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Scrumptious curvy cutie...
I see her, Mr. Krabs.
A Krabby Patty with cheese, the classic.
Not the sandwich, boy. The curvy cutie holding the sandwich.
Hey, that's my driving teacher, Mrs. Puff.
Mrs. Puff?
Aw, she's married.
Oh no, Mr. Krabs, she's single.
Then what happened to Mr. Puff?
She doesn't like to talk about it.
Oh, what I would give to have a lass like that on me claw.
Hey, I know!
Why don't I take you over and introduce you?
No, no! I'm too old, boy. Too hard shelled for love.
Besides, I ain't properly dressed.
Aw, come on, Mr. Krabs. You look great!
You wait here while I got break the ice.
SpongeBob, no wait! I'm too nervous.
- Hi, Mrs. Puff. - Ah!
Hit the brakes! SpongeBob, watch the tree, left!
Wait Mrs. Puff, we're not driving.
Oh, I'm sorry SpongeBob.
I didn't expect to see you here.
I work here, Mrs. Puff. Wanna meet my boss?
- Well, I'm not-- - Don't move!
Mrs. Puff, I'd like to introduce you to Mr.--
Mrs. Puff, I'd like to introduce you to my boss, Mr. Krabs.
Uh, hello.
Psst, Mr. Krabs, say hello.
No, no, Mr. Krabs. Just say hello.
Perhaps another time would be--
- No! - Wait!
He's trying to tell you something.
Mr. Krabs?
I don't understand.
Oh, I think that Mr. Krabs is saying that he'd like to...
- Hit you with a rake. - Goodness!
- Try to guess your weight. - Well!
No, wait. He wants to take you...
On a date!
Is that true, Mr. Krabs?
Do you want to take me on a date?
What do you say?
What do I say?
I say you have a way with words, Mr. Krabs.
I still got it.
Ready for your date, Mr. Krabs?
I'm always ready when to comes to dating, lad.
- Breath spray? - Check.
- Lucky hanky? - Check.
Giant rusty anchor?
Huh? Anchor, anchor? I kind find me giant rusty anchor!
Relax, Mr. Krabs, just a little joke.
Good luck with you know who.
- Who's that? - Mrs. Puff.
Oh yeah.
Well, wish me luck lad.
Oh, Mr. Krabs.
This dinner has been so wonderful.
The coral was cooked to perfection.
I don't think I could eat another bite.
Oh, I doubt that, my little shrimp boat.
You're spoiling me, Mr. Krabs.
I mean, foot rubs between courses,
caricatures, imported music.
[music playing]
Nothing is too good for you, my prickly peach.
What I'm trying to tell you, Mr. Krabs is...
Uh, sir, your fancy pantsy limousine is here.
Puffily Poo, your chariot awaits.
You'll never have to walk again, my little lobster bib.
- Your bill, sir. - Huh? What?
One hundred dollars?
Well, this can't possibly be correct!
Oh, my mistake, sir. Thank you for pointing that out.
This is your bill.


蟹老闆和泡芙有場約會 (Mr. Krabs Asks Mrs. Puff on a Date! From "Krusty Love" | SpongeBob SquarePants)

48 分類 收藏
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