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So OG!
Did you do it today?
That's right.
You didn't practice, did you?
Go practice!
What time is it? 12am?
I don't care!
We don't care!
It's not an excuse!
Wake up your neighbours.
"TwoSet just published a video! I'm first!"
Were you first to practice as well?
Nah, just kidding.
Please...please watch us.
Our challenge is to not move in these chairs,
- Yeah. - 'cause people say it's distracting.
You move, you lose.
Dude, he's f***ing around!
Dude, he conducts like that...!
Either he's a genius conductor,
to make everyone sound so well,
or maybe conducting is just a...
Maybe he's not needed in that situation.
Just kidding!
Dude, even the countertenor's like...
- He looks like he's about to do a woah or something. - Sings so high!
- I don't know— - Are the other people watching him or not?
- I can't tell. - Yeah, I'm thinking, as a musician,
I don't understand how they interpret this.
- But everyone's just so— - But...arguably, also the orchestra is small enough
- to play together by itself. - Yeah.
- Doesn't really need a conductor. - Yeah.
Or I don't know this piece and the context of it.
(both) Yeah.
- At times like this you need a conductor, - Yeah.
slowing down.
But it looks—he knows what he's—
The conductor knows what he's doing.
He looks competent.
- But what the hell was that at the beginning? - It's just... I don't know. What is this? Yeah.
I feel like that part is just giving the downbeat.
- 'Cause the music's quite straightforward there, just go. - Yeah.
- Like... - He's just having fun.
- "Downbeat!!!" - *laughs*
- "Ohhhh!!!!" - "Oh you got it, you got it!!!"
It looks like he was dancing in the club.
Yeah...! *chuckles*
Bro, what a mad dude, I love this guy!
He's living the life!
This guys is awesome!
You're officially my new conductor hero.
Alright, next one.
Do barcoders actually sound like that?
When you go "beep"?
- As in... - Beep.
- That's what I wanna know. - Yeah.
But that's really cool, I liked it.
- Next! - Nice!
Oh that was good.
Wow! That's talent!
Dude, he finished it!
- It was actually a finish, yeah! Look! - Really?
- It's a finish! - *chuckle*
He finished the Rubik's cube!
He had to move it down, he's like "No time to see it!"
- Yeah! - "Quick!"
He was able to solve a Rubik's cube
- and still not be late for his next entry! - Yep!
Solve a Ru—
Can you do that? Solve a Rubik's cube and be on time?
- Yeah. - Mmm!
Timing is...
(both) ...everything!
(both) OHHHHHH!!!!!!
Yeah, don't move the chair, Brett.
( ♪ I just did a bad thing... ♪ )
That looks messed up...
Is that even possible?
I don't know, we should try it.
I hope she got it out fine.
The way she is breathing in and out of it, like...
- That was actually kind of lit! - It's pretty cool.
That was lowkey...
It added to the beat...
It's like a DJ.
I feel sorry for the pig though.
Oh, it keeps going.
- That is so nasty. - Yeah.
- Yeah...it's like a tremolo... - That was the best one.
Piano is like,
known to be actually very difficult to play
- repeated notes quickly, unlike the violin, - Yeah.
where tremelo's easy.
I guess using a...
..."big finger",
is a good substitute.
- Mmm, nice one, guys. - Wonder what else's the "big finger" is used for?
- Dude, that— - Should have kept going!
I know!
He started doing the beats!
That's better faking than some stuff
we see on television!
Dude they should hire this guy,
- he knows how to do it right, - Yeah.
- and make it funny! - Yeah!
He doesn't take it too seriously.
I think that kid's gonna grow up to be a performer.
- He's got the performer... - He's got...he's got the face.
- The...yeah. The... - And he was reacting so well as well, yeah.
- The natural personality. - Yeah.
Shines like a diamond.
Ahh, that's so good.
The um...
- The harmony... - The harmony and separating one instrument...
Took it away, just...
Oh, did she?
- Oh, that's so good! - You didn't see it? Let's go back...
- Wow. - That's really funny.
(both) Nice one!
You cannot keep interrupting!
No, no no no. I'm having—
I'm having a conversation, you're not gonna—
Walter, I'm right here, baby!
That's enough.
Stop embarrassing me again,
you're getting me in trouble!
- Nah, that's not real, that can't be real. - Nah, that's not real.
A dog can't...
Nah, the dog...
A dog can't make that sound!
It'll...it'll make like a high pitched...
- Yeah. - Or like...
Not "Ehhhhh!!!"
- He hit the poor... - She's...
She doesn't care?
Dude, that poor kid just looked like
- she's so used to... - I know.
Like "I'm just trying to practice, you're telling me."
"Do it 10 times right in a row."
"Now with distractions!"
You know what that will be the equivalent of?
That will be the equivalent of like
some 5-year-old learning...
- "Twinkle Twinkle little star"... - Yeah.
- ...and just come in and start shredding Paganini. - Yeah...! *laughs*
- "Yeah! That's right! I can play Paganini!" - Yeah...!
And it'll be like...
Poor kid.
Poor kid.
Yeah. And then he knocked the instrument...
- ...and the kid just kept going. - Yeah.
- Wow... - That's how much focus you need
in your practice, guys.
Maybe it's part of her training.
- Mmm? - Yeah, Ling Ling Workout.
"Practice with Focus".
Alright guys, did you laugh? Did you lose—
I'm pretty sure we lost every life.
Like and subscribe!
And we'll see you guys next time.


雙琴俠MADDEST Conducting Technique EVER!? (Try Not to Laugh) (MADDEST Conducting Technique EVER!? (Try Not to Laugh))

35 分類 收藏
李芷凝 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 14 日
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