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there's a growing number of reported cases of the new corona virus around the
world in China it's nearing the 10,000 mark with a death toll exceeding 200 Kim
Morgan brings us the updates China's national health Commission announced
that as a Friday the total number of deaths caused by the virus had reached
at least 213 and that more than 9700 people have been tested positive for it
it was an increase from the previous day of at least 43 deaths and nearly 2,000
new infections the most of either figure yet recorded in a single day cases have
been reported in all parts of China but Hebei province the epicenter of the
outbreak had by far the highest number of deaths as a Friday at 204 outside of
China more than 130 confirmed cases of the corona virus have been reported in
more than 20 countries and territories but no deaths have been reported so far
nearby Hong Kong has confirmed 10 cases so far with all the patients reported to
have spent time in Wuhan Hong Kong temporarily closed some of its borders
with China and stopped issuing travel permits to mainland tourists Macau has
also confirmed at least seven cases leading to an entry ban on non-residents
who've been to Hebei in the past two weeks Japan saw an additional three
confirmed cases on Thursday raising the total figure to 14 and making it along
with Thailand the country with a second highest number of infections Prime
Minister Shinzo Abe announced that foreign visitors confirmed to be
infected will be barred from entry to its territory the United States
meanwhile confirmed on Thursday local time its first incident of
human-to-human transmission bringing the total number of infected to six that
patient is the husband of an infected woman who had traveled to China France
which was the first country in Europe to confirm an infection also reported its
sixth case on Thursday the UK saw its first report of confirmed patients on
Friday two people have tested positive for the corona virus the two are said to
be members of the same family and a receiving special government medical
care meanwhile China's foreign ministry announced plans to send charter planes
to bring back who Bay residents staying overseas many of whom find themselves
stranded the ministry explained that the move is
aimed at easing difficulties for them reports show that some 100,000 Chinese
nationals from Wuhan headed overseas in the past month in Mugen Arirang news


中國報告最少有43人死於武漢肺炎 (China reports at least 43 more deaths from coronavirus)

61 分類 收藏
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