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  • Jasmine: Hmm

  • Jasmine: Of all the places you have shown me, this is by far the most beautiful.

  • Aladdin: Sometimes you need to see things from a different perspective.

  • Jasmine: It's them, the people...they make it beautiful.

  • Jasmine: They deserve a leader who understands that.

  • Jasmine: And I don't know why I think it could be me...

  • Aladdin: Because it should be you!

  • Jasmine: Do you really think so?

  • Aladdin: Does it matter what I think?

  • Jasmine: Aw, do you see that funny monkey down there, is that Abu?

  • Aladdin: No, that's certainly not Abu. He is...

  • Jasmine: How many names do you have prince...Aladdin?

  • Aladdin: No, no I...

  • Jasmine: And who is prince Ali?

  • Aladdin: I am...prince Ali

  • Jasmine: And how do you know the city so well?

  • Aladdin: I came early to Agrabah.

  • Aladdin: You really get to know the people well if you meet them in person, but you knew that!

  • Aladdin: When I met you, you were disguised in your own city!

  • Aladdin: You saw me arrive with dancers, elephants and a magic carpet.

  • Aladdin: How can a street boy have that?

  • Jasmine: But how is it possible I didn't recognise you?

  • Aladdin: People often see your crown, but not your true self.

  • Jasmine: I'm sorry...

  • Jasmine: I'm embarrassed, I mean...You've seen more of Agrabah in one day than I have seen in a whole life.

  • Aladdin: We should...

  • Aladdin: ...Get back

  • Jasmine: Yes already?

  • Aladdin: Until tomorrow princess.

  • Jasmine: Goodnight.

  • Aladdin: Goodnight.

  • Iago: That's interesting...

Jasmine: Hmm


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A2 初級 美國腔

茉莉花發現阿里王子其實是阿拉丁|迪士尼's阿拉丁2019(FANDUB)。 (Jasmine ontdekt dat prins Ali eigenlijk Aladdin is | Disney's Aladdin 2019 (FANDUB))

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