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- Why does Moff Gideon want Baby Yoda so badly?
Now folks, despite unfounded rumors
over the long holiday weekend that
the Kenobi series was in trouble.
It's not, don't worry.
It's clear that Star Wars is continuing
to be a galactic tour de force
partially due to the success of the first ever
live-action Star Wars show, The Mandalorian.
And with the first season
of The Mandalorian coming to a close in 2019,
fans are eagerly awaiting the next entry in the series.
Especially with all the many mysteries teased out
and all of the questions that we had
at the season's epic conclusion.
And one of the biggest question marks is,
why does Moff Gideon want the Child so badly?
I'm sorry, his real name is the wee Baby Yoda.
I didn't mean to say the child, here we are.
Now before we go any further,
let's pop on a quick spoiler warning here
just 'cause we're gonna be getting the things
that could be considered spoilers for
the first season of The Mandalorian,
the season finale specifically,
and definitely speculation territory for season two.
But if you are sticking around with us,
please feel free to give us a like and subscribe.
It's what Baby Yoda would want.
- I would like to see the baby.
- Now, if you're still here
you're gonna be glad to know that Giancarlo Esposito,
the actor behind Moff Gideon,
recently spoke to IGN about the character's motivations.
And while he wasn't super specific about the details
if add to what he said everything that we know already,
it gives us some pretty clear pictures
of what he wants with the wee Baby Yodes.
And it's not looking good for that adorable little child,
that's for damn sure.
So, what did he say? (clears throat)
"Like any great leader or scientist--
"clue, clue, clue--
"with someone who is advanced in a certain way,
"yeah, you could want to be their best friend,
"or you could want to co-opt what's inside them
"to figure out how to make all of us
"a little better at humanity."
Better at humanity.
Whatever could that mean my dearest Moff?
Well, Giancarlo Esposito went on to say,
"So, it's that power and control of a Moff leader
"who's trying to put the universe back together.
"But how does he know everything?
"How does he know everything that's going on?
"He's a very interesting character
"and I'm so honored to be a part of this production."
Now admittedly, this quote is not the most detailed,
but let's see what happens when we add
the rest of our considerable knowledge to this.
Now, first of all,
due to some super sleuthing on the parts of fans
early on in the Mando season one,
Dr. Pershing, you remember that guy had
the symbol for the Kaminoan and cloners on his uniform.
Well since The Client and Pershing are working
for Moff Gideon.
What does Gideon want with the baby and cloning scientist?
Well, The Client tells Dr. Pershing to extract the material
when the Mandalorian is eavesdropping on them.
Now it doesn't take a massive leap in logic
to assume that he's referring to the Midichlorians
or the microscopic organisms that help beings
in the Star Wars galaxy communicate with the force,
that reside presumably within the wee Baby Yoda's
wee baby bloodstream.
So if Moff Gideon is after some sweet sweet Midichlores
from the wee Baby Yoda.
What will he do once he's got them?
Is he gonna give them to a lab?
Is he just gonna straight up drink em?
Who knows.
Now if we go back to that quote,
he stresses that he's a leader and a scientist,
and he also says, let me remind you,
"With someone who's advanced in a certain way,
"yeah you could want to be their best friend,
"or you would want to co-opt what's inside them
"to figure out how to make all of us
"a little better at humanity."
Now obviously he wants to find a way
to put force sensitivity in certain people
and this has led some fans out there
to think that the all of us a little better
at humanity part of that quote,
means that Moff Gideon wants to level the playing field
and distribute force abilities to everyone.
You know the classic Syndrome from Incredibles
sort of evil plan.
But that doesn't really fit in
with the whole Imperial aesthetic,
because no matter how he views himself Gideon
isn't some sort of hero for humanity,
he was more than willing
to just straight up murder stormtroopers
and he was also willing to murk the wee Baby Yoda
to get what he wanted as well,
since Dr. Pershing said that without him,
the baby would already be dead.
Looking at you Jason Sudeikis.
(Yoda wailing)
Now it's much more likely that with the cloning connection
Gideon is trying to create an army of force users
to bring the empire back to power.
Now this is something that we speculated about
way back in The Mandalorian episode three
and this honestly feels like the confirmation
we were looking for.
It's also worth noting that some fans are speculating
that Moff Gideon might be wanting
the Midichlorians to help resurrect empire Palpatine,
who's currently regenerating in some capacity
in the unknown region on Exogol,
probably in one of his weird nightmare goo pods.
So maybe stealing Midichlorians is part of
this secret Sith dark side cloning science
that Dominic Monaghan references
in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker.
And side note did you know that Monaghan's character
was named Beaumont because neither did we.
While this is a possibility we think that Gideon
isn't working for Palpatine directly.
Now according to conical sources like,
the Aftermath novel trilogy
and the Battlefront two video game,
Palpatine took everyone he trusted to the unknown regions
to work on building both his first and final orders.
And he tried to destroy what was left of the empire
that he felt had failed him.
So if Moff Gideon wasn't a piece of Palpatine's inner circle
well he's more likely an Imperial loyalist
rather than a Palpatine loyalist or a pal patine.
Gideon strikes as more as an officer who bought
the Imperial propaganda hook like and sinker.
He's trying to enforce order throughout the galaxy
by bringing the empire itself back
not just that weird crusty old Palps
and the best way to do that is by infusing his troops
with Midichlorians or by growing new batches
of force sensitive stormtroopers.
And that isn't to say we couldn't see hints
of the first order or the final order in season two
of The Mandalorian.
But we're pretty sure that Palpatine would view
an Imperial Moff trying to create new force sensitive armies
as a pretty major threat to his power.
Now this next bit certainly falls into the realm
of super speculation but it's also worth noting
we might be getting more insight
into Moff Gideon's background with the upcoming season seven
of The Clone Wars, which drops on Disney Plus in February.
So this season is going to deal with the siege of Mandalore
during The Clone Wars and considering that Moff Gideon
was one of the orchestrators of The Mandalorian purge
during the reign of the empire
it could have major implications.
Add that into Star Wars producer Dave Filoni's heavy
involvement in both series
and his love of Mandalorian culture
and we wouldn't be surprised to see a young Gideon
as an Old Republic officer before he became
an Imperial agent.
There, he could meet Anakin, Obi wan
or maybe even the old Baby Yoda himself,
or just Yoda.
And he could see the powers of the force in action
and Midichlorian's potential before his very eyes.
This could also be where a young Gideon hears about
the fabled dark saber, which we know he's in possession of
by the end of season one of The Mandalorian.
And bringing live-action characters to the cartoon
has happened plenty of times in the past.
The easiest examples is the main characters
of The Clone Wars are all from the films
but also, look how Star Wars Rebel saw
the likes of Forest Whitaker reprising his version
of Saw Gerrera,
a character who first originated in The Clone Wars series.
So if Gideon shows up as well it would be?
- A surprise to be sure but a welcome one.
- Yeah, what he said.
We'll just to wait and see though if any of this is true
in both The Mandalorian season two
and The Clone Wars season seven
return to Disney Plus later this year.
But tell me what do you folks think
are we on the money for why Moff wants the Baby Yoda
and is there another reason that we missed
and also will Gideon show up
in The Clone Wars? Let's discuss.
Thank you so much for watching.
If you enjoyed what you saw then why not give us
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(lively music)


Baby Yoda Theory: Why Moff Gideon Wants The Child?!? (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

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