A2 初級 美國腔 38 分類 收藏
( bright tone )
( eerie music )
♪ ♪
( alarm beeps )
♪ ♪
( sniffs )
♪ ♪
( sharp breaths )
( knocking )
( door creaking )
I've been calling.
( door creaks, closes )
Standard protocol and resources in play,
but the clock is short.
No thanks.
♪ ♪
Bring the Factor?
♪ ♪
Like I said, the clock is short.
♪ ♪
You know, fish have a memory span of three seconds.
I thought that was a myth.
♪ ♪
When does she expect your report?
Within the hour. She's in transit now.
Do you need more than that?
♪ ♪
That's plenty.
♪ ♪
( haunting futuristic music )
♪ ♪
( eerie music )
♪ ♪
( TV in background )
Man: Be alert for some difficult driving conditions
due to blowing snow and drifting snow
and icy snow-covered roads.
National Weather Services alerts states that visibility
will be impacted for a mile or less at times.
In the southern part of the state,
including Bennington and Windham Counties,
snow is expected to begin developing Monday night
and last through Wednesday.
Those areas are forecast to receive 12 to 18 inches
of snow. The snowfall rate
is one to three inches an hour,
according to the National Weather Service.
April 17, 1983 holds the record for snow
received latest in the year
that is greater than eight inches.
According to the National Weather Service...
( weatherman continues indistinctly )
What do you think you're doing?
(gasps) Um... (glass shatters)
- You're stealing from me? - Oh, no, no. Um...
Could you just..
could you please, please put the gun down?
Not doing that.
Okay, I'm--I'm leaving. I will leave.
You sure are.
Oh. ( laughs nervously )
All right, okay, um, just--
yeah, okay, okay.
I'm just leaving.
Leaving, leaving now.
( haunting music )
( door slams )
♪ ♪
( phone beeps negatively )
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
Jeremiah: You ever heard of the story of the eagle and the bee?
No, I, uh--I haven't.
It's a Russian fable.
The bee was busying himself by a flower
when the eagle flew over to express pity.
He said, for all the work the bee does,
molding the honeycomb and the hive,
his labors would go unrecognized.
Unlike the eagle,
who spread his wings
and soared above for all to see,
the bee would die without distinction.
The bee tried to explain to the eagle
that he was born to work for the common good.
He didn't seek attention.
He said that when he looked at the honeycombs,
he consoled himself with the thought that in them
are a few drops of his own honey,
and that is enough.
Well, I hope I'm not the eagle in the story.
Do you know why I'm here, Bill?
I'm gonna assume it wasn't
to tell me a fable.
Does it have something to do with the body they found in town?
I heard a rumor he was a Mennonite.
Was he from your order?
He was Amos.
My son.
Jesus, Jeremiah.
Sorry. I didn't know.
I used to tell him that story.
I tried to instill in him
that hard work was distinction enough.
Of all his peers,
he was the last to return from Rumspringa.
Esther and I--
we feared that the world had taken him, but then,
like all the others, he came back to the fold,
ready for covenant.
And we told ourselves
that he had stared sin
squarely in the eyes.
He had seen the pores of the devil,
only to come home inured.
He overdosed on our fentanyl,
the honey we make.
I don't know what to say.
We made a pact, our community.
The product was not for our own taking.
So I continue to ask myself,
was Amos
Was he unready?
I felt the same way when my son Clay was hurt.
All due respect, Bill, your boy's still alive.
Only by the grace of God.
Esther is mute with grief.
The entire congregation looks to me now,
wondering which way is north.
It's the same place it always was, Jeremiah.
Your people will follow your lead.
Do you know why my son was in Reston?
I was going to ask you the same question.
( haunting music )
♪ ♪
May I ask a favor of you?
Jeremiah: Local authorities are holding his body,
but we need to bury him come sundown tomorrow.
Given your connections, I was hoping you could help.
I'll make some phone calls.
♪ ♪
( sighs ) ( door opens )
What the fuck is going on?
Deputy Hulce.
What is this?
Woman: This is a DEA safe house.
I'm Agent Nora Barnes.
You've already met my partner, Luis Castillo.
Luis: Sorry, I couldn't tell you anything
until Agent Barnes arrived.
Is this about Bill Boone?
He's smuggling drugs into the US.
The Mennonites are his supplier, right?
That's some good police work, Deputy,
but we need you to step aside.
I can't.
I have a body in the morgue. I have an open case.
Close it.
We don't want to scare either party away.
They got eyes in your department.
Amos Miller was 19. He was murdered.
If we find evidence of a murder,
we will bring charges,
but for now, we have bigger priorities.
Nora: There's an opioid crisis in this country.
Luis: And we don't want a small-town hunch
jeopardizing our investigation.
I'm not-- I was in the NYPD.
Nora: We know. We pulled your file,
saw what happened there.
Ortez Mackey, 19, same age as Amos Miller.
Luis: Look, we all got our own shit.
You played nice with the department then.
We're just asking you to do the same now.
That's not why I--
Let this go.
( uneasy synth music )
♪ ♪
Woman on recording: There are many ways
we let ourselves suffer.
We all have mental and physical pain
that at times can feel like too much to bear.
This is why the first step
is to recognize it,
and only then can we regain control.
( approaching footsteps )
What the f--
Jeremiah Miller just paid me a visit.
He's afflicted by his son's overdose.
Get some rest, huh?
There's no way Bill needs you at the dealership this early.
I just want to get a head start.
Don't worry, I'll be out of here soon.
Thomas: I-- (sighs )
About last night,
I wasn't trying to be a dick.
You just... don't know Bill the way I do.
Thomas, you made your point--
a number of times--
but I'm not changing my mind.
I need this job.
( Thomas sighs )
What are you doing?
Come here.
It's your first day. You're gonna need to eat something, so
scrambled, or sunny side up?
( school bell rings )
I can't talk.
Have you seen Henry?
She wasn't in homeroom.
Not my problem.
Wait, weren't you helping her?
Henry doesn't want my help. She doesn't want friends.
( sighs )
Henry's phone: Hey, it's Henry. Leave a message.
Zach: Hey, Jenna.
Oh, shit, sorry, were you on the phone?
Oh, uh,
- no, it's okay. - Um, listen, I was wondering,
a few of us are going to Lincoln tonight to prank them back,
you know, after the stunt they pulled on our girls' bathroom.
Um, do you think
maybe you want to come with me?
- Oh, uh... - I don't know if it sounds stupid to you.
I mean, it kind of does, but I think it'll be fun.
I don't know-- unless you got other stuff.
Sweet. Cool, okay.
Well, I will text you the details.
You know, in fact, I can even--
I can even pick you up, if you want.
Yeah, okay.
Cool, awesome.
( rock music )
♪ Hit the pavement ♪
♪ Anything you want and you can chase it ♪
♪ Future in your hands, can you taste it? ♪
♪ Work it baby ♪
♪ Work it baby ♪
♪ Don't waste it waste it ♪
♪ Anything you want you can chase it ♪
♪ Chase it ♪
♪ Where you going where you going ♪
♪ Where you going now ♪
♪ Where you going where you going ♪
( laughs )
You're crazy. All right!
Have you been in my barn all night?
I'm--I'm pretty sure I can explain.
You don't get off my porch,
I'm gonna split you in half.
It's just, my car broke down
- In my closet? - No. ( laughs )
No, just, like, a mile down the road.
And how did you get in my house?
I have a key.
The hell you do.
I do. Lizzie gave it to me.
Why would my daughter give some nutty girl the key to my house?
Because I'm a student aide.
I volunteer in the homes of sick people
- and sort of help them. - I'm not sick.
Even if I were,
what would Lizzie know about it?
Not that she'd give a damn.
Lizzie, your daughter?
You know, I don't know. She just hired me to...
come help around the house, to help clean the house
because it needs it
and... on my way here,
my car literally just slid off the road
because of the black ice,
and I have no cell reception out here,
so I had to walk a mile from my car to get here.
And when I knocked on the door, nobody answered,
so I just decided to start working...
in the closet.
How come Lizzie didn't tell me she was sending someone?
I don't know.
I don't know why she would do that.
Did she warn you about me?
- Um... - No, you can tell me.
What did she say?
She does have a tendency not to hold back.
I know that much.
Yeah, right.
I think you should just ask her when she gets here.
Lizzie's com--
coming here?
Yeah, she just told me to call her when I'm finished cleaning,
and that should only take a few hours,
and then she's gonna be here.
I hope you brought a vacuum.
Have you got a name?
Henry? (laughs)
Well, that's dumb.
You can call me Dippy.
That's much better.
( scoffs )
So have you always lived here?
Dippy: Since '62.
Same year I got pregnant.
Terrible winter.
Y-- it isn't always like this, just so you know.
I'm in the middle of a project,
and I wasn't expecting company.
What project?
( mutters )
What time did you say that Lizzie was coming by?
It should just be a few hours.
Not so sure this is a good idea.
I haven't even showered.
Well, if you want to go get ready, I can...
you know, I can start cleaning up around here.
You won't even know that I'm here.
All right.
Well, if--if you steal anything, I'll know it.
- Got it. - And you can start with dishes.
( phone ringing )
Female voice: You have reached the voice mailbox
- belonging to-- - Townes: Townes Linderman.
Voice: Please leave a message after the tone.
( tone )
Hey, Townes. Uh...
It's me. It's Henry.
( whispering ) So listen, I teleported again
to the same place,
and it turns out that it is a house:
my house,
or at least it used to be.
I'm pretty sure I used to live here
when I was little.
I don't really remember.
Um, but I think there has to be something
pretty significant about it.
because I moved around, like, a lot.
Anyway, I don't know what the fuck to do,
so call me back. Wait!
No, no, no, don't call me back.
I don't have service, so do not call me back, not on this number.
I'll--I can just call you again.
Okay, bye.
Cleo: This model has a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine,
132 horsepower,
gets about 30 miles to the gallon,
driving with the standard five-speed manual transmission.
Yeah, but this car's got
over 150,000 miles on it.
It's not about the number of miles.
It's about how they got there.
There's no wear on the suspension,
no cracks in the belts.
I'm gonna think about it.
Well, let's--let's take it for a test drive.
No, I appreciate your help, ma'am.
Just around the block. It'll take about five minutes.
- You won't regret it. - You have a good day.
( sighs )
You got this, Cleo. You got this, Cleo.
Now, why am I--
Both: Oh, I'm sorry. - Sorry about that.
Excuse me-- no, no, it's--it's my fault.
I'm a little on edge.
I'm--it's my first day.
I'm Cleo Coles.
I'm Lucas Boone.
Nice--oh, yeah, you're Bill's other son.
Yeah, yeah. Um...
So--you mind if I bum one of those off of you?
Oh, yeah.
- Thanks. - Yeah.
- You mind if I... - Yeah.
Can I ask you something?
Have you ever seen anybody
sell a car on their first day?
Oh, I don't know. I... work back here.
I memorized everything, that whole manual,
and I just-- it's just not taking, you know?
Well, my dad's favorite catchphrase is
"You don't sell cars with numbers,
sell them with feelings,"
for whatever that's worth.
So, like, how the car makes you feel,
you know, like, with the wind in your hair, kind of thing?
Yeah, sure, I guess. Yeah.
That's--that's really good advice.
Thanks, Lucas.
Yeah. Good luck.
Cleo: Thanks.
Sheriff Dale: Deputy?
What's the status on that Mennonite DB?
You waiting on tox reports?
No. Screenings came back
with fatal levels of fentanyl.
So why the hell is it still open?
These people want their son's body back.
How do you know that?
Excuse me?
I'm just curious how you know they want their son's body back.
Who told you that?
The case is closed, Deputy.
Hand it over.
( tense music )
♪ ♪
All right, no peeking.
Hang on.
Open 'em.
What do you think?
Nice, right?
Yeah, it's your room.
Biggest room in the house. It's on the main floor.
- I brought all your stuff-- - No, I don't want these here.
- What? - I don't want these trophies here.
Yeah, yeah, you want to be surrounded
- by your accomplishments-- - Just get rid of 'em!
Okay, we'll get 'em out for now.
Look, this is just the beginning, Clay.
We're--we're putting in ramps.
we're gonna put railings in the bathroom.
We're lowering all the countertops.
We're gonna get things back to normal around here
real quick, son.
Just get out.
All right, buddy, you just take a minute.
( stiffly ) Okay.
- You let me know if you need anything. - Yeah.
( breathing heavily )
( dial tone )
Jenna: Hey, this is Jenna. Sorry I couldn't take your call,
but leave a message, and I'll get back to you
as soon as I can. Have a great day.
( beep )
( sighs )
( objects clatter )
Young Henry: Daddy?
Man: Come on.
Shh, it's okay.
Be quiet.
Henry: Daddy?
( haunting music )
♪ ♪
♪ ♪
( high-pitched whine )
( hissing noise )
Dippy: What was that?
( doorbell rings )
Hey, Mom.
- Hi. - Hey.
You said if I was ever in town
to drop by, so I just figured...
How are you? How's Clay?
Uh, he's... he's all right.
He's... getting more used to things.
Well, what a nice surprise.
Honey, you didn't tell me Lucas was visiting.
Yeah, I didn't call. I'm Sorry.
Well, you picked the perfect time to drop by.
We're just about to eat.
Yeah, sure, that-- that would be great.
All right.
You want to take it for a test drive?
Oh, I'm just looking, thanks.
You looking for anything specific?
I just need something
to take my kids from school to hockey practice.
Well, what about you?
What about me?
Well, what kind of car do you want?
What would make you feel good?
( laughs ) I just need something big enough
to schlep the kids around.
What kind of car did you drive when you were younger?
I had a VW Rabbit in high school. Remember those?
Yeah, of course.
What color?
Then you are definitely not a minivan girl.
Follow me.
this one is not a Rabbit,
but it's pretty great.
It's got a five-star safety rating,
all-wheel drive,
and most importantly,
leather seats.
Take a look.
That's nice.
Maybe a bit too nice. I have three boys,
six, nine, and 12, so...
Well, the good news is that
the leather's not that much more,
and I gotta tell you, I practically raised my daughter
in a station wagon with cloth seats.
It was a nightmare,
'cause, like, you know, with leather,
you can wipe the spills away and the stains, no problem,
but with cloth, not so much.
After a few months,
I wanted to set that thing on fire
'cause everything smelled like rotten milk and tuna.
( laughter )
Now, we don't have this in yellow, but...
what do you think of this cherry red?
- Can I--Yeah? - Yeah, please.
( sighs ) ( laughs )
It's nice, right?
Can I take it for a test drive?
Yeah, yeah, let me just go get the keys.
- Great. - You make yourself at home.
I'd make you pay for whatever it is you broke,
but it's all a heap of junk anyhow.
They can throw it away when I die.
Oh, nice job cleaning. ( laughs )
Henry: Do you want me to...
Can I?
Can you what?
I can help.
If it'll make you feel useful.
I need to ask you something.
You know, I used to get my nails done
once a week.
Not much point these days.
When I called Lizzie
to tell her I got lung cancer, you know what she said?
She said...
"I'm sorry for you, Mom."
( laughs ) Oh, well, what does that mean?
"I'm sorry for you."
( Dippy coughs )
When my mother died, I was on my honeymoon
and I called my father
and asked if I should come back,
and he said,
"No, your mother has a little cold.
Nothing to worry about."
( haunting music )
Dippy: Is your mother still alive?
♪ ♪
Are you two close?
Not really.
Dippy: You know, I have never met a family
that didn't do anything but make themselves
miserable with each other? Not my own, not my friends.
And then, when my husband took off,
I had to
move in with my sister,
and boy, that was not good for anybody.
So you haven't always lived here?
Well, I rented it out for a couple of years
to a young married couple.
Henry: Oh. Did they have kids?
A little girl.
Dippy: And for a while, they seemed okay-- happy enough--
but then, of course, that wasn't the case. ( laughs )
Oh, that husband was a piece of work.
How--how so? What was he--
Dippy: Well, he had that, uh,
now what do they call it? Some condition.
Paranoid schizophrenic.
( coughing softly )
♪ ♪
Are you sure that that's what he had?
Dippy: Oh, yes, a violent one.
He destroyed half my house
and then left them without a penny.
That woman
and her little girl--
ugh, what a mess.
But they were better off for it, that's what I think.
Ah, watch the skin!
( man clears throat )
Lucas, what college did you say you were going to?
Uh, actually, I don't--
Uh, I don't go to college.
Oh ( laughs ) I'm sorry. I thought that I heard
you were studying with your father.
Yeah, to be a mechanic.
Lucas deferred school for a few years.
He still might go back, though.
Woman: Of course.
Lucas, your mom told me that you've had your plate full lately with your brother.
It's very good of you to be by his side.
Yeah, well, you do what you can for family.
Woman: Absolutely. I can't imagine
how hard it's been for all of you.
Especially you, Wendy. You're so busy with church.
Well, we have a very supportive community here,
but... it's been difficult.
Man: Well, I can attest to that.
After my knee surgery, I was in a wheelchair for six weeks.
Miserable experience.
(man clears throat)
You know, Lucas, I, uh,
gave a sermon last Sunday about your brother.
Oh, you did?
Robert, Lucas doesn't want to discuss religion.
- Let him-- - No, actually, I'd like to hear it.
Robert: It was about challenges
that God allows into our lives to test us.
There's a passage from the book of Romans that goes,
"Those who are strong
have an obligation to bear with the failings of the weak."
Yeah, that makes sense.
Female voice: You have reached the voice--
Dippy: ( laughs ) Don't compliment me.
I know, I clean up all right.
And besides, if you compliment
as well as you clean,
well, I might just end up insulted.
( laughs )
Oh, look at this place.
Worse than when you got here. Wait till Lizzie sees
what she's paying you for.
Do you think I look okay?
I do.
It's been seven years.
- Since you saw Lizzie? - Yeah.
( chuckles )
Dippy: Oh... When--when is she
getting here, anyway?
She still driving that pickup?
You know, maybe I should give her a call and see
like, just where she's at.
Yeah, go ahead.
Do you have a phone somewhere else?
You want to talk behind my back?
Henry: No.
What has Lizzie been telling you about me?
- Nothing. - Dippy: Did she tell you
that I'm some kind of maniac?
A--a shut-in?
( scoffs )
Henry: No.
You can use the phone in my bedroom.
( coughs )
- Nice to meet you. - You too.
Food was great.
Come by next Sunday.
Ah, I gotta work then, but thank you for
having me here.
I called him several times.
I told you that.
He wouldn't call me back, and your dad and I are just
- oil and water. - You know, honestly, Mom, it's fine.
Don't worry about it. You were too busy
telling people about your son's accident
to actually go and visit him,
so... ( laughs )
I pray for you two every night.
It's actions, Mom.
Actions show love.
I knew you came here to guilt me.
Lucas: No, I didn't.
No? Then why?
Wendy: Huh?
I don't see you for months
and then you just show up out of the blue?
Good-bye, Mom.
( door closes )
( teens giggling )
Jenna: Shh, be quiet. - No.
Zach: Stop being so paranoid.
( teens muttering )
- Damian: Yo, this prank is sick. - Zach: I know, right?
Damian: Yo, Lincoln's basically underwater, bro.
Zach: Look at this. Damian: School's-- school's drowning.
Zach: Drowning. Damian: School's drowning.
Jenna: Let me to the other side.
Okay, okay. Sorry, sorry.
( laughs )
Damian: It's genius. Zach: I know.
Patty: So, what's up with you and Zach?
He's cute.
He's sweet, too.
Do you like him?
I don't know.
Patty: Jenna, you always do this.
No, I don't. Do what?
You always have all these boys vying for your attention
and you never do anything about it.
It's like you're asexual or something.
I'm not asexual.
Look, I'm just saying that
Zach would be the perfect starter boyfriend.
Jenna: Starter boyfriend?
Yeah, like the samples at Costco.
You take a bite, but you don't have to buy it
if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
Patty, you're ridiculous.
I'm just saying--
Just put me down!
Whoa, you're heavier than I thought.
Patty: You're such a jerk.
Come on, grab these cups.
We've gotta get all this water
and pour it down the hall. Come on.
Zach: Hey. Having a good time?
Uh... yeah.
Good. Glad you came.
Patty: I thought you said security started at 10:00.
Damian: That's what they said when I called.
You called the school?
Guys, guys, security! Go, go, go.
- Guard: Hey, hey, stop! Who's there? - This way.
- Jenna: Where are you going? - Zach: He can't follow all of us.
God damn it!
This way.
Oh, shit, get down!
Under here.
Guard: Goddamn kids...
Shh, shh.
Guard: God damn it.
- What if we-- - Shh.
- ( softly ) What if we get caught? - We won't.
- You don't know that. - Yeah, I do. I'm a ninja.
( door creaks )
Don't move. Don't move.
( stifled laughter )
( nervous laughing )
We should get going.
But what if--
Can I kiss you?
( heavy breathing )
Is this okay?
A little slower.
We can stop.
No, I--I can go slower.
- I'm sorry. Zach: It's okay.
I think we should just go meet up with everyone.
Gale: Good night, Lucas.
Cleo: Lucas?
Lucas, I did it!
I did what you told me to, and I just sold my first car!
Thank you so much.
I can't believe it.
( haunting music )
♪ ♪
It's freezing out there tonight.
Yeah, thanks for meeting me.
Of course.
I've been wanting to get a side business going for years,
but my father refuses to listen.
Yeah, mine too.
It's kind of hot in here.
I run cold.
So what's your plan for getting the
product into new markets?
What'd you do that for?
♪ ♪
- For Clay. - Clay?
That's my fucking brother,
you fucking piece of shit!
( grunts )
Fuck you!
Fuck you!
( grunting, grasping )
( music quiets )
♪ ♪
( sighs )
♪ ♪
( eerie music )
♪ ♪
Sorry, I know it's a long drive.
I just really need to get out of here, so...
Yeah, I think I'm, like, about a mile from the highway.
Henry: Yeah, please hurry.
Henry: Okay, bye.
- Dippy, I-- - She's not coming, is she?
I'm sorry. I didn't--I didn't--
Get out.
Please, th--
There's just this thing that happens to me,
and it brought me here
and I was just trying to figure out why.
Get out of my house.
( uneasy rock music )
♪ ♪
Examiner: Everything's in order.
♪ ♪
You're free to take him now, Mr. Miller.
♪ ♪
I'm sorry.
♪ ♪
Patty: And then we were in the bathroom and we were
crammed into this tiny little stall
and Damian wouldn't stop laughing,
so I had to tell him to shut up.
And I saw the flashlight,
and I just jumped out the window
and it wasn't even that far of a drop,
but Damian, with his knee hurt,
and--ugh, such a baby.
Sorry, what?
How far did you go with Zach?
Jesus, Patty, keep your voice down.
What? Your dad's not even working tonight.
Just tell me before the boys get here.
It wasn't a big deal.
Well, did you make out?
A little.
And then I gave him a hand-job.
I mean... it's just what seemed like was right.
Patty: Well tell me he gave you a little something, too.
( scoffs )
There--there wasn't enough time.
Jenna, there's always time.
Boys can be so selfish.
Here they come. Uh, please don't say anything to Zach.
You know I wouldn't.
Hey, guys.
- Hey. - Hi.
( softly ) Starter boyfriend.
Another round, Iris?
Iris: No, I'm gonna settle up, Gill.
I gotta get to work.
Didn't know you were
working night shifts.
I'm filling in for Cleo.
She's working for Bill Boone now.
Gill: Oh, yeah? Good for her.
What man doesn't love
a good Cinderella story?
( melancholy guitar music )
♪ ♪
♪ Everything is free now ♪
♪ That's what they say ♪
♪ Everything I ever done ♪
♪ Gotta give it away ♪
♪ Someone hit the big score ♪
♪ Figured it out ♪
♪ That we're gonna do it anyway ♪
♪ Even if it doesn't pay ♪
♪ ♪
Henry: Hey.
♪ ♪