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Kids react to
viral videos!
this episode
What the...? Why is there a-? What?
Pink face
Catchy [laugh]
Dance in the club
Why is there just random stuff?
What in the world am I watching?
Her window... Look at her window.
It confuses me.
What the heck!
I can't look away.
I can't understand this at all.
I like don't know where to look.
That's like weird.
But cool. I like it.
[singing along]
Ponpon? What, what's she saying?
I wanna just learn how to speak this language
so I can understand it.
California Girls music video, mixed with Lady Gaga
crashed with K-pop.
It all got put together and Boom!
It just turned out horribly wrong.
I think the person who made this was on drugs or something.
I mean, I love the video. I'm not kidding.
Question time!
[offscreen] What was that?
I don't know what was that. What was that?
It was a music video...
There was the girl from like another dimension
that's, uh, throwing stuff into, uh
the other girl's dimension or something
I got really, really lost
like I was so confused.
[offscreen] Well how did the song go, can you sing it?
Like [tries to sing]
Ponponpon, ponponpon
[offscreen] And what do you think the name of the song is?
Movie dancer?
[offscreen] Almost exactly right.
[offscreen] It's ponponPON
Ugh! Ponponpon!
[offscreen] What do you think ponponpon means?
I have no idea.
Isn't that a food?
Colors! Does it mean colors?
Oh please
It's the rising or setting of a sun.
In an alternate universe!
I keep thinking spoon.
[offscreen] Ponyo? The fish?
[offscreen] So start listing one thing at a time, anything you can remember that you saw
A shark, some eyeball
At the beginning, a microphone just shot of her ear.
Her face turned red.
Her head was deformed and rotating.
That was not right
She was puking eyeballs instead of rainbows.
She started spinning and then there was this hand
and then these awkward eyeballs coming out of her mouth.
And then she started puking birds and eyeballs.
Question! Am I going insane?
[offscreen] I'm going to show you some images
from the video so we can talk about what is happening.
It looks like she is doing number two.
The shark is the fashion police
and he's like "no, that's not working".
[offscreen] What about this? What's happening here?
Oh! That was weird!
Her head turned into a bunch of gum.
It's plastic surgery went totally wrong.
[offscreen] And finally this.
Now birds are coming out of her mouth.
She's barfing crows.
That's coming out of her mouth.
I think that's vampire stuff.
[offscreen] And uh, did you like the video?
No. Too weird for me.
I just didn't think it was my type of music.
It was awesome but disturbing at the same time.
I think it's kinda cool.
Yeah, it was actually really good! Yeah, it was pretty funny.
Love it, love it, love it.
[offscreen] Some people think there's also a lot of
deep meanings and messages hidden throughout the video.
Other people just say "no, it's just random".
What do you think?
I think it's just random.
It's random fun.
It's just random.
How can you look at it and be like
"Oh yeah, a giant shark coming out of a window
really means to listen to your heart."
[offscreen] How would you describe the girl?
She is sweet.
I could see her being like, the Japanese Lady Gaga.
A little weird.
Very bubbly and energetic
until she's barfing stuff.
It's like, trying to be super cute, but
it's just creepy.
Cute and she's like adorable, adorable!
[offscreen] Not as adorable as you.
Aww Benny.
[offscreen] And how many views do you think this has?
A thousand.
Two million or something.
Five million.
89999910 million thousand?
[offscreen] Are you just making up a number?
It's the real number!
38 million.
[offscreen] You're pretty much right on.
It's a little over 30 million views.
Really? (Yeah)
I have more than that.
[offscreen] But it was a fake number.
Was not!
[offscreen] Why do you think people like it so much?
It's so weird!
I think it's a popular song in Japan.
I mean, Japan has some kinda weird songs.
It just sticks in your head.
I guarantee you, I'm going to be singing this for
the rest of my life. Ponponpon.
[offscreen] If the singer was watching, what would you
say to her about her video?
Thank you?
How did you come up with this idea?
You're gonna scare me for a lot of nights.
It's like amazing! I love it!
I mean, you can see a bunch of different things
in one whole entire music video!
[offscreen] Finally after hearing Ponponpon, will you listen to it again?
[offscreen] Never?
Never. Aww!
No! Ok, ok.
I already saw it.
I can see.
Love it.
Please turn it off!
Wait, I already reacted!
Thank you for watching!
We'll be back soon, so make sure you subscribe.
Hey guys, I was in an episode of My Music recently but
it was kinda hard to recognize me so
click the video below and see if you can find me.



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Courtney Shih 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 5 日
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