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For this week's episode of Disney Facts, we're listening to our YouTube commenters.
Thanks to all who have suggested it, as we are excited to bring you
the official inside look of Disney•Pixar's Inside Out.
Here are 10 of our favorite Easter Eggs and hidden details.
Let's first take a look at a scene from Toy Story 3.
You'll see kids playing in the Sunnyside Daycare playground.
Fast forward to Inside Out, and in one of Riley's tucked-away
memories, you can see a playground with similar features.
Toy Story 3 is one of many Disney•Pixar flicks to make a cameo in Inside Out.
[Boo! Pick a plotline!]
When young Riley is sofa-hopping and playing the lava game,
we get a peek at her family's living room.
On the coffee table, you'll see a cooking magazine, with the front cover
featuring a renowned French chef.
A film director obviously has enormous creative influence over the final product of a film—
director Pete Docter does that and then some.
Not only does he make a voice cameo as Anger in Riley's father's head,
[Is it garbage night? Uh, we left the toilet seat up? What? What is it, woman?! What?]
he also moved from Minnesota to California for his job in real life.
Speaking of Pete Docter, the messenger name of “DocPete” on Riley's chat-screen
is a pretty clever reference to him.
Below that is another screen name “Ronnify,” which could very well be a reference to co-director,
Ronnie Del Carmen.
Over the years, fans have come to appreciate traditional Pixar Easter Eggs,
such as A-113, the Luxo Ball, and the Pizza Planet Truck.
Here are scenes in Inside Out where these gags are present.
Another old-time tradition of Pixar films is to hint at future movies from the studio.
They do just this with Inside Out, as you can see a reference to the Pet Collector
in The Good Dinosaur, here.
[I will meditate on this. Hmmmmmm.]
The animated short that premiered with Monsters, Inc. “For the Birds,” also makes a brief cameo.
When Riley's family is driving to San Francisco, you'll see a long stretch
of birds sitting on a cable wire. They only appear for a few frames,
but it's pretty clear that this is a nod to “For the Birds.”
As we all know, the legacy of Disney•Pixar began with Toy Story.
Andy's neighbor Sid is the nightmare of every toy out there.
However, by film's end we realize he's not that intimidating after all.
As a subtle reference to him, check out the shirt that one of Riley's classmates wears.
Avid Pixar fans will know that the setting in Toy Story is a fictional location called
the “Tri-County” area. It's clearly established that Inside Out takes place in San Francisco,
however, the hockey league Riley plays in is called “Tri-County Youth Hockey.”
Finding Nemo was a fan favorite upon its release.
It appears this sentiment is shared within the Inside Out universe,
as you'll see here a boardgame called “Find Me” with an orange clown fish.
When the family is adjusting to their new life in San Francisco, they settle down with a takeout dinner.
What may seem like a normal food container is anything but.
It appears to be the same takeout box that has been seen in
Rataouille, Monster's, Inc., and Toy Story 2, to name a few.
And there are 10 of our favorite Easter Eggs from Inside Out. Let us know in the comments,
which was your favorite and which movie you'd like to see next!
While you're at it, hit subscribe on the left-hand side of the screen
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10 Hidden Disney Movie Secrets About Inside Out | Disney Facts by Oh My Disney

182 分類 收藏
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