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Prince Harry has arrived in Canada. 2
He's back with his wife and son on the first day 3
of what will be his new life away from the royal family. 4
We've got more on that, as well as some exclusive video 5
from inside the plane during Harry's trip. 6
Reunited and it feels so good. 7
A grinning Prince Harry rejoined Meghan 8
and baby Archie in Canada last night 9
to start their new lives outside the royal family. 10
Harry left Heathrow Airport in London 11
aboard a British Airways jet at 5:40 p.m. local time 12
and flew nearly 10 hours to Vancouver. 13
Then, he boarded a puddle jumper 14
for a short, 25-minute flight to Vancouver Island, 15
the last leg of his journey. 16
This exclusive video of Harry onboard 17
was taken by another passenger. 18
Burly royal body guards 19
tried to shield the prince from view. 20
"He was tired and agitated" after all those hours in the air 21
one passenger was quoted as saying. 22
"But as he saw the car, his mood instantly changed. 23
"It looks like Meghan was in the back waiting for him. 24
"Whoever it was, he was very pleased to see them." 25
(dramatic news music)


Prince Harry Reunites with Meghan Markle in Canada

29 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 21 日
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