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  • I did end up going back to Sanrio Puroland

  • And...

  • This is what happened

  • Oh.....

  • Almost we seeing the lights are on this time

  • I see the giant Gudetama you see the things this is so exciting. There are a lot of children around

  • We are all going to

  • Sanrio Puroland

  • Yey!

  • Yey!

  • Do you see it in the distance

  • It is our destination

  • Follow the children follow them don't follow them. That's creepy. Please don't follow the children

  • the day has come

  • It looks so open this time

  • Smells so good

  • You not *laugh*

  • Am in Gudetama Land like

  • you literally get your passport to go and visit Gudetama Land and

  • Everything is Gudetama whole lot of photo spots like this little spot here

  • Which is my favorite it so far, and I'm basically having the time of my life

  • I didn't realize that Sanrio Puroland and was like so intensely theme park perfectly cool

  • Like it's really brilliant. I really like this place

  • Help me.

  • This is my new favorite part is the Gudetama cafe

  • and it's cafe alley

  • It's so cute Oh my Gosh

  • Why do they not make this at the real cafe

  • Hey, I'm here for this I am here for this, but I can't find any of the goods, they have a Gudetama

  • tamagotchi is here

  • Oh, there's no way

  • I'm gonna buy them because I would kill it and feel really sad

  • Not on purpose just because I'm me

  • Gudetama toilet paper just what we need

  • we finally found the Yuri on ice corner

  • and this is

  • This is all that's left

  • This is the store and this is Yuri on ice section, I am so sad

  • So it turns out a lot of the items are sold out became a bit too late.

  • Oh man like almost all of them are sold out

  • so in this huge Sanrio goods store

  • There's only a tiny little bit of Yuri on ice stuff and in this huge amazing theme park is amazing

  • There's only a character you can meet wearing Yuri on ice t-shirt

  • So I think we missed the best of the stuff so this is kind of a repeat of last time except

  • I mean this place is really gorgeous. It's really wonderful. It's just really really crowded

  • And...

  • It's really great for kids so if you have kids

  • Like 100% if you have kids come to this place because it is

  • So good for kids they have amazing games and photo spots and stuff like that, but I think

  • Since I've already seen the Gudetama and Gudetama world.

  • I don't feel like I need to see everything

  • Because I really came for Yuri on ice, and there was not much

  • But it's okay.

  • This expresses how I'm feeling at the moment

  • I'm ready to go home

  • creepy tunnel of the day #creepytunneloftheday

  • in Japan hashtag, Japan #japan

  • Japanese Street over the day with car

I did end up going back to Sanrio Puroland


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A2 初級 美國腔

參觀五臺山地 (visiting gudetama land)

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