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I know a lot of guys have trouble picking up on the signs of whether or not a girl is into them.
So today I want to do a little quiz you can see if she actually does like you or even just how good you are at recognising signals that you might be getting.
Let's say you're in a bar, and you look across the length of the counter and you see a cute girl who glances at you briefly, does a quick hair flip and then turns back to her friends.
Is she into you?
Err, eye contact is obviously a good sign, but you really can't tell from this example.
She could just be adjusting her hair, and maybe she was looking at someone behind you.
So, let's say you're at the office and your cute co-worker is waiting behind you to make some copies of... whatever people make copies of.
And she says :"Wow! Do you think you could go any slower?" and then playfully punches your arm.
Is she into you?
Err, again, you can't really tell from this example either.
She might like you, but she might just be giggling and punching your arm as a sarcastic middle school throwback, so really no way to tell.
Okay, so let's say you're at the gym on the elliptical for some reason and Cutie McBooty comes in and gets on the exercise bike in front of you.
And then after five minutes she looks back and says "Wow, I'm so sweaty already. If only there were a way to get the same workout at home riding something else."
Then gives you a wink.
She into you?
Yeah, still can't tell with that one...
Um, exercise equipment is pretty expensive and maybe she lives in a small apartment and just doesn't have space.
So, maybe you find a good deal on rowing machines somewhere, you can show her the flyer.
Okay, so let's say you meet up with a friend that you've had coffee and drinks with a couple times and she says: "I had a lot of fun on the last few dates we went on."
That's a good sign because she thought those hangouts were actually dates, so suppose then she says "How'd you like to come back to my place and watch Netflix tonight?"
That's another good sign.
Err, it's usually a pretty good indicator when a girl invites you to do something, especially at her place.
So then let's say, later at her house, you guys are watching WALL-E or something like that, and she says "I'm getting pretty bored. Why don't you come upstairs with me?"
That's another great sign.
She probably has something pretty interesting to do upstairs if it's better than watching WALL-E.
So, then after you go up there, all of a sudden she pushes you onto her bed, dims the lights, rips off her clothes, and you start having sex.
Is she into you?
Yeah again, you really can't be too sure.
It's pretty dark in the room so she can't really see you properly, maybe she's from Canada and was just being polite.
Anyway, best bet is to just keep your wits about you and continue to look for signs.



害怕會錯意?她到底喜不喜歡我? (Casually Explained: Is She Into You?)

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