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  • ICD-10 and ICD-9: What's the big difference?

  • Being in the health care profession, you surely have a lot of questions

  • as to what is ICD-10? And how is it different from ICD-9?

  • Why should you care about ICD-10?

  • And why fix ICD-9 if it isn't broke?

  • Let's start by breaking down the differences between ICD-9 and ICD-10.

  • Firstly, ICD-9 is old and outdated.

  • It's been around for decades,

  • and could benefit from the improvements offered by ICD-10.

  • ICD-9 not only uses old terminology,

  • it also produces inaccurate information about your patients.

  • So what makes ICD-10 so much better?

  • For one, it expanded the number of diagnosis codes from 13,000 in ICD-9 to 68,000 in ICD-10.

  • The codes are a bit different than before

  • and that's where practice managers and physicians have to do their job

  • of being familiar with the new codes under the new systems.

  • ICD-10 better also updates disease classification and medical terminology.

  • It's obviously meant to provide better and more specific data.

  • And with the best data available, medical professionals will be able to compare data better,

  • advance research initiatives, make more informed decisions,

  • identify public health issues, and process claims easily.

  • There are 11 months left until the transition to ICD-10.

  • It's okay if you're still learning the ropes of the new system.

  • We're with you on this! Come visit our website at

  • You'll soon realize that ICD-10 isn't nearly as difficult as it sounds.

  • It can a breeze, and we'll take you along for the ride.

ICD-10 and ICD-9: What's the big difference?


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ICD-10和ICD-9:有什麼大的區別? (ICD-10 and ICD-9: Whats The Big Difference?)

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