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  • Hello everyone, I'm Marine Corps Veteran Matt Webb with another edition of VA

  • news. Cardiovascular disease strokes and heart attacks are the leading causes of

  • death in America. In fact, more than a third of veterans have been diagnosed

  • with hypertension and more than 40 percent have high cholesterol.

  • Potu: So, if you have a family history of hypertension then I would be concerned about it

  • because I do have a family history of hypertension so you want to eat a low

  • salt diet, exercise regularly, quit smoking - these are all the lifestyle changes that you can do.

  • Identifying and controlling hypertension and high

  • cholesterol in a patient population is no small undertaking. But, the American

  • Heart Association and the American Medical Association recognized VA North

  • Texas as the gold standard for controlling both hypertension and high

  • cholesterol among its patient population.

  • Did you know that Veterans enrolled in the VA health care system their caregivers and

  • visitors have access to the veteran's canteen service online shopping site,

  • The patriotic shop offers a variety of gear and apparel

  • bearing the Stars and Stripes while the military pride shop features a

  • collection of products honoring all branches of the armed forces. Best of all,

  • every order at supports the veteran community through the VCS

  • "gives back" mission. Legendary guitarist and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer James

  • Burton, through the James Burton foundation, recently donated 15 guitars

  • to Memphis VA Veterans as part of the "Guitars 4 Vets program. Guitars 4 Vets

  • is a nonprofit organization, founded in Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2007, that

  • pursues its mission to share the healing power of music by providing free guitar

  • instruction, a new acoustic guitar, and a guitar accessory kit. To learn more go to

  • and search "guitars 4 vets." That's all for VA news I'm Matt Webb

  • thank you for serving.

Hello everyone, I'm Marine Corps Veteran Matt Webb with another edition of VA


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VA新聞 - 2020年1月21日 (VA News - Jan 21, 2020)

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