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(Extreme Marksman Edition)
(Build A Boat Battle)
(Fidget Spinner Trick Shots)
(Baseball Trick Shots)
(Football World Record Edition)
(Soccer Trick Shots 2 ft. Chelsea F.C.)
(Soccer Trick Shots 2 ft. Chelsea F.C.)
(Ping Pong Trick Shots 3) [Celebration]
(Soccer Trick Shots 2 ft. Chelsea F.C.)
(Giant Basketball Trick Shots)
(Stunt Driving Battle)
(Beach Stereotypes - The Pool Guy)
(Nerf Bow Trick Shots)
(Stunt Driving Battle)
(Pool Trick Shots 2)
(Epic Trick Shot Battle 3)
(Giant Sumo Battle)
Dude Perfect
2017 was a pretty solid year. Let's run it back, shall we?
(Extreme Marksman Edition - Double Arrow Mobile Balloon Busters)
(Drew Brees Edition - Double Pendulum Ring Shot)
(Epic Trick Shot Battle 3 - Garrett's counter to the Crossbar Bottle Flipper)
(Nerf Slip and Slide Battle)
(Nerf Slip and Slide Battle - Cody's attempt)
(Beach Stereotypes - The Surfer Bros) Tyler: Jim, sir, did you see my get pity on that gnarly barrel?
[Aggravating Celebration Noises]
Tyler: [Aggravating Celebration Noise]
(Blitzball Trick Shots 3) Garrett: Can't stand that celebration.
(Blitzball Trick Shots 3)
[Bottle Smashing]
(Airplane Trick Shots - Triple Hoop Loop De Loop)
Cody: Woo-hoo! Plane to the chest! Ha, ha!
(Blitzball Trick Shots 3 - Double Truck Threading The Needle Shot)
Coby: Beautiful!
Tyler: Woo!
(Card Throwing Trick Shots - The Olive Slicer)
(Extreme Marksman Edition) [World's Largest Pistol vs. Pineapple]
Coby: Oh, my!
Tyler: That was a good pineapple too...
(Ping Pong Trick Shots 3)
Tyler: We're Dude Perfect, welcome to Ping Pong Trick Shots 3!
[Ping Pong ball hitting plastic cup]
[Celebration Shouts]
(Giant Basketball Trick Shots - Balance Ball)
[Victory Bell Sound]
(Real Life Trick Shots - Garrett's Kitchen Trick Shot)
(Real Life Trick Shots - Cody's Key Toss)
(Real Life Trick Shots - Cory's Washroom Trick Shots)
(Real Life Trick Shots - Garrett's Living Room Trick Shot)
[Toaster Click]
(Nerf Bow Trick Shots - The Billiards Bomber)
[Arrow hits pool ball]
(Baseball Trick Shots - Pre-Bowling Pin Strike)
[Airplane Noise]
(Giant Airplane Trick Shots) Tyler: Pilot Ty coming at you from the top level of DPHQ2.
(Build A Boat Battle) Garrett: At least this would be considered a brutal forearm workout.
[Shouts of Frustration]
(Giant Basketball Trick Shots) Cody: Really good, I've got a great pilot, it's a beautiful day. Uhh, basketball doesn't really fit in the helicopter...
(Giant Basketball Trick Shots - The Helicopter Laser Shot)
(Giant Basketball Trick Shots) Coby: And they're like: "Oh, excuse me; Oh, was that like; Oh whoops, step back; Oh..."
(Blitzball Trick Shots 3 - [Post] Mini Home Run Derby Battle) Cory: Dang it!
[Sudden Release of Air]
(Blitzball Trick Shots 3 - [Post] The Sticky Fastball) [Slap sound]
(Ping Pong Trick Shots 3 - Cody's Kitchen Trick Shot) [Ping Pong Ball Bouncing]
(Epic Trick Shot Battle 3) Tyler: A gong is a very underrated target...
(Airplane Trick Shots - Cody's Gong Trick Shot)
[Gong Ringing]
(Nerf Bow Trick Shots - High Speed Gong Ringer)
[Gong Ringing]
(Soccer Trick Shots 2 ft. Chelsea F.C. - The Smoke Show Gonger)
[Gong Ringing]
(Epic Trick Shot Battle 3) Tyler: ...shoutout to all you gong players out there!
(Epic Trick Shot Battle 3 - Behind The Back Strike)
(Epic Trick Shot Battle 3 - Loop De Loop Shot)
Brodie Smith: 2017 Shatter King!
[High Five]
Cody: That's my line! I was going to say that for mine!
(Extreme Marksman Edition - The Pistol Peppermint Shot)
(Football World Record Edition) Tyler: This is the world's longest throw into a basketball hoop.
(Football World Record Edition - World's Longest Throw Into a Basketball Hoop)
Cory: Go in!
[Victory Bell]
Cory: Bang! Let's go!
(Virtual Reality Battle - Home Run Derby – Garrett's Attempt)
(Virtual Reality Battle - Ice Fishing – Cody's Attempt)
(Virtual Reality Battle - Home Run Derby – Post-Coby's Attempt) Coby: YEAH!
(Card Throwing Trick Shots - Banana Slicer)
Garrett: Where'd my banana go?
(Card Throwing Trick Shots - Banana Slicer)
(Build A Boat Battle) Tyler: There's a lot of excitement in the air right now.
(Giant Sumo Battle) Tyler: Team Coby all the way!
(Nerf Slip and Slide Battle) Tyler: I'm team Coby and I have been since day one. Cory: He's not! He's team Ty!
(All Sports Golf Battle 2) Tyler: I'm going to make an official statement. I'm leaving team Coby...
[Mixed Chatter]
Tyler: ...and I am officially joining my bearded brother, Cody Jones!
[Cheers] Cody: Woo! Tyler: Team Coby and Ty!
Tyler: Let's go!
(Soccer Trick Shots 2 ft. Chelsea F.C. - The Three Point Header) Garrett: This is the three point header.
Cory: Let's go! [Celebration]
(Airplane Trick Shots - The Airplane Boomerang) Cory: Let's go!
(Nerf Bow Trick Shots - Through The Ring Tissue Ripper) Cory: Let's go!
Tyler: Everybody do the Cory – LET'S GO!
Garrett: Let's go!
(Glow in the Dark Trick Shots)
(Drew Brees Edition - The Tower Laser Shot) Drew: This is the Tower Laser Shot.
(Drew Brees Edition - The Tower Laser Shot)
[Double High Five]
[High Five]
(Fidget Spinner Trick Shots - The Super Tall Transfer Toss)
Cory: Yeah! Let's go, baby!
(Giant Sumo Battle - Post-Finale) Garrett: Be the time I make a bold prediction
(Virtual Reality Battle) Garrett: – he ain't winning.
(Giant Sumo Battle - Post-Finale) Garrett: – he ain't winning.
(Stunt Driving Battle - Post-Parallel Parking Challenge) Cody: And Coby's the loser!
(Nerf Slip And Slide Battle - Post-Coby's attempt) Coby: I want to appreciate you guys for sticking with me, despite things like this.
(Giant Sumo Battle - Post-Meltdown) Coby: I feel good right now, man. Bring it, BRING IT!
(Giant Sumo Battle - Finale) Tyler: Coby's taking the lead! He's in the lead!
(Giant Sumo Battle - Finale)
[Celebration] [Victory Bell]
[Frenzied Shouting - Celebration]
(Giant Sumo Battle - Post-Coby's Win) Crowd: COBY! COBY! COBY! COBY!
(Giant Sumo Battle - Post-Coby's Win) Coby: Today's a very exciting day, because I...won my very first battle.
(Pool Trick Shots 2 - 3 Table Butterfly Cannonball)
(Real Life Trick Shots - 1st coaster trick shot)
(Real Life Trick Shots - 2nd coaster trick shot)
(Real Life Trick Shots - 3rd coaster trick shot)
(Build A Boat Battle - Cory's Attempt – Tape Me To Victory) Cory: It's working!
(Build A Boat Battle - Tyler's Attempt - The Stealth Floater) [Buzzer Sound]
Cory: Yes!
(Beach Stereotypes - The Businessman) Cody: No! John, my son has done more work building a moat around his sandcastle than you've done all week!
(Beach Stereotypes - Chief Chafer) Tyler: *Shouts*
(Beach Stereotypes - Rage Monster) Tyler: *Shouts*
(Christmas Stereotypes - Rage Monster) Tyler: *Shouts*
(Beach Stereotypes - Rage Monster) Tyler: *Snaps Metal Detector*
(Christmas Stereotypes - Rage Monster) Tyler: *Snaps Tree*
(Beach Stereotypes - Rage Monster) Tyler: *Topples Golf Cart*
(Christmas Stereotypes - Rage Monster) Tyler: *Smashes Television*
(Freeze Frame Football Battle - Finale - Cody's Attempt)
[Victory Bell]
(Freeze Frame Football Battle - Finale - Tyler's Attempt)
[Loud Audible Cracking Ripping Noise]
[Buzzer Sound]
(Dude Perfect vs. Power Rangers - Dacre's attempt in Dizzy Egg Toss)
Dacre: Ah, you don't understand how hard it is.
(Baseball Trick Shots - Press Box Bottle Snipe)
(Baseball Trick Shots - Tyler's Glass Shattering Throw)
(Glow In The Dark Trick Shots)
(Glow In The Dark Trick Shots - Through The Ring Crossbar Shot)
(Glow In The Dark Trick Shots) Adam Scott: And this is what you do for a living?
(Water Bottle Flip 2 - Second Story Bounce Back)
(Water Bottle Flip 2 - Coby's Soccer + Baseball + Bottle Flipping Trick Shot)
(Water Bottle Flip 2 - Cory's Recliner Trick Shot)
(Water Bottle Flip 2 - Beard Balancing Bottle Flip)
(Water Bottle Flip 2 - Owen's Bottle Flip)
(Nerf Bow Trick Shots - Panda No-Lookin' Crossbar)
(Real Life Trick Shots - Panda's Book Throw)
(Real Life Trick Shots - Panda's Frisbee Throw)
(Pool Trick Shots 2 - Saucy Panda Shot)
(Beach Stereotypes - The Surfer Bros – Blooper) Cody: My shoulder's still feelin' it from last weekend, you know?
Tyler (laughing): Why are you Irish? You're not an Irish surfer.
Tyler: What's up guys, thanks for watching! If you're not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, what are you guys doing?
Tyler: It's not that hard! Here's the button. I'll make it real big. Does it look like I'm holding it? Nice.
Tyler: You really don't even have to be that accurate with your click. Really, just like anywhere in here. Click it. Be awesome.
Tyler: Also, if you want to see a playlist from our videos of 2017, click right here. So I'm holding that one too.
Alright, these are heavy so hurry up and click. Thanks for watching, signing up for now. Pound it, noggin, see ya!


很猛 (Dude Perfect Rewind 2017)

139 分類 收藏
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