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Well, everyone, today is a very blessed day because Ellen has
given me the opportunity and the permission to open this
beautiful orange box that was gifted to her and Portia from
the one, the only, the queen, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter.
Let's take a look at this wonderful Ivy Park by Adidas,
shall we?
Look at this.
Maybe she'll let me keep the band.
[LAUGHS] Oh, this is some very quality packaging.
How do I get it open?
We're almost there.
I know Reese Witherspoon got one.
Cardi B got one.
Yara Shahidi got one.
Got to be delicate because I may try and keep that for myself.
Here we go.
Oh, this is quality, honey.
I will say that this rollout of Ivy Park is by far one
of the best rollouts that I've ever seen Beyoncé do,
ever since the digital drop in 2013 of the self-titled album.
Time for the big reveal.
Dun, dun, dun, dun.
Where do I start?
I just-- oh.
Let's start on this side.
Now this-- can y'all see this?
Now this is a jacket, and I'm obsessed.
The quality is exquisite.
It's going to keep you warm.
The inside, very good stitching, very good stitching.
Look at me, acting like I know what this is.
I'm trying to let this touch my body for as long as possible.
Now I can definitely see this on Ellen,
especially because y'all know we live out in California,
which is a desert at night.
And so when you get cold, she can just go over, like, ooh,
let me go get me a coat before I take my little doggies out.
Boom bam diggity and there it is.
Ooh, what is this?
I love this jacket, this utility jacket.
Now I just saw Yara Shahidi.
She wore this.
And look, the sleeves are detachable.
So if you want to wear it as just a vest, you just go ahead
and you take off these arms.
What's this?
There's a zipper here.
What's the zipper for?
Oh, you could make it like a little crop top jacket.
Now look at that.
We love versatility.
We love versatility.
Now here's another one.
Now-- that's the same jacket because that's Portia's.
That's Portia's.
I was trying to figure out why there was two.
I was like, there's one for me, but it wasn't.
It's for Portia.
Now baby, us meets Ivy Park.
Now this right here, y'all know I love a good jumpsuit.
I would rock this thing, honey.
I could've worn this when I went skydiving.
Imagine me coming out that plane with some Ivy Park on.
Baby, you couldn't tell me nothing.
This is everything.
Look at that.
I could definitely see Ellen wearing
this, especially when she come in, before she
gets dressed for the show.
And you have the little strings here
are coming and cinching in the waist, make that booty pop.
If I could try it on, I would show y'all what my booty would
look like in it, but it ain't mine.
From the pictures I've seen, this
is my favorite part of the entire collection.
This cream with a maroon stripe, I
think this is sickening, OK, sickening.
Look at this.
This looks so comfortable.
It is so chic.
The thing that I love the most about this new rollout of Ivy
Park is that all these outfits in this entire collection,
it's very chic.
It's very fashionable.
It is very-- you can wear it anywhere.
Now I love a good jogger.
I love a good jogger.
I mean, come on, comfortability.
You're just sitting at the house.
You want to watch Beyoncé live at Roseland,
or I Am World Tour, or maybe The Beyoncé Experience,
and what do you do?
You throw on some joggers.
Boom, there you go.
Love it.
So the best thing about this collection is that Beyoncé
actually handpicked these items for both Ellen and Portia.
So that means it's not the entire collection,
but it's the things that Beyoncé thinks that they would like,
that they would find to be their favorites.
Now this next piece is a favorite of mine.
This hoodie is like the elite hoodie of all hoodies.
First of all, this V-neck cut, sickening.
This ain't even like a flap that you put your hand through, OK?
It's actually like an actual pocket.
Boom, it's a pouch.
We a kangaroo out here, period.
From these items alone that Beyoncé,
she put her foot in this, OK?
I can tell that she really took the time
to figure out what the people would want
and what they would like from this collection.
Now listen, if I had me a good old weave, baby,
I would wear the hell out of this hat.
Do y'all see this hat?
It's backless for ponytails.
I mean, innovative, innovative.
Portia going to wear this, OK?
This dress, I would wear this.
Do you-- hon.
This little cutout down here, I don't know what kind of cut
it is, but it's sickening.
You see that?
And the see-through arms--
honey, you are giving arms.
You put some baby lotion on them arms
and have them shining through this, OK, just glimmering.
Now up, up, and away, because this bodysuit,
I may have to tuck, but I would find a way
to squeeze my ass up in here.
Now I don't know who wears bodysuits around in public,
but I actually think some girls do.
They put it on, then they put the jeans on over on top of it
so it looks just like a shirt or something,
and it just stays down.
My producer is saying that is correct.
So yeah, that's what they do, OK?
But I would wear this.
Wow, it has the V-neck cut.
We love options, OK?
You get up in the morning, you're like,
oh, I need to do some cleaning around the house.
I need to walk around.
What can I throw on?
Boom bam diggity, some Ivy Park T-shirts.
Now speaking of T-shirts, now we have
some that are more breathable.
Ellen and Portia can be matching.
Date night-- boom.
This is Ellen.
This is Portia.
Here I am, behind with no Ivy Park.
Baby, the gays are going to go wild.
Oh my-- honey, Coachella, Prada, everybody
going to have this on, OK, especially the muscle gays,
because they're going to have their muscles popping out
of these arms, OK?
Period, pooh.
Every single item came in a garment bag
that was specifically tailored to the item.
Now let me tell you why that's important, because Beyoncé,
she don't do nothing halfway.
There is an attention to detail that is like no other.
I've never seen anyone do this.
I love these joggers.
They're just like the cream ones, but in maroon.
Beyoncé, is there anything that you can't do?
Is there anything that you won't do?
I mean, look at these.
There's a shoelace in the back, in the back.
Oh, they smell brand new.
It smells like Beyoncé.
One thing I also love about this is the packaging in itself.
I mean, you got a whole clothing cart.
I can use one of these.
Well, I'm going to take advantage of the time
that I have left with these beautiful garments.
Thank you, Ellen, for letting me touch your gifts.
And we will see y'all next time.
I'm going to take some quality time.
What a moment.


'OMKalen': Kalen Gets an Inside Look at Beyoncé's Ivy Park x adidas

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 18 日
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