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We've got a vehicle, Sarge!
Come, come on...
"Yellow bird on the windowsill..."
"Yellow bird on the windowsill..."
Hey, man. You're from Virginia?
Ms Bartle? Is Brandon in home?
He's out.
I'm just following him up on the few things
from Brandon's last post...
Has your son even mentioned a name "Daniel Murphy"?
Listen, whatever you said, Mister, we don't want any.
-I'm not a recruiter or anything like that, Ms Bartle. -You had him already.
You don't get to take him again, you understand?
Thanks for looking out for him.
-You bet. We look out for each other. -Promise we don't take care more of them.
Yes, of course.
Come on, let's move! Move!
Are you guys promise to do what I say?
-Yeah, sure I think, sir. -Don't give me that. There's no sure thing in this town.
You do what I say, I'll take care of you.
CID, what is that?
I'm on investigation division.
They're gonna kill somebody, so we're gonna kill some of them.
We've got some doing, Sarge.
-Come on! -Pull off!
I haven't been over there.
I'm not accusing Army of anything,
I just wanna know more of my son.
-He's down there! -One o'clock, wait, wait...wait!
You guys are my guys, right?
Yes, sir.
I don't want to just be a partner.
Your own is sick of your secret.
No, I can't take it!
Who are you?
Mom, it's done.
What do you think it'll help by keeping quiet?
It's time, son.
I saw the grass, there's people being no more.
You're offered a bit something, what happened?
I'd like to hear that from you first.
You said you want to hear it from me first?
Here I am.


黃鳥 (The Yellow Birds Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers)

805 分類 收藏
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