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  • I know a lot of guys have trouble picking up on the signs of whether or not a girl is into them.

    我知道有許多男生不善於注意到女生是否對他有意思的徵兆。[Casaully Explained 頻道:她對你有意思嗎?]

  • So today I want to do a little quiz you can see if she actually does like you or even just how good you are at recognising signals that you might be getting.


  • Let's say you're in a bar, and you look across the length of the counter and you see a cute girl who glances at you briefly, does a quick hair flip and then turns back to her friends.


  • Is she into you?


  • Err, eye contact is obviously a good sign, but you really can't tell from this example.


  • She could just be adjusting her hair, and maybe she was looking at someone behind you.


  • So, let's say you're at the office and your cute co-worker is waiting behind you to make some copies of... whatever people make copies of.

    假設你在辦公室裡,而可愛的女同事在你後方等著影印一些... 一些大家會影印的東西。

  • And she says :"Wow! Do you think you could go any slower?" and then playfully punches your arm.


  • Is she into you?


  • Err, again, you can't really tell from this example either.


  • She might like you, but she might just be giggling and punching your arm as a sarcastic middle school throwback, so really no way to tell.


  • Okay, so let's say you're at the gym on the elliptical for some reason and Cutie McBooty comes in and gets on the exercise bike in front of you.


  • And then after five minutes she looks back and says "Wow, I'm so sweaty already. If only there were a way to get the same workout at home riding something else."


  • Then gives you a wink.


  • She into you?


  • Yeah, still can't tell with that one...


  • Um, exercise equipment is pretty expensive and maybe she lives in a small apartment and just doesn't have space.

    健身器材十分昂貴 ,又或許只是因為她住在狹小的公寓裡,沒有空間放器材。

  • So, maybe you find a good deal on rowing machines somewhere, you can show her the flyer.


  • Okay, so let's say you meet up with a friend that you've had coffee and drinks with a couple times and she says: "I had a lot of fun on the last few dates we went on."


  • That's a good sign because she thought those hangouts were actually dates, so suppose then she says "How'd you like to come back to my place and watch Netflix tonight?"

    這是一項好徵兆,因為她視出去玩為約會,假設她說:「你今晚想要來我家看 Netflix 嗎?」

  • That's another good sign.


  • Err, it's usually a pretty good indicator when a girl invites you to do something, especially at her place.


  • So then let's say, later at her house, you guys are watching WALL-E or something like that, and she says "I'm getting pretty bored. Why don't you come upstairs with me?"


  • That's another great sign.


  • She probably has something pretty interesting to do upstairs if it's better than watching WALL-E.

    在樓上,她可能有比看瓦力更有趣的其他事要做 。

  • So, then after you go up there, all of a sudden she pushes you onto her bed, dims the lights, rips off her clothes, and you start having sex.


  • Is she into you?


  • Yeah again, you really can't be too sure.


  • It's pretty dark in the room so she can't really see you properly, maybe she's from Canada and was just being polite.


  • Anyway, best bet is to just keep your wits about you and continue to look for signs.


I know a lot of guys have trouble picking up on the signs of whether or not a girl is into them.

我知道有許多男生不善於注意到女生是否對他有意思的徵兆。[Casaully Explained 頻道:她對你有意思嗎?]

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害怕會錯意?她到底喜不喜歡我? (Casually Explained: Is She Into You?)

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