B1 中級 其他腔 59 分類 收藏
Vernon, isn't it time to use your skill?
[Gung Ye] If we have two rounds left, then there are plenty of chances left.
[Could be his strategy] I am curious about him who has his eye skill covered.
[No contestants found the treasure]
They hid it really well.
[Does not like him pretending to be cute] Where is it?
[From now, the civilians will find the mafia through discussion]
First, I don't think there are citizens with bad intentions.
[Naive] There aren't any. Because they didn't find the treasure.
[No no] But they could have kept it to themselves
No if they don't have it and not say it
[500,000 won] If rest of you can't see it.
Then I can be like oh, it's here!
But if you don't say that you found it, then you are a fraud.
You can take it when you find it.
[Greed] But they just looked at it.
The treasure could be hidden somewhere but it could change the location in the next round
and if there are that many members who would use tricks like that?
[Quick breakup] then I will move out from our house.
[It has been fun]
I get goosebumps that I've been breathing with you for seven years
Okay then let's pick one mafia each
In my opinion, I think Vernon is a mafia
Then let's start from Wonwoo
Okay. I pick Yoon Jeong Han
Dino, why are you laughing?
His facial expressions are too funny.
[Like Unanswered Questions style] It's your turn.
I pick Hoshi!
I pick Dino.
I pick The8
I pick Mingyu
The votes are all different.
I pick..
[Vernon got 2 votes] I pick Vernon
Vernon has quite a lot of votes.
I also pick Vernon
I think I was fooled by his concealed eyes
I honestly don't know but I pick Mingyu
Why are you laughing?
[Didn't know he picked him] You picked me??
I pick Mingyu
I pick Jeonghan
What about Seungkwan?
I pick Jeonghan
[Gets consecutive votes suddenly] Wow I am getting a lot of votes!
Raise your hand if you picked Jeonhan.
Can I say something?
[There are 3 mafias] I want to suspect 3 people that picked one person.
Who suspected Vernon?
[Jeonghan / Joshua / Dino]
They could be hounding someone because there are three mafias
But will mafias decide to hound someone next round
Oh wait! Then wait! Who picked Jeonghan?
[What time is it? Hoshi excited time]
[3 people] Oh!!
I am not the doctor but they might have said
[Doctor from Boo Seung Kwan Office] let's pretend to suspect each other in this round.
Oh~ They might do that.
Look. If it was Mingyu,
If Mingyu and I were mafias, Mingyu might say 'I pick Seungkwan'
and I might say 'I pick Mingyu' that could happen.
[Quick game player] But isn't the person with the most votes Mingyu?
[Jeonghan is getting hounded] The person with the most votes is Jeonghan.
Then let's pick Jeonghan.
Let's go with Jeonghan.
Let's play it simple
We end it with the last plead.
Your plead?
[Realized that it is not worth trying]
The reason I was suspicious of him was
I was looking for the treasure with Jeonghan.
And Jeonghan said 'Can you lift up the vase' or he opened the trash can and said 'Hey wouldn't it be inside the bin?'
as if he was stalling so I thought he was stalling
Do you have a plead?
The plead is.. Oh yeah there is nothing to argue.
Okay one two three!
Jeonghan has been voted out of the game.
[Mafia Jeonghan has failed]
The weather is pretty cold.
This is your role for today.
Don't give me this role.
The members eliminate me from the start.
You are the mafia of today's game.
There are three mafias in total including you.
After discussing where to hide the treasure with other mafias, tell it to the host.
Wow he is so shameless!
[From acting school] You are good at acting.
I didn't vote him out after listening to his last plead.
[There are always someone like this] I actually, suspected Jeonghan from the start
But the reason I didn't reveal that from the start was because there weren't that many members who suspected him.
So I thought if I suspected Jeonghan from the start, then he might eliminate me so I hid it on purpose.
[Still pretending to be sleepy] So that's why I was pretending to be sleepy.
Dino laughed earlier when Jeonghan got many votes.
[The night has come]
[Affectionate] Let's see each other after surviving!!
[The mafias will raise their heads and pick one citizen to eliminate from the game]
[Can the police who revealed his identity survive?]
[The doctor will raise his head and pick one contestant to save]
[The police will raise his head and check the identity of a contestant]
[No spoilers]
[PD: He is a mafia]
[It's over]
[The sun has risen]
[Innocent citizen, Seungkwan has been eliminated by the mafias]
Wow~ Seungkwan
- Seungkwan must have been sharp - Come here Seungkwan.
Hey who did you pick?
[Can only react] No shh
Seungkwan cannot speak.
Dead men tell no tales.
[Did mafias eliminate Seungkwan knowing his identity?]
Then what do we do now?
Do we play the mini game?
[Eating lemon - You have to eat 6 lemons in two minutes through a friendship game. If you succeed, you will get 3 minutes extra] - Wow lemon - Jun is good at this
We don't have Jun!
[2 minutes later]
Isn't the game too extreme?
Give us something in the middle.
[Could not obtain extra minutes]
[Find the treasure for 5 minutes starting now] Guys, for your information, it is a stack of cash.
Oh Yoon Jeong Han is sitting like a mafia boss.
[Finding the treasure START]
It doesn't matter if the mafias win but we need to find the treasure quickly.
Mafia Jeonghan was standing on this side.
So it must be here.
Would he look for it at a location where he hid it?
He was pretending to find it while watching us.
They wouldn't have buried it right?
He was 100% pretending to look for it while watching us
I looked for the treasure for few minutes here
[It's a bit late but happy birthday Carat]
[King of communication] Where is it?
You know where it is right?
Oh I can't find it.
[Hint ghost] Jeonghan said he hid it somewhere simple
Oh really?
Would it look suspicious if I said I was the police starting now?
[Reaction seat]
[Just react] Just nod, would it be suspicious?
Seungkwan, is it hidden somewhere easier than we think?
- The place where the money is hidden? - I don't know.
- And Jeonghan told me not to move when I moved. - Jeonghan must know.
He said not to move.
Citizens win.
Don't be played by Yoon Jeong Han.
[Innocent citizen] Yoon Jeong Han is an idiot!
[Reaction ghost] He is a stupid angel.
He is a fallen angel!
I want to win and split the prize.
With mafias
Cheer up, mafias!
[Lure of the angel] Wonwoo, lift up the vase.
After going through the trash can?
Dino, that is the vase I did not lift because it was too heavy.
[The ghost is moving around] I am not getting fooled.
He told me to lift this up?
- Jeonghan. - Yeah?
You hid it really well.
But really
Don't say anything.
I don't want to hear anything.
Making the game more confusing
Vernon. Lift up this vase.
Should I do it?
[Me too] Wow.. If a stack of cash that is rolled up was inside my pocket, it would feel really nice.
You have 2 minutes left.
Can we look inside here?
Can I look inside here?
[Don't touch Seventeen is one / Censored]
Are you stealing the money?
[I am a staff]
[I don't have the money]
[Citizen Woozi found the coupon] Those who use the studio will get 1,000 won discount on the drinks.
Uh... Woozi.
The time is up
Dd you look under the slippers?
[Fishing] Inside the slippers?
[Who would get fooled if you do that?] Are you saying it like that
[I will get fooled] on purpose?
[Having an one-by-one interview on whether they found the treasure] It is good that the time got shortened since few people were eliminated.
It's over after they ask did you find it? Did you not find it?
No Hoshi, they ask who you suspect
[Mistake] Yeah that
- Oh what was that? - He made a mistake.
[Mafia?] He made a mistake!!
- You are the mafia! - They wouldn't ask that to a mafia, right.
[Failed-mafia?] He made a mistake.
The claws of the tiger are slightly hidden today!
It's you this round.
It's Hoshi next. There's nothing we can do.
What happens if we catch all of the mafias?
We can't. This is the last round.
Oh really?
[None of the contestants found the treasure]
- We must have not played 'find the treasure' when we were younger. - What do we do?
I think you guys will vote me out now but can I say the last plead?
[Last plead] But it really isn't me.
I really looked for it harder than anyone
But this is the last round for us
Whether we eliminate the mafia or not, the night will come again.
Then shouldn't the person who is the police reveal himself fast and tell us the result of the investigation?
[The police is here] Can't they say it now?
But the police has been eliminated.
How do you know if the police has been eliminated?
[Citizen/Mafia DK has changed jobs] I am actually the spy of the police.
It's Seungkwan.
No, no, Coups, S.coups.
Listen to me.
-You're the cop? -Yes.
I, I found out one of the mafias.
But I really don't know who the other one is.
Get it?
But you've just revealed yourself, they'll get you.
I know, and
That's why I've been debating about telling you. It's Hoshi.
[Cop snorting]
It has to be Hoshi and Mingyu.
Let's be honest!
If there is a cop here
[Seventeen Know-all] he wouldn't have been hiding it all this time.
That he was a cop.
Look, do you know who the cop was?
-It was Jun. -Nope.
No, no.
Look. I'm actually the cop's spy.
I told you.
The cop is Boo Seung Kwan.
-Trust me. -No, DK, it's not.
[Don't Lie: the show] You're not the cop.
-No. -It's not you.
You're trying to get all the money for yourself.
Listen. I think Seungkwan is the cop.
It's just a guess, though.
-No, I was sitting next to Seungkwan the whole time. -Anyway, if Mingyu was already the cop
He would've been more like
'No, I don't think it's him'
He'd have been more active like that.
[Sorry.] -What's that?
Listen to me.
I sat with Seungkwan.
So we had a discussion.
What discussion?
The people I checked as cops.
I checked him.
[Soulless] -Wow. -Wow.
But I was next to Seungkwan?
No, before the second round.
And Woozi was next to me in the first round.
So when you guys said Woozi was suspicious
I disagreed, I suspected Jeonghan.
You did all that after telling Seungkwan that you were the cop?
And then I checked Woozi.
He's a civilian.
And then I checked Hoshi.
I'm a civilian, and he's a mafia.
Wait, all right x10.
I said that, and I talked to Seungkwan.
Seungkwan said he was the cop, he told me so.
Can I say something?
Like you said, I wasn't sure who the mafia was
but I was so sure Seungkwan was the cop.
And the most important thing is that
[Samsung-dong social butterfly] The doctor, I know the doctor too.
[Popular] -I get that you have a lot of connections -Everyone knows the doctor.
-That's just something we said last night -The doctor told me a secret.
I suspected Jeonghan and Mingyu from the start
in the beginning, when Joshua saved someone
when it became day and no one was eliminated
there were just
two people who were thunderstruck, like 'how could this happen?'
Wait. Look!
Let's just get it all out.
Who did you save?
Seungkwan in the first round
and Vernon in the second
Seungkwan was out then, in the second round.
Apparently everyone could see that Seungkwan was the cop.
So the mafia used, you know, some meaningful gaze or something
and they agreed, like
'we should out him first'.
I think that
When we realized that Joshua was the doctor, Seungkwan
the cop would have sent some signal to Joshua.
'I think I'm going to be eliminated'
But he was saved, and two of you showed overly large reactions.
And that's me?
I'm in danger. Really.
I told you so.
He's your buddy.
What can I say now?
Before Seungkwan died
[Seungkwan did not suspect Mingyu] he suspected Jeonghan and Mingyu.
He told us that he was the cop, and to earn our trust
To earn our trust, he caught a mafia.
Which means Jeonghan, Mingyu, and Hoshi are mafias.
If we out Hoshi here
night will come again anyway
and we've got only one round to win the money
and if we fail there, the game will be over.
Anyway, let's just eliminate one of the two candidates.
We can afford that, he's practically identified already.
Wait! Let's think this way x2.
If we are civilians and we all fail to get the money,
let's pick one of these two to give the money to.
In the beginning, Mingyu told me
that if he were the mafia, he'd share it equally with all the members.
Then let's out Hoshi?
I love you guys, really.
If I get the prize
[Lies] I'd be willing to share it.
He told us he'd give us each \500,000 with his own money if needed
but you'll divide \500,000 and share it with us.
Wait! The point is, I am willing to share it.
But I can't. I won't be able to get it.
I don't think I can, really.
That means I can't get the money.
If I'm the mafia and you fail, I get the prize only then.
No, you said you'd give us the money if you are a mafia.
I won't get the money if I'm not the mafia.
-Yeah. -Exactly, I won't get it.
So I can't give you anything.
If I am the mafia, I'll pay.
So if we can't out all the mafias at once
let's just eliminate Hoshi and keep looking.
Hey, what about this?
[Mafia confesses] Look, I'm the mafia.
[New mode unlocked] I'm the mafia.
[30 minutes earlier]
[Hoshi was the mafia]
What? There's only two of us?
-Yeah -Come here.
Stand there, like that.
[Woozi spotted] -You tried to kill me!! How could you!! How...
[Of all the times you could've come, Woozi...!]
I'm a certain choice, aren't I? Eliminate me in the next round and get him first. He betrayed me
[Mafia out of control]
-They're the mafia? -I am! I'm the mafia!!
He threw me out, just to earn your trust!!! Get him!!!
You're not going to fall for that, are you? Listen to me
If he gets me out, let's say he gets me out in this round
If I'm a civilian, it means we've been tricked, right?
But listen to me. This is a loophole, we can't eliminate two mafias at once
Rollin' 'round like gimbab
[Brain on a roll like gimbab]
-Oh, we can't out two mafias at once -He's acting now
-'Oh, we can't out two mafias at once', he knew it already -No, I didn't know we couldn't do that
I did not say we should get him out to earn trust!!! He's trying to keep the real mafia safe, that's why he's pretending that I'm the other mafia
[Frustrated] Guys!!!!
Let's say one of the mafias eliminates Hoshi. Night comes again, another one is eliminated
-Then what? The mafias win? -No
It's our last chance to search for
-But there's just no chance of finding him -If we fail in identifying him, the mafia takes all
We have to out a mafia, let's do it now
So Mingyu has said that he'll give us money-
He said he'll give, Hoshi said he will not, so let's
I'll pay you too, with my own money if must
But I'm really feeling betrayed, I mean, you all shouldn't be like this to me
[Mafia is upset]
-You bought your trust!!! -You exchanged their trust with my life, how could you?
Okay, let's do this the other way. Eliminate me
If you eliminate me, since I'm not a mafia
[Having fun] you'll see that he's been lying all along when the results are out
Listen. If I'm the mafia like you think, one mafia will be gone no matter which one of us you choose
If we fail to get the prize in the next round, it'll be theirs. It's got to be one of us
So it doesn't matter if I'm the mafia, or he is
or any one here is. Right? So just eliminate me
The prize is theirs even if a single mafia remains
So we have to find him and the prize. That way they won't win
It doesn't matter who fails, really
Okay, then you can out him first, and then me in the next round
[Still hasn't understood] We can't!
I vote Mingyu! I'm disgusted
-Will Hoshi share? -What will you do if it isn't me?
I'll try, I promise
You'll try? I'll vote Hoshi
[Civilian threatens mafia] Tell me where the money is, and I'll let you live. You know where it is
-I....I do -You know, right? Right?
-I know -I'll let you live. Tell me where it is
[Civilian corrupted by capitalism]
-Aaaahhhhh!! -Stay still!
Hoshi, we still have Mingyu
[Offers interest] -Wait! Listen! -I'll give you \100,000
I'll give you money. You can fail here, or you can take it and go!
-Make a choice -Then let's just out Mingyu and share the \500,000 between ourselves
-Yeah, let's share -Give me your word! -Yes, I promise!
But what if Mingyu's a civilian?
That is out of the question
-We've come too much -But I suddenly have this feeling that he's a civilian!
I'm being stupid, right?
-Then you promise to tell us where the money is. Now -Oh, do I have to tell you now?
[Schemes and lies]
[Only the ones with gall will survive Don't Lie]
Guys! Hurry up~ it's so thrilling
Problem one. We can't fail all the mafia
So we have to find the treasure. If so, I'm not the mafia
-You're not the mafia? -I'm really not
I actually want to mooch off Hoshi. I want to know where it is
-Hey, tell us where it is, we'll cut you a little -Wow, I really have no idea now
You did it for the money, too?
Just leave us for a bit and think. If it isn't me, there's someone else here
I think Hoshi's trying to keep someone safe with this act!
He's sacrificing me to save someone
Let's get something straight. Jeonghan's out. I get that Jeonghan's out as a mafia
but if the other mafia isn't out, does it mean the three of them will share the prize?
Or does Jeonghan have no claim to it?
One mafia will take it all?
[The last mafia is very calm]
-Tell us where it is. Now. -You tell us first, I don't trust you
All right, it's in the kitchen in that room
It isn't him. Don't just say whatever's in your head
-It's in the kitchen there, in the...cup! It's covered with a cup -More details
[A cup...?]
-{It's Hoshi) Let's fail Hoshi -Fail Hoshi?
-We eliminate Hoshi so that we can get the money in the cup!! -Betrayer betrayed
[Money breeds lies]
-Aaaarrrgh!!!! -Oh my god!
I just identified Mingyu and Hoshi, so there's a high chance that I'll fail this night
Go to the kitchen he told us and get the money, even if I'm out!!!
-Let's eliminate Hoshi, on the count of one, two, three! -W-w-w-w-wait
Look, there are two mafias here right now. Please just listen to me
Listen to me.
[(Mafia) can hide it here again!]
If he is here and if he survives, then he can hide the hiding spot
You mean, me?
Doesn't matter if you take me out or take him out. The mafia will be changed!
Nothing stops now. If it's not there, we can look somewhere else.
- Anyways, we need to now... - But I was honest!
Hey! I was betrayed!
[Consensus shaken due to emotional appeal] Hey, think about it from my perspective!
[Consensus shaken due to emotional appeal] I was betrayed!
Hoshi is doing well today.
[Who is acting here?]
He wants to take it all
That's why he abandoned me.
- I was being honest - But you guys...
I feel sorry for you, brother
Hey guys, Hoshi is doing well today.
- Seriously, he gave me goose bumps. - He is good, sure
He is doing a great job.
Having said that, should we take out Mingyu?
[(Solomon)] Hoshi is doing well.
- I don't mind you taking me out. But I want to say... - He says he doesn't mind.
He said, it's not me, it's not Hoshi, and that there is someone else who is Mafia
He confessed so let's reduce his punishment.
Can I say something for the last time?
[(Hey)] Stop it! You had your chance.
Why do you have so much to say?
Apart from Hoshi, there is really someone else here.
Stop it! You can leave now.
You can leave! One, two, three!
I hate this so much...
[Innocent civilian Mingyu is out]
Wow, seriously, this is amazing...
[(Hoshi as the king)] Find it, find it.
It's so much fun today
Hey guys, everyone have a seat.
Wow, I got goose bumps...
[The night came]
[(Nightfall or not, nobody has eyes closed)] Ah, who should we take out now?
I've never seen a Mafia like this one.
[(Not the MC)]
[S.coups, should we take you out?]
What about you, Woozi?
I am scared. I am sorry.
Alright, I have made a decision.
[(Life of a Mafia)] - Wow, cool. -Really amazing.
[Doctor should look up and elect the participant who he wants to save]
Hey, I think I am not going to survive...
Mafia is cool because he's got nothing to hide.
So relaxed.
Hey, Hoshi, looking very cool.
[The dawn has come]
[Innocent civilian Vernon has been taken out by the Mafia]
No, brother, I am scared.
- You guys scare me. I don't think I can do it. - I got goose bumps. Seriously
Now, Mafias can reveal themselves. It doesn't matter now.
Hey guys, hurry up and find it.
We need to play the mini game, right?
Who is the one Mafia? Myung Ho, is it you?
- No. - No?
Wow, seriously, this is amazing...
[Game] [All survivors need to read song lyrics without mistake for bonus 3 minutes] - Hey, Dino, you are a Mafia, right? - No, I really am not.
Who should I believe?
This is so much fun.
Hey, don't you guys go over this limit.
Hoshi will get it wrong for sure!
The four of us right here need to do 10 pages.
Hey, so cool!
The Mafia who has come out
[Final game starts]
[Bonus three minutes]
Okay, finally successful
[Treasure hunt for the next 8 minutes]
We are on the same team, right?
- Yes. - No.
[Hey, let's do this]
[(Civilian coalition)] [We are on the same side.] Civilian...
Guys, seriously, I am not a Mafia.
Hey, it's you, right?
No, seriously~
Hey, you are the hunting dog, right?
If it's not Won Woo, it's Woozi
[Hey, we've been looking very hard]
[Diverting the suspicion]
This is how you corner me?
This is how it feels!
This is how it feels!
We are a team if we have a doctor now.
Hey, brother
[Don't touch me] Don't touch my hand.
You go over there. It's got to be one of the two
Why are you suspecting me only now?
[The last treasure hunt] Seriously, I am not it!
Just find it! Find it!
- No, no, I need to find it! - You guys cannot be together.
No, I need to go and find it!
No, brother, I need to go.
You two...
- I did a good job, right? I think so. - I agree
I really am a civilian.
Brother, I really am a civilian!
- Tell me fast - I don't know. I don't know.
Tell me fast!
[(Unfair bargain)] I will give you 40, and me 10
[(Unfair bargain)] You need to split it with a Mafia
I don't need to tell you now.
Wait, no, you...
I need to split with a Mafia by 25:25
I will give you 40!
- Do you want 25? or 40? - Why, what?
You can take the extra 15
After this round, Mafias will win anyways.
Let's not get all messy like this.
[(Nudging)] How about 10:40? 10:40?
What are you talking, 10:40?
[(Unfair bargain, will be broadcast again)] You need to hit a Mafia on the head. It will make a great TV show.
Look here
[(S.coups's unfair bargain)] There are several cameras on you right now
Hey, brother, I am all about being loyal
It's not here in your cup
The second one might have switched it.
Wow, you have all the power
This is amazing.
Hey, DK
Find it quickly.
So that you guys can win.
Ah, seriously
- We should go paragliding - That's right
You did an amazing job hiding it.
That's right.
Hoshi was like this when everyone had their head down
That was the end
But... that
[New history of Mafias] But that looked so cool.
'Who should I take down now?'
[Feeling happy] That was awesome.
What kind of Mafia does that?
I also think so
I think I was one of the best Mafias ever.
[Excited] I was thinking "wow, he is doing so well today"
I said, "Wow, this guy is good."
I like today's show!
Hoshi is the main character.
He has his legs crossed and is looking good, drinking coffee.
I am annoyed that that makes him look good.
Hey, do you have sunglasses?
Where are you hiding it?
I will tell you four seconds before the time is up.
I wish someone would find it and change the game around.
That would be awesome.
I would've gone if I was nervous.
It's an easy spot.
Everyone is over there.
I keep telling you it's an easy spot.
It's here but nobody is here looking for it.
- DK, this is really... - It's over there?
[Prey] You know what I mean.
You are just saying it's over there
So that you can stop us from finding it, right?
Or you can find it first and have it all.
I give today's Mafias a lot of respect.
It was a good episode that goes well with saying "Don't lie."
It was cool.
One minute and 30 seconds left.
Guys, are you guys all over there because of what Hoshi said earlier?
No, it doesn't have any credibility.
We don't trust his words.
I thought it was perfect.
We looked everywhere we can see and it's not here.
[Saying the right words/ That's right] Right, you cannot see it.
Won Woo, did you take out all the cups?
Won Woo is trying to divert attention.
I thought I would not survive in this round.
I made a mistake.
I said it by mistake
I shouldn't have said anything.
No, it's a good thing that you said it.
You did a great job today.
Reveal the Mafias first.
I hope someone else finds it.
That is amazing.
- I think there will be a twist. - The best.
Oh please.
[Mafia in this area] Ahead of announcing the final result
[Borrowed] we will reveal the identities of participants.
Police is Seungkwan.
Doctor is Joshua.
And the Mafias are
and The8.
It's The8.
Hey The8, go over there and stop them.
They cannot find it. It's really hard.
I feel so bad to my team members.
[Don't lie]
We don't suspect the quiet ones
[Mafias united] Good job today.
Good guy, bad guy, and weird guy.
We will tell you who owns the treasure.
Nobody discovered it. So it goes back to the Mafias.
Where was it?
- Good guy, bad guy, and weird guy. - Good.
I was so nervous.
I was there the whole time
Woozi was going through the trash bin.
There was a small table next to the bin.
[Mafias were protecting the treasure the whole time.]
[Nobody checked underneath the table]
I did for most of the tables!
No, you didn't check right there.
Wonwoo was touching the table like this.
So that's when I asked
"Wonwoo, maybe it's not here?"
I was distracting him.
Ah, is that what happened?
Wow, it's so small.
[Mafia ceremony in preparation]
Don't Lie
See you next time. Let's not be sad.
Looking forward to the next episode of Going Seventeen
I got 50,000 Korean won for making him look good.
I've got to go.


[GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.4 돈't Lie #2 (Don't Lie #2)(小十七) ([GOING SEVENTEEN 2020] EP.4 )

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莊詠婷 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 19 日
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