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50 things that you can make in
Minecraft there seems to me a lot of people returning back to Minecraft after a few years away and
Sometimes it can be difficult to know once a build
So I thought I would produce this video where I run through a variety of all sorts of different things
That should hopefully satisfy all different types of players from the slightly more technical people through to the detailed
Orientated people now if all goes to plan and without counting the time spent to gather resources each one of these things that I showcase
Should only take around about five to ten minutes to construct for yourselves
I would know I built all of them by hand over the space of two days
So there's plenty of content to cover in today's video. I think that's all I need to talk about beforehand
So let's begin
storage silos
Incredibly popular with anyone who likes to hoard large
quantities of items you put the items in the chests over the top they fill into the chest down below and you also have some
Nice redstone lamps which show how filled all of the chests are and on the scale of one to ten in terms of registered own
Difficulty, they're like a three they're really really easy are they're expensive very expensive hoppers comparators all that
They're definitely not cheap builds by it. Sounds good. I mean look at this thing
Look, there's even a hole down the middle, you know
Redstone contraptions easy if there's a hole going down through the middle toggleable fireplaces fireplaces are great
But right now it's the summer currently it is absolutely boiling in my office. I would not want a fireplace running at all times
So if we flick this leaf right here, you can see that our fireplace gets switched off
But then when it comes into the evening, you know, it would be nice to chill out next to the fire
So we flick the lever again and here all activates and added bonus of this is of course
We actually have smoke coming out the top of our chimney and an even bigger added bonuses once again easy
To attend the deadly diver seems like a pretty good name for what? I'm about to show you here now
This is an old-school trick from probably back in 2012 if we just pop ourselves
into survival and jump through this lava
We go straight through into water and then drop down into a base
It still feels wrong, even though I know there's water underneath the lava jumping into lava
It goes against every bone in my body
boat dock a few years ago minecraft boats got a bit of a refresh and they went from being
Totally useless to actually being really quite good. So I thought I'd create this dog King Station
We Chuck our boat down there if we break the boats
It will just drop through into some hoppers. And then next time we need a boat. We can just hit this button right here and
We get a fresh one delivered and buy fresh one. I mean the same boat gets three dispensed down onto the water
I don't have two boats. I'm not that rich the bouncy bass on a list of satisfying redstone contraptions
I would say this one would score fairly highly we walk off the edge of the cliff
We bounced on the slime block and we enter a hidden base now
It may season the biggest thing in the world. It's really quite small. We've got a bed and we have a barrel
That's all you need, isn't it? Really? But if we hit this button right here that will open everything up again
We can jump off
landing on our slime block so that we don't take any damage now before we move on to the next thing we will just take
A moment to appreciate my man made a very natural-looking cliff. This looks like it's been pulled from the Minecraft terrain disco dance floor
I am not exactly the best dancer in the world
I mean, I've got one move and that is this but this disco dance floor is kind of making up for it because
Everything looks cooler when it's on a disco dance floor complete with DJ decks
And also yeah, these are they're meant to be speakers. Okay, just
Yeah, I mean that's as good as I could get red stone wise this thing is actually way simpler than you would expect it's just
Well is there's not much of a way of me showing it this this seems like a better option
All we've got is lines of observers connected up into a redstone clock lovely stuff the map room
Everyone knows the map rooms in Minecraft are really cool. But one thing that I like to do with them is show progress
So this was the world when I first generated it, and this is my fresh map. Oh
All of this back here is off the map
Not exactly the effect that I was looking for, but you know you get the picture stack shooters
Now you can use these with any item, but I personally think it works best with food
Everyone knows that going into a chest is a little bit on the boring side. This is way more exciting
And look at that exactly one stack delivered to my inventory within about three seconds redstone wise
It's a tiny bit more complicated than some of the things that I featured earlier on in the video
But still is nothing too crazy rubbish bins. Sometimes your inventory will fill up with junk. I'm terrible at managing my inventory
It's always full of rubbish
So you need to have somewhere to put to all of that and a rubbish bin is a good way to go
So you just dump all of your junk in there and it will be dropped out
Into larvae so it can be disposed of effectively and ethically fancy infinite water
Everyone knows that those old infinite water sources, you know where you've got like a puddle in your room
They're very 2012 these days we're using systems that look like this if we grab ourselves a bugger water
The water will be replenished by the system. I
Gotta say I'm read for out of this
I actually spent quite a long time developing this resonant circuit and I like it a lot
I mean sure there's quite a lot of redstone involved for something so unnecessary
but sometimes the best builds are like that first row has been knocked down and this feels like a good time to mention that the
World download for this can be found down in the description
So if you want to build any other things featured then you should check out that link streetlamps. Let's face
It landscapes covered with torches often look terrible
One of the best aesthetic options is to go for street lamps and you can make them toggleable just by using
Inverted daylight sensors on top another detail that I quite like is the use of the trapdoors which believe or not don't actually get powered
By the daylight sensor mini super smelter for anyone who's watched any of my videos before you'll know that I'm a big fan of super
Smelters and a super smelter that someone can build with in five minutes is definitely something worth checking out
This is a double furnace system
So it's twice as fast as your average furnace
all you do is put all of the things you want to smelt in this chest all of your fuel in this chest and then
All of your output will come out the bottom. There is no excuse for not building one of these glowing trees
The street lamps are pretty cool. But one thing that I person I doing insolently more forested areas is
Putting in lights on the inside of the trees that way when it gets dark
Your trees light up like this now with a massive forest. It looks absolutely beautiful
but just as a quick warning forests are bigger than you think so it's gonna end up being
Expensive putting redstone lamps and daylight sensors into every single one of the trees, okay
I know that from prior experience a trophy cabinet
this is something I always mean to do when I first start up a minecraft survival world, but it's um
I always forget to do so. Hopefully this acts as a good reminder a trophy cabinet is filled with memories from your survival minecraft
Well, so for example, this was the first block that was broken. This is the first time an pickaxe
This is my first set of armor
my first piece of redstone dust I mined and it doesn't have to be first it can also be funny memories like for example a
Piston that got exploded in a redstone contraption gone wrong
gradually throughout your
experience in the minecraft survival world that you're playing in you will add more and more to this trophy cabinet and then when you come
To the end of playing on that world
You can look back through and reminisce over all the fun times that you've had a diary room
This is in a similar vein to the trophy cabinet
but for those of you who really enjoy writing you can
Actually write a diary and this is made even better with the new lecterns that are introduced in Minecraft 1.14
For example, June the 28th
I came up with 50 things to build then built those 50 things in one world in one day. I'm tired now
That's actually a bit of a lie, because it ended up taking two days and I was already tired by this point
so think how knackered I was by the time I got over there the armory having somewhere to put - all of your equipment for
Fighting not only looks really cool when it's in your base
but it also serves a pretty good purpose because you can gain quick access to it when people are
one extra thing that you can't not include in a place like this is of course the good old fashioned armor equipping station currently make
It hit the button
fully loaded a miniature golf course
So here is the little miniature golf course
Here are the golf balls and we need to try our best to get them from this orange block right here
Into that hole over there now. I have to admit I have been practicing this a tiny bit
So I throw it down and then piston. Oh
My word
We always didn't quite make it but we got there in the end hole-in-one TNT bomb zone
The only thing that we can't actually showcase in this world because well, I mean yeah clues in the name
Sometimes it's fun to just dig big holes in Minecraft. And sometimes it's fun to just blow things up in Minecraft
So if you can do both at the same time for free making use of tee
Duplicators then what after you doing? Why aren't you doing this? I mean check it out
And of course you can do it on a larger scale using more and more of these you can get flying machines involved
I mean you can go quite far with this enchanting broom making a nice looking enchanting room
it is definitely a fun project to work on and it's often made easier by the fact that
Bookshelves are actually really quite pretty blocked
so you can use those to your advantage one thing that I like having in my enchanting rooms though is a supply of lapis because
I'm one of those guys that I will always turn up to enchant things without bringing any of the stuff that I now need because
I've been playing this game for a long time
We didn't used to need lapis the suicide booth if you plan a minecraft server like I do and you have friends like the ones
That I have and you're afk as often as I do. You've probably ended up with a few silly hats in your time
That's why the suicide booth comes in handy. Just hit the button walk inside hit this button and
get killed by lots and lots of
Minecarts now the beauty of using lots and lots of minecarts as opposed to other things like lava. Is that if you
Accidentally walk into the suicide booth
Forgetting that you're wearing armor or have things in your inventory
Then they're not going to be lost and you can pick up everything. Just don't put this back on hands-free
Minecart railway place in mind cars hitting buttons or all that's all nonsense
That is not for the sort of Minecraft player that you are just walk up stand on the pressure plate
Hope in your mind cart and you are away ready to do whatever it is that you need to do the redstone wise
It's nowhere near as complicated as you may think
I put it about 3 out of 10 on a difficulty scale the shower, although it's not an official feature
And I've never heard anyone mention it or say anything negative to me
I do occasionally get paranoid that my Minecraft character is a little bit smelly so to stay on top of things
I'd like to have the occasional shower and this system seems to work pretty well for it
Click the lever and we have got water pouring down
And then when we want to get out just flick the lever again everything shuts off and we can leave smelling fresh
That's Euler's once again, not an official feature
But I do occasionally get paranoid that my my minecraft player is getting a little bit backed up down there
so occasionally
I like to release the load a little bit by dropping it into the toilet and then we hit the button and
It gets flushed away. We also have some extra toilet paper just in case there's a messy one
Just to make it clear
You should you should wipe every time okay?
Just in case anyone thinks that I only get moving on hot tub check out this little area here
This is my sort of spot
So we've got a Sun Lounger so we can soak in the Rays and then also
We have this jacuzzi that we can toggle on or off by moving the blocks around
So there it is and check it out. These Wow. I might have turned up a little bit too high
This seems quite extreme if it's shooting me out of the water. Look at this
I would spend a lot more time in jacuzzis if they were like that in real life rock paper scissors
Normally you play rock paper scissors with your friends, but I don't have many of those
So I've created a redstone contraption that can play rock paper scissors with me. I'm choosing paper. Oh
Computer hates me. This is one of the slightly more complicated redstone contraptions in today's video
But still it's nothing too crazy consisting of a pulse extender a redstone clock and then something to extend these top Pistons
I'd give it like a 5 out of 10 in complexity chests behind a wall chests look cool in most minecraft builds
But in some super sleek modern ones
You kind of don't want them lying around you want to conceal them in areas a little bit like this
So the slime blocks pull the blocks out away
you can gain access to everything on the inside of here including blast furnaces and smokers and things like that and then once we're done
We just snip off the pressure plate and everything gets hidden away. I
Like these things a lot bench swappers as I'm sure you're all aware in Minecraft
1.14 are all sorts of new crafting benches were introduced into the game
So we need to be able to have access to them and I think this is by far the coolest way
That you can access all of your different types of crafting benches. I mean check this out target practice
I am terrible with a bow and arrow. I'm far more likely to kill myself with it than I am to kill anything else
So occasionally I need to get some practice so I missed that one. I
Missed that one too. Oh my word. I'm really bad at this
Somehow that was a hit. I mean, I feel like I feel like there's some hitbox action at play here, too. That's it
Yeah, when in doubt just blame the hitboxes haul sorter. Ah, it seems that my horse has actually been replaced by a cow
Okay, give me a second. That's a little bit more like it
So the idea this system is that allows you to work out quite how high your horse can jump?
Okay, this this horse is actually pretty good. He's actually quite fast, too
and of course if you really wanted to get technical you could test that to making use of
Trip wires and some redstone bits the outpost for those of you who enjoy adventuring in Minecraft
This one's for you when you're travelling long distances and you have somewhere that you frequent
It might be smart to get yourself up with a little micro base a bed
furnace few barrels of items a few
chests a lot of the things that you frequently need a campfire and one thing that I personally really like is
This little compass directional thing. I don't know what you'd call it
But I like the idea of it connect for for anyone who hasn't played this before
It's very simple one person is rent
The other person is blue and the goal is to get four in a row either horizontally vertically or diagonally
so that is player 1 and player 2 drops their one in and
Then the other one counters and you kind of go back and forth like that. It's a very simple game but it's super addictive
Repairing and disenchanting zone with the new grindstones that are introduced in Minecraft 1.14
It might be good to create a dedicated area where you put all of this stuff
and of course in this room
You're gonna have to have an anvil
Replacement system simply because they're so easy to construct and they're really quite fun to use. I mean look at this, okay
What is your excuse to not build this? Alright, it's two redstone torches a piece of redstone dust and the repeaters running into it
That's just from the button
they're not even counting diamond vault having a secure place to keep all your
Diamonds is always a smart move and this system is a really simple way of doing it here
we have a dropper we put in our
Secret key card with our secret code on the secret key card on the inside of it
we hit the button and that will give us access to
Yeah, I mean, you know, I'm not doing so well at the minute
And you shouldn't judge me for that either a hedge maze
These things are really easy to construct look very cool and they're fun for other players to take on
I've also added in a redstone timer just to make things a little bit more interesting
So we flick this lever right here and we go
Now this little hedge maze that fits within the 7 by 7 area that I've reflected it. It's quite easy
I've managed to complete it within
14 sand blocks but slightly more complicated designs obviously make things a little bit trickier a crawling base minecraft
1.14 introduced the ability to have one block hide crawl spaces and that means that you can create one block hi bases
I've had some fun with this in the past
I know a few other people have as well and there is something quite
Satisfying about making a tiny little cubby hole in an area if you can get creative with it
You can do something really special with this game mechanic aquariums
I think we can all agree that
Watching fish is one of those things is oddly satisfying
both in real life and also in
Minecraft big or small and aquarium is always a cool addition to your build and will just bring a low bare life to it and
For those of you who like redstone, there's plenty of interesting things that you can do there
You can have opening chests with bubbles those shootouts of them
You can have divers masks that light up all sorts of different things elytra flight course
I've built a bunch of these in my time and I think I've wiped out the best way to do it
Make use of walls just because they look nice and then use item frames
with stairs on the inside to show the player where they go next because if you have a friend on the world who's trying their
Best to go through it. They're gonna get lost really quite quickly. So show them what direction you actually want them to go in
Oh, and of course get yourself set up with the timer
All of this is ten times more fun when there's competitiveness going on a wishing
This is definitely something that I would suggest for people playing on large
Minecraft servers because if you build one there would at least be a handful of people that will give it a go they'll throw in
their hard-earned diamonds and
Get nothing for it. Just like every other wishing well on earth if you can't tell yes
I invested a lot of my pocket money into wishing wells when I was a kid I can I'm still a bit bitter
the potion brewing room
they're kind of the perfect project for all different types of Minecrafters from their incredible decorative builders who can create
ridiculously beautiful potion brewing rooms all the way through to the really technical
Minecraft players who want to get as many potions as possible in a shorter time as possible for me personally
these little potion brewing stations strike a pretty good balance between redstone complexity and
Efficiency a basketball court. Sometimes you just want to shoot some hoops. I'm from England
So that's the first time I've ever said that we don't really play basketball in England
But it seems like it would be a fun
And it's quite a fun game to play in Minecraft
If we just run over this slime block, we get launched upwards and that was a swish swoosh
That's what I think is a swish
I think I just got a swish chest display unit protecting. Your items has never looked so cool
I'm a massive fan of this and the way that we gain access to these chests is by spinning these item frames
So both of these arrows need to be pointed down towards the corners by if we're talking just from the numbers
There's eight possible combinations from this one eight for this one. That means we've got 64 possible combinations in total
Meaning that your chests are actually decently secure and although the Redstone behind it looks a tiny bit complicated
It's actually really really easy to build I'd say in this redstone scale that I've just invented for today's video
It's like a 5 out of 10 Riptide launch pad
If you're one of the lucky few people that not only has an electro
But also has a Riptide 3 trident then you're going to want to construct one of these a system that gives you a low pocket
Of water that allows you to launch yourself up into the sky and then fly off
These things are so incredibly simple but also so incredibly useful especially for those of you who play on minecraft
Servers where you don't exactly have the best connection to them because it can be difficult to take off from the ground an art gallery
Sometimes you have to let out your pretentious side and this dimly lit room is the perfect place to do it
Here we have sunset poster by Giovanni gionee here
We have long snores by will but with it and here we have 68 degree leg by Alfred Alfred's
Yeah, I'd say that's probably about 68 degrees. I'd say it about right there. So this this is just my example
I would be very
Interested to see the sort of artworks that you guys can create an ender station for anyone who's been watching me for some time
You'll recognize that set words because I love them
I don't know why I love them so much, but I think they're just nice little details to add into your base ender stations
Give you exactly 16 ender pearls at the press of a button and this system looks really nice
I quite like the design of this area here and taking a look around the back redstone wise once again, super
Ridiculously simple just moving observers around water blade. If you need to get down from a high place in the coolest way possible
Look no further than this redstone contraption
We hit the button and you gradually just drop through the air in a blade of water. I
Love these things. I've always loved these thing. I think they're fantastic
They're definitely not the fastest way to get down especially if you do something like that
but look
So so cool a vending machine if you play on a minecraft server and want something slightly cooler than your average shop then a vending
Machine is definitely the way to go. So here it's requesting one diamond for an emerald
So if we put our diamond on the inside of the dropper hit the button you can see
That on Diamond gets taken and our emerald is passed out to us in vending machine style now taking a look around the back
Another one. That is so crazily simple
I mean seriously
I expect to see all of the builds featured in this video in your worlds because none of them would take long
Spleef arena data set words. I haven't heard for a while when I first started playing minecraft
I used to do spliff tournaments with my friends all of the time and you can do them really quite well in
Survival minecraft get yourself an efficiency 5 pickaxe get yourself a haze to beacon and use a smooth stone generator
So you go through you take out all of the area and then once you've finished your tournament
All you have to do is head over here and flick this lever and your arena
Will be reconstructed
So you're ready to go again, I think it goes without saying that the actual arena would have to be bigger than this
otherwise you leave tournaments aren't going to last for very long a market place if the vending machine is a little bit 21st century for
You then you might be better off with something like this constructing an old-style
Marketplace is a really fun project to work on especially if you're into medieval style builds
And the best news is is that it does have a function if you're playing on a minecraft server and that you can turn these
market stalls into actual shops the pretty but loud fountain
This thing is fantastic as long as you're not too close to it
As soon as you're out close and you can hear all the arrows and the slime blocks moving it kind of ruins the effect
But if you're far away
It looks brilliant. It really does look cool
I actually I'm taking inspiration from scar on this one because he's the first person I saw using this concept and
It is by far the best way to make a fountain in Minecraft
Anyway, we finally made it the final design and I'm really excited to see what this one is


在麥塊你能製造的50樣東西 (50 Things YOU can Make in Minecraft)

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