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  • It's endless opportunities.

  • It's, I could have been doing this 12 years and I don't feel like I have even scratched

  • the surface of what's possible, and how much money I can make, and how big of an empire

  • you can build.

  • I guess for a career point of view but also just for your family and your freedom and

  • lifestyle and that kind of thing.

  • So, I can do what I love every day and have a very simple day to day work ambitions and

  • then I can still go home and yeah, create a lifestyle.

  • I don't think there is any other industry where you can have those goals to, yeah, completely

  • dominate every aspect of your lifestyle for sure.

  • I think you have to be very self disciplined.

  • So, look I just love being friendly and having a chat and realising how much of an impact

  • you can have on someone else's family.

  • So, there is certainly a lot of value in getting in young and you can get started on a career

  • now that potentially someone would spend six or five years at uni to create, that you can

  • go leaps ahead if you put the work in.

It's endless opportunities.


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這可能是你的故事--Angela Duncan (This could be your story - Angela Duncan)

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