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Welcome to a video where we describe 30 countries in 1 sentence.
Let's get started!
Introducing the country that lost a war
to a bunch of birds
Enjoy your stay in the land of delicious food, beautiful architecture,
and enough collective hair grease to run McDonald's for a year.
Ireland's biggest exports are potatoes, alcohol
and bar fights.
Welcome to Scotland,
where dresses are manly
unicorns are the national animal,
and having an official national anthem isn't important.
Introducing an enormous debt
that Germany will never get back
The South-African accent
is more or less that of an evil Australian.
Welcome to the set of the Lord of the Rings
which grew into its own nation.
Who would have guessed that a nation of bloodthirsty vikings
would end up being the happiest country in the world?
Welcome to a country renowned for its entertainment and media,
but working 100 hours a week means you'll never enjoy that anyway.
If you buy something while in China, it's cherished forever.
If you buy something that comes from China, it's a piece of garbage.
Switzerland is a world leader
in both watch-making
and not shooting people in other countries.
Kenya's biggest exports are tea, coffee,
and people with very long legs.
Welcome to the country with more Spanish speakers than Spain.
Losing the 1950 world cup
is often considered a national tragedy to the Brazilian population.
Welcome to a country with an official population smaller
than the amount of people who have been into space.
Enjoy your stay in a place where everything is perfectly engineered
and everyone sounds angry.
Introducing number 7
of the top 10 jokes that went too far.
The average Canadian will happily save you from a bear attack,
before apologizing that you had to see their arm being ripped off.
The Netherlands is famous for tall people,
high people,
and that guy who cut his own ear off once.
Being a country that has more saunas than cars,
Finland certainly has their priorities straight.
Welcome to the highest proportion of unnatural blonde men in the world.
This nation is still yet to live up to its biggest achivements
from over 4,000 years ago
Welcome to a country
where a taxi driver makes exponentially more than a doctor.
It was said
that England colonized the world in search for food that doesn't taste like garbage,
and a day of the year without rain
Welcome to the unexpected birthplace of Santa Claus.
Even after all these years,
Borat is still the most iconic figure
to come out of Kazakhstan.
Welcome to the "Land of the Free"
which ironically houses the highest proportion of incarcerated people in the world.
Introducing a country whose name
was one of the first recorded uses of mass click-bait.
France would be the current rulers of Europe
if Russia wasn't so cold.
Welcome to a parallel universe.
Scrubscribe for more videos that are subtitled by an idiot,
but until next time have fun, and embrace the bullshit.
[subtitles by Dor Barlev]


用一句話描述這些國家! (30 countries described in 1 sentence)

166 分類 收藏
Seraya 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 12 日
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