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Five Nights at Freddy's Series Episode 1
Based on Five Nights at Freddy's universe created by Scott Cawthon
James, do you read me?
Yeah. I read you.
Good. You're in the main hallway.
You need to find the security room with the system unit and copy all the data from...
Hey, come on Rich. How many times you got over this?
I got it.
Yeah... Sorry... It's just realy important.
I'll get it done. Just keep informing me.
What a mess...
Yeah… I see it…
Yo Rich. I got eyes on the corridor.
Wait! I think I saw something. On your right!
Like an old animatronic. Go check it out.
Yeah, there is something.
But I don't think I can get to it…
There is big fence blocking my way.
No way I can get through.
You can get to that corridor through security room.
Cmon, keep moving.
F*ck! This place giving me the creeps…
So... The data files...
What do they want to find in them anyways?
The old security guard reports.
Maybe this is somehow can shedsome light on what happened to those children 28 years ago…
Richard! On of the pipes leaking gas.
I thought this place was abandoned two decades. What's upon this?
I don't know. I got bad feeling this might be a setup…
Like someone really didn't want anyone to get here before the building get demolished.
Thanks... What a relief.
Okay. I'm in a security room.
I got eyes on a computer.
Richard, there is a message on the monitor.
What am I supose to do with it?
Son of a..!
What am I suppose to do now??
!WARNING! A gas leak been detected within HUB_087. To prevent any further damage and fatalities please contact your local advisor and 911 before proceeding further.
Wow... Son of a bitch...
God dammit!
What happened?!
Oh, finally came back.
Look for yourself.
I... I don't know what happened.
I pushed the button than it sparked and smoke out of it.
Why you touched something without telling me?!
Hey! Don't you yell on me.
You went silent and didn't respond to me.
What was I suppose to do?! Just stay here and wait?!
I don't know man... I don't know.
Alright! Forget it. Look behind you.
There should be a control panel. You see it?
Yeah. I see it.
Okay. Hit the green button.
This should open the door to a next corridor.
Alright... I'm going in.
Stay in contact.
I don't want you to go silent again.
Hey Bonnie!
Seen better days?
Yeah, yeah... Me too, me too.
I've got the chip.
I'm getting to hell out of here man...
What the?
Richard? Are you seing this?
God dammit!
And what do we have here...
It' time...
These people will understand how weak and helpless they are...
I'll show them...
The real chaos!


佛萊迪之五夜驚魂 (第一集) ([SFM] FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY'S SERIES (Episode 1) [DIRECTORS CUT] | FNAF Animation)

299 分類 收藏
Harry Huang 發佈於 2020 年 2 月 1 日
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