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So the big day.
New school.
New friends, huh?
I know.
I'm kind of nervous, but I'm mostly excited.
How do I look?
You like my shirt?
MOM: Very cute.
Are you going to be OK?
Do you want us to walk with you?
Mom and Dad with us in public?
No, thank you. - Yep.
I'm on it.
Nope, I'm fine.
Bye, Mom.
Bye, Dad.
Have a good day at school, Monkey.
Have a great day, sweetheart.
00:00:31,922 --> 00:00:33,320 FEAR: Are you sure we want to do this?
JOY: In we go!
Going in!
00:00:41,486 --> 00:00:43,919 DISGUST: OK, we got a group of cool girls, like, 2:00.
How do you know?
Double ears pierced, infinity scarf.
JOY: Whoa.
Is she wearing eyeshadow? - Yeah.
We want to be friends with them.
Let's go talk to them!
Are you kidding?
We're not talking to them.
We want them to like us.
Oh, yeah.
Wait, what?
Almost finished with the potential disasters.
Worst scenario is either quicksand,
spontaneous combustion, or getting
called on by the teacher.
So as long as none of those happen--
OK, everybody.
We have a new student in class today.
Are you kidding me?
Out of the gate?!
This is not happening!
Riley, would you like to tell us something about yourself?
Pretend we can't speak English!
Don't worry.
I got this.
Uh, OK.
My name is Riley Anderson.
I'm from Minnesota.
And now, I live here.
TEACHER: And how about Minnesota?
Can you tell us something about it?
Well, you certainly get a lot more snow than we do.
[LAUGHS] She's hilarious.
[CHUCKLES] Yeah, it gets pretty cold.
The lake freezes over, and that's when we play hockey.
I'm on a great team.
We're called the Prairie Dogs.
My friend Meg plays forward.
And my dad's the coach.
Pretty much everyone in my family skates.
It's kind of a family tradition.
We go out on the lake almost every weekend.
00:01:56,564 --> 00:01:59,470 Or we did, 'til I moved away.
- Hey, what gives? - Wait, what?
JOY: Hey!
You touched a memory?
We talked about this! - Oh, yeah.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Get back in your circle.
Ugh, what's going on?
Get out of there, Joy!
Why wont it eject?
[SNIFFS] We used to play tag and stuff.
Cool kids whispering at 3:00.
Did you see that look?
Oh, no.
They're judging us!
FEAR: Come on!
JOY: Somebody help! Grab that!
Everybody put--
But everything's different now, since we moved.
Oh, no.
We're crying at school!
Sadness, what are you doing?
Oh, no!
I'm sorry.
FEAR: [GASPS] It's a core memory.
But it's blue.
No, wait!
Stop it!
No! Ah!
00:02:54,920 --> 00:02:56,410 Joy, no.
That's a core memory, Joy!
Hey! Stop it!
Let go!
FEAR: The core memories!
00:03:05,920 --> 00:03:09,869 [SCREAMS]
00:03:10,670 --> 00:03:13,420 [GASPS]
No, no, no, no... [FADED SCREAMS]
TEACHER: Thank you, Riley.
I know it can be tough moving to a new place,
but we are happy to have you here.
All right, everyone.
Get out your history books and turn to chapter seven.


Inside Out: Riley's First Day of School | Pixar Side by Side

114 分類 收藏
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