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Hello, welcome to another episode of TwoSet Violin.
Last time we had a really popular video called...
So now this time we're gonna do it again with orchestral music.
Because who sight-reads during orchestra, am I right?
Am I right?
Uh oh.
Come on, you professional orchestral musicians out there.
You back desk seconds.
We know industry secrets.
It's alright.
Basically we have 5 levels,
and in each level there will be 2 pieces,
so Eddy and I will get different types of pieces...
- to play. - Yes.
We have to stop after...
...playing one wrong note,
- so we gotta see how far we can go. - Yes. Yeah.
Alright, who goes first?
Scissors, paper, rock.
Okay, you win.
Level 1.
Oh, come on.
Cause I'm boujee.
Okay, here we go, level 1.
I got distracted.
Got too cocky!
Oh my god, I can't believe you screwed that up!
That F sharp looks like an E!
- Oh! That's so funny. - It looked like an E!
Oh my god.
I got cocky.
Okay, well at least mine's adagio.
Well obviously I have to do this one, right?
The Mozart, yeah.
But what's the tempo?
Oh, this is gonna be long.
- Do I have to do all of this? It's gonna be long. - Nah.
Just do like 3 lines.
To the A here, right?
How fast?
It's gotta be faster, it's gonna be...
- This video will be like 20 minutes if you do that. - Okay...
Is that good?
It's adagio!
Yeah, but...
It's too easy!
Do I speed up?
Yeah, it's cut common, so it's in 2.
Feel it in 2.
This is double speed!
No. 1, pass!
Very well.
You definitely won that one.
Yeah, that's pretty funny.
Not that music is a competition...but...
Concerto No.5.
Is it this one?
The whole thing?
Nah, just do that.
Oh my god, okay.
No, it's...
It should be...
Nah, bulls***. Nah I don't believe...nah nah.
The 5th bar, the...
Yo, that got close.
That almost got me.
And then this bar! This bar almost got me, the...
The C natural.
Yo, that was lit.
Dude, it's only level 2, why is it already so hard?
It's so hard, I panicked.
So what does that mean for me? It means...
I'm a pro sight-reader.
I'll be Mozart Symphony No. 6.
Comes with experience, guys.
- Oh man. - What's this?
Oh no!
You got...
That tricked you there!
Cause the before it was...
Oh my god.
I'm not in good shape today, not in good form!
- It's okay. Next one! - It's cause I'm sick.
Level 3. That was kinda tricky actually.
I'll go first.
Level 3.
Dude, that looks so hard, maybe just get to here if you can.
Alright, here's 70. Ready?
1, 2, 3, duh duh–
Ooh, that's fast.
I regret asking.
Nah, never mind.
- Dude, that is so hard! - Wow, that's hard!
Dude, that's escalated so fast.
Can I try one more time?
We have to stop after playing one wrong note.
- Yeah yeah, let's try... - That was pitiful, that was...
Oh, that's hard.
Nah nah nah...that's...
You have Beethoven.
Semibreve = 80, what's that?
Nah, that's not it.
Oh, that's fast.
Nah, let me try again.
Oh no guys!
Oh my...no. 6. Really?
No, I think you got the better one out of these two.
Bruh, there's 4 flats.
I don't know man, it...
I think either way level 4...
I'm not even gonna look at it, I'm just gonna go.
Ready? Here we go.
What is it? Largo, oh that's nice!
How fast is...
Oh, that's easy!
But it will get harder afterwards.
What's that?
Gotta skip the rest.
Nah, D flat.
B flat?
Yeah, D flat, key signature.
That was screwed. What the hell is Tempo di Polacca?
It sounds fast, it sounds presto.
I can't believe I messed up the D flat.
Dude, I'm pretty sure if I know this, it's like...
Yeah, I think so. It's pretty fast.
- No! No, I'll do a little bit slower, that's too... - But you can do a little bit slower.
Yeah yeah.
- Yeah. - That's fair.
No, it's just out of tune.
Okay okay, fair enough.
Nah nah...let's start again.
So hard!
Dude, *inaudible*
It's a hard piece.
Level 5 orches–
I don't know if it can get harder than that.
It's pretty hard.
Good luck.
Oh my god.
I can't– it's so blurry.
Guys, it's cause I can't see, that's why.
So the bottom line? or what?
Oh the top line?
Do the top line.
Hey, you got like 3 bars!
Dude, yeah. Freaking hell.
I can't do it.
Damn it.
Oh my god. Is that a flat or a natural? Natural.
Ahh, anyway.
Dude this is really hard.
We should both play both lines.
- Alright, let's do it. Alright, okay. - Let's do it together.
Guys, team work.
Dude, we missed together.
Getting there!
Next one is yours.
Guys, for those of you that don't know,
- Strauss is renowned for being the...THE guy. - Worst.
I had to check that one.
Maybe a bit fa–
You're pranked!
Oh whoa!
Take 2.
So hard.
Oh god.
The freaking A flats.
D flat, A flat.
Oh, key signature, guys.
This is nice though!
It's a nice piece.
Wait, let's play both of them, both lines.
Alright. I'll play the bottom?
Oh nice.
This is actually really nice.
Anyway guys, we encourage you to listen to the actual recordings.
We hope you sight-read them.
I've really played like...
No, it's cause I'm sick.
Yeah yeah, me too.
Guys, thank you so much for watching.
Hope you enjoyed this...
this orchestral playing, sight-reading at its best.
- Gotta...yeah, gotta practise your parts. - "At its best", yeah.
Yeah it's very important.
If you're in an orchestra out there studying, yes.
If you're in a professional orchestra, yes. We all know.
Please subscribe, and we will see you guys next time.


挑戰不可能的管弦樂視譜 (Orchestral Music IMPOSSIBLE SIGHT READING CHALLENGE!)

112 分類 收藏
李芷凝 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 14 日
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