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[The prank with the setting of a couple entering the cafe...]
Wait, wait...
You always paid for it, so I will pay this time.
But lunch was on you..
I have my card here! It doesn't matter who buys it!
Oh, sweetie! I got this app, so let's take a photo together!
[(Those are your days...)]
Did you watch the movie Ashfall?
Then how about a movie?
I don't think we have enough time for a movie.
No, there's one which will be screened soon.
I don't think we have enough time...
We do.
Dear customer, your time is over.
[(Holy heck...)]
Did you like the proxy girlfriend service?
[Does that exist? lmao]
Don't forget us next time and ring if you want a proxy girlfriend!
[(Look how the person changes...)]
You used the basic date course
where we have a meal and go to a cafe together from 2 pm to 6 pm,
so it'll be 120,000 won!
[Why is it so expensive lol]
I thought it was 100,000 won...
There's an extra cost
when I don't like the meal.
[What the hell is that lol]
Don't you like pasta?
Most of the customers look for pasta,
so it's greasy as hell...
Just seeing the word 'pas' in the drug store makes me ill...
[Occupational disease, I guess lol]
I just ate some pickles back then.
Please buy me something spicy next time!
Something like Korean Blood Sausage Soup or Beef Tripe and Intestine Soup...
Transport cafe isn't bad either.
Isn't it weird to eat at a transport cafe when we're dating?
We can act like a couple who dated for a long time!
[(What a way...)]
When you date for more than 10 years, that's where you go!
We'll also check the options you made...
You used leaning on the shoulder option,
selfie together option,
and I'm going to buy since you always bought option!
Here's your card.
[(Even the card was his...)]
So along with the base expense,
you have leaning on shoulder option,
and since it's TGIF,
the expense rises 1.5 times!
[(A rip-off...)]
[333,500 won]
Will you pay through card?
Sign it, please.
[(She even has a card reader slot...)] Can I receive the photo we took together earlier?
When you go home,
you'll receive a message about the customer survey!
If you give us 5 stars on that,
you'll get all the photos you need!
[What the heck lol]
So I must give 5 stars to get all the photos?
For example...
If you give us 3 stars, you'll get the photo from neck to bottom only,
and if you give us 1 star, you'll get a photo with only the belly buttons showing.
The system out of this world lmao
[Everyone's living frantically lol] Don't forget to give us 5 stars...
Thank you. We hope you do.
I checked my payment...
And it looks like 340,000 won is paid instead of 330,000 won...
Oh, sorry...
[(No 5 stars for you...)] I think you pressed the wrong amount.
Then should I refund 10,000 won?
Or should we date for another 10,000 won worth time?
Can I?
[(Extension, it is lol)]
I will...
[(You're doing it again? Lol)]
[(Everyone's pro...)] Where were you? I missed you!
I was here all along...
[This is hilarious lol]
Honey, let's not break up, and...
Dear customer, your extension time is over.
If it isn't a package, the time is shortened.
Please use the package service next time!
[(It's finally over...)]
Wait... Do you have Instagram by any chance?
I do use it.
Can I have your Instagram ID?
[(He worked up his courage...)] Then how about...
I tell you my phone number?
[(Ooh, an unexpected success...)]
[(I knew it lol)]
Isn't it the number for chauffeur services?
That is my number!
[Amazing lol]
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ENG Sub) (몰카) 옆자리에서 여친 대행을 또 하고 있다면?! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ rental girlfriend prank 2!!

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林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 14 日
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