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Prince Harry arrived in Canada on Monday evening ready to start his new stripped-down life
away from the pomp of the Royal Family. While, Meghan Markle was snapped going for an early-morning,
as She hike with baby Archie on Canada's Vancouver Island, .
Prince Harry flew on to Vancouver Island via WestJet, the same carrier that Meghan is said
to have taken, landing at Victoria Airport around 9:45pm local time.
He landed at Vancouver International Airport on British Airways flight 85 from London's
The transatlantic flight — which arrived six minutes late — was Harry's goodbye to
the royal life that he has lived since his birth.
Meanwhile, Meghan Markle is readjusting to life in Canada after relinquishing her duties
as a member of the royal family.
Meghan Markle was snapped going for an early-morning hike carrying Archie in a baby carrier on
her chest while holding on to her two dogs, black lab Oz and beagle Guy on leashes.
Meghan braved the rainy weather in Victoria on Monday and took her son, Archie, and her
two dogs for a walk in Horth Hill Regional Park wearing $98 Lululemon 'Align' leggings,
a form-fitting navy zip-up, and a knit beanie.
Social media users have urged Meghan Markle to get advice from the nanny on how to use
a baby carrier, after pictures showed her awkwardly handling Archie, while hiking with
her two dogs on Canada's Vancouver Island.
Holding her two dogs, there was no sign of the drama of Megxit on her smiling face, as
she awaited husband Harry who was flying from the UK overnight, so they could start their
new life together in North America.
But eagle-eyed Twitter users were less than impressed with how she held her eight-month-old
son on her chest in the baby carrier.
One user said: 'Archie looks uncomfortable - maybe one of Meghan's armed guards could
give her a hand with the pup...just say'in.
And another said: 'Not carrying that baby well though.'
Twitter user Tina Richards said: 'Please someone show Meghan how a baby carrier is used correctly
before poor little Archie drops out.'
And another user said: 'What a surprise that she's appeared on the same night the Cambridge's
hold an event at BP!
'And wtf is going on with the baby carrier?! Poor baby!'
The Duke of Sussex was understood to be jetting overnight to Vancouver to be with his wife
and child, after making an appearance at the UK-Africa Investment Summit on Monday.
But he missed his brother William's first solo reception at Buckingham Palace last night
where he ushered in a new era for the royals.
Now he will no longer use his courtesy HRH title — although the Queen did not formally
strip it. He will be known simply as the Duke of Sussex.
Harry's last act as a fully-fledged royal was to attend the the UK-Africa Investment
Summit in Greenwich, London, on Monday afternoon UK time, where he held held private bilateral
meetings with Moroccan PM Saad-Eddine El Othmani, Malawian President Peter Mutharika, and Filipe
Nyusi, president of Mozambique at the request of the Government.
He also had a 20-minute meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. But he pointedly
did not hang around in London to go to the Buckingham Palace reception hosted by Prince
It was a stepping stone for William in the long preparation for him becoming king and
showcased the royal family's new order post-Harry, who was on his way to Vancouver to start his
new life with his wife and son on Monday.
At the summit reception the Duke of Cambridge was supported by his wife Kate, Prince Edward,
his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, and Princess Anne as they welcomed 21 African delegations
to the Queen's London home. The Queen and Prince Charles were not in attendance at the
reception to mark the UK-Africa Investment Summit.


Prince Harry Arrived In Canada Reunited With Meghan And Baby Archie After Escaping The Royal Family

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