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  • Hey Vsauce I'm Jake and I have been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto 5 recently. Like,

  • a lot of GTA but we aren't here to talk about my crippling addiction, we are here because

  • while playing I started thinking about how heavy all the weapons I was carrying were,

  • so I found the closest real world counterparts and with every weapon slot full, loaded with

  • ammo, you are carrying anywhere from 600 to 800 lbs. It would be like strapping a motorcycle

  • to your back.

  • According to the US Military, an infantry soldier's fighting load should not exceed

  • 48 pounds, or 33% their body weight. When marching it should be around 72 pounds but

  • that has been known to go up close to 100. In 1989, Doctor Joseph Knapik published a

  • study on loads carried by US military infantry and interestingly points out that since the

  • Industrial Revolution, humans have grown an estimated 10cm, and as we have gotten larger

  • in weight and height, the more we have been given to carry.

  • Fictionally speaking however, GTA5 is but a blip compared to what can be carried in

  • other games. In Minecraft, Steve can hold a lot while still being able to run, jump

  • and climb. If we take the heaviest element that exists both in the game and real life,

  • gold, fill all 36 inventory slots with 64 stacks of the stuff, it has been calculated

  • to weigh 44,467 metric tons...that Steve can carry.

  • In the great video "The Biggest Organism on Earth' Henry from Minute Earth points out

  • that the heaviest known organism is the Pando, a clonal colony of over 47,000 Aspen trees

  • that are interconnected underground. It weighs about 6,000 tonnes or 7.5 times less than

  • the gold Steve is cruising around with.

  • As of 2012 it was estimated that 174,000 tonnes of gold have been mined, the entirety

  • of human history. So in Minecraft you can carry 25% of all the Gold we have found so

  • far on Earth.

  • If you had that much gold in real life, it would currently be equal to $1.88 trillion.

  • That could get you a trip to the moon and back 2,506 times, over 2 trillion soft tacos

  • from Taco Bell, or you could reduce the US National debt ... by 11%.

  • Obviously we can't carry that much gold or that much of anything unassisted. So what

  • is the largest amount of weight a person has carried? Patrik Baboumian, in September of

  • 2013, took the world record for carrying 1,216lbs for 10 meters. The most carried by any body.

  • The body. Every day we carry things with us that aren't actually part of our body. Obviously

  • we have the clothes we are wearing, unless you're not wearing clothes ... which is totally

  • fine ... but you are carrying inside you right now about 4 pounds of bacteria.

  • In fact you and I have more bacterial cells in our body than we do human ones. However

  • they are so small in size that they only make up 1 to 3% of our body mass. Similarly, our

  • brains are 2% of our total weight but contain massive amounts of information. Professor

  • of Psychology Paul Reber postulated that the human brain has the memory capacity equal

  • to 2.5 petabytes, enough to hold 3 million hours of TV. So then how much does a memory

  • weigh or an experience weigh?

  • Well no one has been able to measure the weight of a memory in terms of mass yet but you can

  • measure its weight emotionally. Maybe saying "I Love You" to someone and having it not

  • said back has more weight than that time you got Bebop and Rocksteady action figures. We

  • have countless experiences and emotions stored in our brains, and we personally assign an

  • importance to them, a weight. And maybe it isn't the weight of the memory, but how we

  • carry it. Even though it can sometimes feels like you are being crushed emotionally, that

  • you're stuck, that you can't move forward - you still find a way to carry on. So next

  • time you think you've got heavy stuff on your mind, think about poor ol' Steve and how he's

  • forced to carry as much as 25% of all the gold ever mined on Earth ... and as always,

  • thanks for watching.

Hey Vsauce I'm Jake and I have been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto 5 recently. Like,


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