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- Suck it!
- Suck it, dude!
- You suck it!
- Hey! What's all this for?
- What? Oh, Katie.
It's just that the bulls are about to stampede.
- Nice! What does that mean?
- The bulls, Katie!
The bulls are the boys.
- And tonight, these stupid motherfuckers
are gonna run amuck at the big game.
- Hey Raff, why don't you go fuck your sister
you freaking dongle?
- Guys, please don't fight!
- Katie, you gotta understand.
This is just bulls aka guys being guys.
Dudes all rip each other.
It's how we bond.
- Take this stupid ass piece of shit here, right?
You still crying over Amy?
- Sorry she wouldn't marry you
because you'd make a bad dad.
- What a serious problem.
- You guys are one to talk.
At least my parents still talk to me.
- Boys, wow! These comments are horrible.
- Just guys being guys.
You know! Like I've been catfishing Trap
for the past two weeks.
- Whoa, wait! Monica's not real?
- Oh no, she's real.
Just not the one you've been talking to.
- No, that's fine.
That's cool. That's cool.
Because I maxed out your credit cards
on geriatric porn subscriptions, you piece of shit.
- Guys!
- Yo, jokes on you man because I love fuck your grandma.
- Oh fuck you!
- No, no really.
She's an older lady who can teach me a lot in bed.
She's like fine wine, man.
- Shut up!
- No way! She can't get wet.
- Never say that! What's happening?
Are you guys even friends?
- We are! We're best friends.
- These guys got me through like a pretty hard time
in my life.
They were there for me when no one else was.
- Aw, don't go getting all soft on us,
you piece of shit.
- I'm not getting soft.
And the bulls gotta get stomping anyways.
I'm trying to celebrate my birthday over here.
- And bulls of a feather stomp together!
- Do any of you know what bulls are?
- Wait, wait, wait!
Before we go, we gotta give you your birthday present.
- Oh, that's right!
- What?
- One punch for every year you've been alive.
- Alright, well fuck you motherfuck...
- One, two, three, four...
- Alright, stop it!
You're gonna kill him!
- You call those punches.
I fuck all your sisters.
- One, two, three...
- Hello, 911.
There's a terrible beating happening.
- [On Phone] Let me connect you to the dispatcher.
- No, there's no time to wait!
They're gonna kill him!
That's what you get, you stupid fuckers!
I'll fuck all your sisters!
- Welcome to the bulls!
- Hi, it's Zach from College Humor.
Thanks for watching.
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互相霸凌才是朋友?難懂的男性友誼模式 (Male Friendships are Just Bullying)

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Annie Huang 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 20 日
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