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  • It's an incredible discovery:


  • an ancient, abandoned alien space station filled with precursor technology.


  • But now, every species in the galaxy is in a mad dash to get there first


  • and claim it for themselves.

    但,現在,銀河系中的所有物種 都拼了命想要先趕到那裡,

  • And right away, you've got a problem.


  • Your ship's faster-than-light jump drive consumes 1 unit of fuel


  • for every parsec of distance it takes you,

    你的太空船上具有 比光速還快的跳躍裝置,

  • and your ship holds only 15 units of fuel.

    每當你行進 1 秒差距就需要 消耗 1 單位的燃料,

  • But the space station is 23 parsecs away,

    而你的船只能裝 15 單位的燃料。

  • and there's only empty space between there and here.

    但,太空站在 23 秒差距之外,

  • There's one thing that can help you, though:

    從這裡到那裡之間, 都是空蕩蕩的空間。

  • dark matter fuel is stable in deep space.


  • That means you can vent a cache of it from your fuel chamber,

    在宇宙深處,暗物質 燃料是很穩定的。

  • and then come back to pick it up again later.

    意思就是,你可以 從燃料室放出一個貯藏所,

  • Even though your ship holds only 15 units of fuel,


  • you've been granted use of all 45 units in your current location.

    雖然你的太空船只能 裝 15 單位的燃料,

  • With some strategic fuel caching along the way,

    你已經得到許可,目前所在地 共有 45 單位,你都可以使用。

  • you might be able to make it all 23 parsecs.


  • So how can you reach the alien space station?

    你就有可能行進 23 秒差距。

  • Answer in 3,

    所以,你要如何抵達 外星人的太空站?

  • 2,


  • 1.


  • It's possible to solve this riddle using as few as two cache points,


  • and there are also valid solutions that use more.


  • No matter how you go about it though,

    只要用兩個貯藏所的點 就可以解開這道題目,

  • the key is determining exactly where to cache fuel along your route.

    另外也有使用更多貯藏點的 可行解決方案。

  • Let's work backwards from the alien space station.


  • To reach 23 parsecs,

    關鍵都在於要決定你這一路上 有哪些地方要貯藏燃料。

  • you'll have to leave the 8-parsec mark with a full tank of fuel.

    咱們倒過來從外星人 太空站開始反推。

  • The 8-parsec point is too far from the start to use as a cache right away;

    如果要行進 23 秒差距,

  • you could jump there, but wouldn't have enough fuel to return to the start,

    你必須要在 8 秒差距的地方 留下滿滿一箱燃料。

  • let alone store any for later.

    8 秒差距的地方,距離起始點太遠, 無法立即當作貯藏所;

  • So that means you'll need to find a cache somewhere between the start and 8.

    你可以跳到那裡去,但就不會 有足夠的燃料返回起始點,

  • But where?

    更不可能貯存任何 燃料供之後使用。

  • There's an interesting pattern that can help.

    那就表示,你得要在起始點 和 8 之間找到一個貯藏所。

  • At the start you have exactly 3 tanks' worth of fuel.


  • At 8 parsecs you need exactly 1.

    有一個有趣的模式, 可以派上用場。

  • Is there a point, which we can call point X, where you could have exactly 2?

    在一開始,你有滿滿 3 箱的燃料。

  • That would be useful, because then you could refuel there exactly twice,

    在 8 秒差距的地方, 你只需要剛好 1 箱。

  • making full use of your storage capacity without any waste.

    有沒有一個 X 點,在這個 點上剛好有 2 箱燃料?

  • Wherever point X is,

    知道這個會有幫助,因為 你可以在那裡補充燃料兩次,

  • you'll jump forward from it twice:

    把貯藏容量用到極至, 完全不浪費。

  • once to deposit some fuel at the 8-parsec cache point, and a second time for good.

    不論 X 點在哪裡,

  • So you'll jump the distance between X and 8-parsecs 3 times in all.

    你會從 X 點向前跳兩次:

  • You'd have 2 tanks of fuel at point X, and need 1 left at the 8 parsec cache point,

    第一次是要在 8 秒差距的 貯藏所存入一些燃料,

  • so you can spend one tank-- or 15 units-- going back and forth.


  • Since 15 units divided by 3 trips is 5,

    所以,你總共要在 X 點 和 8 秒差距之間跳躍三次。

  • we can place these two cache points 5 parsecs apart.

    在 X 點你會有 2 箱燃料,

  • Any farther, and you wouldn't have enough fuel to reach the alien space station.

    在 8 秒差距的貯藏所 則需要留下 1 箱,

  • So it looks like the earliest we can place point X is at the 3-parsec mark.

    因此,你只花費 1 箱—— 或說 15 單位——的燃料來往返。

  • Is it possible to transport 30 units of fuel there? Let's try.

    15 單位平分給三趟 旅程,就是 5 單位,

  • You set out with a full tank of 15 units.

    我們可以把這兩個貯藏所 之間的距離設定為 5 秒差距。

  • You jump 3 parsecs, drop 9 units off at the cache point,

    再遠的話,你就沒有足夠燃料 可以到達外星人太空站了。

  • and then jump the 3 units home, arriving with an empty tank.

    看起來,我們最早設下 X 點的 位置,是在 3 秒差距的地方。

  • Repeating this process gets you 18 units of fuel at the cache point,

    有可能把 30 單位的燃料 運輸到那裡嗎?咱們試試。

  • and one more jump puts you at the 3-parsec cache with 30 total units of fuel.

    你出發時,有滿滿 1 箱 15 單位的燃料。

  • So far so good!

    你跳躍了 3 秒差距, 在貯藏所的地方置放下了 9 單位,

  • Next, you jump to the 8-parsec mark,

    接著再花 3 單位跳躍,回到原點, 回去時剛好用光燃料。

  • drop off 5 units of fuel, and jump back to the 3-parsec mark.

    把這個過程重覆執行, 在貯藏所就會有 18 單位,

  • You fill up your tank and jump forward again,

    然後你再花 3 單位跳躍過去,

  • arriving with 10 units of fuel in your tank.

    在 3 秒差距的地方 總共就有30 單位。

  • And now the end is in sight.


  • You beam the 5 units of fuel in from deep space to fill your tank to capacity,

    接著,你要跳到 8 秒差距的地方,

  • and type in the coordinates of your final destination.

    放下 5 單位,再返回 3 秒差距的地方。

  • A 15-parsec jump leaves you running on fumes,

    你會把燃料箱裝滿, 再次向前跳躍,

  • but ready to dock with the precursor space station.

    到達時你的燃料箱中 會有 10 單位。

  • Time to put this alien tech to work


  • and make life better for everyone in the galaxy.

    你將來自太空深處的 5 單位燃料 存入你的燃料箱,裝到滿,

It's an incredible discovery:



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