concert.


  • When you're ready for your own seafood dinner,


  • head down Cannery Row to Old Fisherman's Wharf.


  • Sign up for a fishing charter and you'll soon be filleting your own catch.

    申請釣魚許可證 很快就可以料理自己的生魚片

  • Or just make a selection from restaurants


  • that have been serving up the fruits of these waters for generations.

    隨意選擇 大啖新鮮肥美的水產料理

  • Monterey has a knack for making old things useful again.

    蒙特利的厲害之處 在於賦予老東西全新意義

  • From Fisherman's Wharf,


  • walk the Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail,


  • which follows the former tracks of the Southern Pacific Railway.

    這條步道接續 南太平洋鐵路先前的軌道

  • Head east, past the marina, to the graceful arc of Del Monte Beach.

    往東走,經過船塢 抵達擁有優雅弧形的德爾蒙特海灘

  • Then continue a little further into the ever-shifting sands


  • and floral displays of the Fort Ord Dunes State Park.


  • From Fisherman's Wharf, the trail also heads north, to Pacific Grove.

    從漁人碼頭出發 這條步道也向北延伸到太平洋叢林

  • Enjoy the warm, sheltered sands of Lovers Point Beach.


  • Then stop by Point Pinos Light,


  • where a piano-playing lighthouse keeper

    在 1879 年時,演奏鋼琴的燈塔管理員

  • entertained Robert Louis Stevenson when the wandering writer called by in 1879.

    在羅伯特·路易斯·史蒂文生造訪時 熱情招待這位流浪作家

  • From Point Pinos, follow the coastal trail down the peninsula's west coast

    離開皮諾斯角燈塔後 沿著海岸步道,前往半島的西海岸

  • to Asilomar State Beach,


  • where icy waters from deep in the Monterey Canyon


  • roll into rock pools rich in marine life.


  • After being serenaded by the wild, wild surf at Asilomar,


  • rent a convertible or hop on a bike,


  • and follow one of the USA's most scenic roads, 17 Mile Drive.

    騎乘在美國最美的一條公路上 也就是 17 哩海景公路,風景宜人

  • From Pacific Grove,


  • this privately managed toll road winds its way along the coast

    這條私人管理的收費公路 順著海岸蜿蜒

  • past the acclaimed fairways of Pebble Beach towards Carmel Bay.

    經過著名圓石灘的高爾夫球道 抵達卡梅爾

  • Stop by the 250-year-old Lone Cypress,

    停下來欣賞那顆樹齡 250 年的孤獨樹

  • then spend some time amid the ghost trees at Pescadero Point.

    再花些時間 看看佩斯卡德羅角的鬼樹

  • 17 Mile Drive emerges onto Highway One,

    17 哩海景公路連接加州 1 號海岸公路

  • which hugs one of the longest


  • and most spectacular stretches of undeveloped coastline in the USA.

    堪稱是美國其中一條最長 且風景最壯觀的路段

  • Explore the wind-swept bluffs and secluded coves of the Point Lobos State Park,

    站在峭壁,海風迎面吹來 前往狼角州立保護區的遺世海灣冒險

  • where the Ohlone people once harvested shellfish from the nutrient-rich waters,

    過去歐隆人 曾在這片營養豐富的水域捕獲貝類

  • and shore whalers scoured the horizon for tell-tale spouts.

    而岸上的捕鯨人則在地平線上 尋找能夠成為故事的鯨魚噴水孔

  • At Garrapata State Park, buckle up for the two-hour adventure through Big Sur,

    來到加拉帕塔州立公園 沿著大索爾,進行 2 小時的冒險

  • where California's Santa Lucia mountains tumble down


  • into the swaying kelp forests of the Pacific.


  • Catch your breath at Bixby Canyon Bridge,


  • one of the highest single span concrete bridges in the world.

    這裡是全世界其中一座 最高的水泥單跨橋

  • In the 1960's, writer Jack Kerouac almost lost his mind on the beach below

    1960 年代時,作家傑克·凱魯西亞 站在橋下的海灘上

  • trying to capture the grandeur of Big Sur in words.


  • As you follow each and every twist and turn down Highway One,

    隨著您順沿每一個彎道 駛入加州 1 號海岸公路

  • you too will be lost for words,


  • for this is a place that often defies the limits of language.

    因為這片風景的美麗浩瀚 超越言語

  • Indeed a visit to Monterey and its nearby shores is a lesson in the futility

    造訪蒙特利與周邊海岸時 試圖尋找完美的形容詞

  • of searching for the perfect adjective


  • the ideal hashtag.


  • Monterey is a destination that invites you to silence


  • it's a place to let the crackle of a beachside fire do the talking

    這裡相當靜謐 只聽見海灘邊的營火啪啪作響…

  • a place to allow the winds and waves


  • to sing their wild, timeless songs.


The city of Monterey sits on the central Californian coastline,

蒙特利這座城市 坐落在加州中部的海岸線,從洛杉磯出發


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