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  • Delivering with Uber Eats.

  • Delivering with Uber lets you make money on your own schedule.

  • Depending on your city, you can deliver with your car,

  • scooter, bike, even on foot.

  • When you're ready to deliver, you can go online in the app.

  • It will find an order for pickup near you.

  • Tap to accept.

  • ( music playing )

  • The restaurant should have the order ready when you get there.

  • You can let the staff know you're picking up an order through Uber Eats.

  • It's a good idea to check the app for helpful notes from the business

  • or to see if there are multiple orders to pick up.

  • Before heading out, it's smart to double check names and order numbers.

  • Once you pick up an order,

  • the app will take you to the delivery customer.

  • Customers get an alert when you're close,

  • so they should be ready when you arrive.

  • You'll see if there's an apartment number...

  • or a specific place to meet,

  • including if the customer has requested delivery to their door

  • or if they'll meet you outside.

  • You can also check to see if they've left a note in the app

  • with more delivery information.

  • Have a question? You can contact the customer

  • or restaurant through the app.

  • Need help? There's always Uber support.

  • That's delivering with Uber.

  • Another way you can make money on your own schedule.

Delivering with Uber Eats.


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用Uber Eats送貨|Uber Eats (Delivering With Uber Eats | Uber Eats)

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