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  • (lively jazzy music)

  • - [Narrator] Welcome to Rochester, New York.

  • The home of Kodak Eastman,

  • (camera clicks)

  • situated on Lake Ontario,

  • and creator of the finest delicacy

  • in all the land.

  • (phone rings)

  • - [On Phone] Hey, can I have a plate

  • with all the garbage on it, please?

  • - [Narrator] That my friends is the Garbage Plate

  • and let me tell you,

  • it is glorious.

  • - My name is Alex Tahou.

  • My grandfather invented the original Garbage Plate,

  • called Hots and Potatoes,

  • and my father perfected the real Garbage Plate.

  • - [Narrator] At this point, you're probably wondering,

  • what this so-called Garbage Plate is.

  • And I'll tell you.

  • A garbage plate is--

  • - Let me handle this.

  • The Garbage Plate starts with your choice of sides,

  • from home fries, french fries,

  • macaroni salad or beans.

  • Then you pick your meat,

  • hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers,

  • whatever's on the menu.

  • Then you add your toppings,

  • from mustard, onions and hot sauce,

  • ketchup and Red Hot is optional.

  • Then add two pieces of Italian bread and butter,

  • and you're all set to go.

  • Over the years, we've had a lot

  • of different kind of Garbage Plates.

  • We actually had our sardine plate years ago.

  • I don't think you can get much crazier than sardines.

  • (sizzling) (enchanting music)

  • The best part of this business is, of course, the customers.

  • Without them, we'd be nothing.

  • The place was established to give people a lot of food

  • at a reasonable price.

  • For years people have come in here hungry

  • and didn't have any money.

  • My father always fed them.

  • - [Narrator] That's really sweet Alex,

  • but let's get back to the garbage,

  • because I'm really wondering,

  • how many calories are in a plate?

  • - [Alex] I really don't know.

  • Some people have said 3,000.

  • I don't think it's that high,

  • but I guess I'd have to be a nutritionalist to tell ya.

  • But I will say this is the only place

  • you can get a Garbage Plate.

  • Any other plate in Rochester is a copycat.

  • We trademarked it, so now, it's world famous.

  • - [Narrator] Trademarking garbage?

  • Genius.

  • (digital jingle)

(lively jazzy music)


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吃一口垃圾盤 (Have a Bite of the Garbage Plate)

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