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Producer/Idols are always under a lot of pressure
Let's see their fortune for 2020
The original producer/Idol, 2000s Icon GD?
Or up and coming producer Idol PENTAGON HUI?
They are all amazing song writers
But No.1 on today's list is
Songs you've definitely noticed walking down the street
- Ooh SEVENTEEN - Catchy
You can't stop playing this song
Hit maker, SEVENTEEN's producer member
The 96/84 liners that should be careful in 2020
No.1 on our list is SEVENTEEN, Woozi
For the first time after their debut, they achieved a Grand Slam (3 wins in 1 week)
That song was amazing
Today's winner is SEVENTEEN!
MCD 3 wins in a row!
This is our first triple crown
They achieved their first triple crown on MCD
Their first Triple Crown!
And their recent album
Following BTS and EXO, they sold more than 700,000 copies on their first release
An impressive record!
The winner is
They had the best year ever
So why is Woozi No.1 on today's list?
Oh this isn't good
Why... what's wrong...
His energy is way too strong
He's meant to be a leader
I am the king!
Follow me!
Woozi was born with strong energy, the fortune of a king
But isn't that a good thing?
(Confused) - Isn't that good? - Why is it a bad thing?
From what I see, he has strong energy
But he's not in control of it
2018 was a very lucky year for him, his value went up
He was able to shine
But since the end of 2019
People were jealous, envious of him
And in 2020, I believe it's gonna get even more serious
Woozi has been an Idol for 6 years
As the producer of SEVENTEEN, he has a lot on his hands
I can't even sleep in my own bed, I'm always in the recording room
In 2020
His fortune doesn't look great
So he may go through some difficult situations (This is only his personal opinion)
He'll have a lot of competition, and he might lose (This is only his personal opinion)
So he has to be wise, and humble in times like this
That's probably what he did in 2018
So he needs to keep up that behavior
After this year passes, he'll have great fortune... so hang in there
With his precious members
He'll be able to get through anything
With his king worthy fortune
We hope he leads SEVENTEEN in the right direction
The 96/84 liners that should be careful in 2020
No.1 on our list was SEVENTEEN Woozi
Yes, No.1 on today's list was SEVENTEEN Woozi
But when it comes to fortune, you should listen to the good parts, but don't worry too much about the bad parts
It's not set in stone, all you need to do is be careful
Just pay attention to the things that happen around you
He has a lot of members to take care of, that's why he needs to be careful
- But the other members are gonna help out as well - That's right
The thing about fortune telling is, you should never have too much faith in it
- That's right - I hope you keep that in mind


[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [25회] 감출 수 없는 제왕의 기질 ′세븐틴 우지′ 200115 EP.25

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