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the new corona virus is spreading quickly keeping governments across the
world on edge more than 4,500 cases have been confirmed in China with at least
106 deaths reported are conn-young who is on the line with the latest young do
Phyllis in right and also the new type of corona virus that first appealed in
ohan late last month continues to claim more victims China's National Health
Commission said on Tuesday the death toll in China has soared to 106 and some
1700 new cases have been confirmed compared to the day before now among the
confirmed cases about 1,000 patients are known to be in critical condition this
brings the total number of confirmed cases in China to around 4,500 and more
than half of them are in ohan Chinese officials added that 60 people have been
cured and discharged Beijing and Shanghai could not dodged the bullet
with both cities reporting their first deaths from the virus a 50 year old man
died of respiratory failure in Beijing on Monday health officials said he was
diagnosed with the novel coronavirus last week after staying in Wuhan from
January 8 to 15 authorities in China have not released details of the victim
yet the Chinese government has urged its people to postpone non-essential
overseas trips young where the virus has spread to other parts of the world what
do we know so far about its impact and what our country is doing to minimize
the damage yes the virus is popping up across the world so far there have been
at least 70 confirmed cases in 17 countries and territorial entities
outside of mainland China but the good news here is that there have been no
deaths from the coronavirus reported in these other locations
earlier today Japan reported two more cases of the new virus one of them is a
mail bus driver in his 60s who has never been to Han according to Japanese health
ministry he drove a two groups of Chinese tourists from ohan earlier this
month Thailand also confirmed six more cases bringing the total number of
infected people in the country to 14 now that is the most
in a country or territory outside of China Hong Kong has also been hit hard
with aid confirmed cases so far the Hong Kong government is waiving medical
treatment fees for all patients suspected of being infected by the new
corona virus its chief executive Carrie Lam said a few years ago that Hong Kong
will temporarily shut down some of its borders with mainland China starting
midnight on Thursday local time the virus has also spread to North America
with at least five confirmed cases reported in the United States the u.s.
Center for Disease Control and Prevention has raised its travel
precautions for China to the highest of its three levels now Europe is also
preparing for tougher prevention measures Germany has confirmed its first
case the patient has been identified as a 33 year old German male although he
did not visit China he was in a meeting with a female Chinese national last week
she now has gone to Beijing and they're tested positive for the corona virus
Germany is the second country to have confirmed the virus in Europe following
France which has confirmed at least three cases so far
the South Korean Japanese American and French governments are sending charter
planes at this week to repatriate their citizens stuck in Han alright young
thank you for those updates we appreciate it


肺炎死亡個案 (Coronavirus death toll rises to 106; countries scramble to minimize damage)

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