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  • Financial pundits are always quick to point out the easiest way to save lots of money.


  • If you stopped buying a five dollar latte every day and invested that money, you would have a million dollars when you retire.


  • That doesn't sound quite right.


  • How much coffee are these people drinking?


  • And more importantly, how much would you actually save if you cut out expensive caffeinated drinks?


  • Let's say you buy a five dollar espresso drink every day.


  • You probably don't, but the gurus think you do.


  • That's $35 a week, $140 a month, $1,825 a year.

    那就是一週 35 美元,一個月 140 美元,一年 1825 美元的花費。

  • They say to invest your money, but financial personalities sometimes grossly overestimate the stock market's annual rate of return.


  • So let's bring it back to Earth by assuming a more conservative six percent return.

    所以,我們把收益拉回平均水準,保守估計有 6% 的回報率。

  • Even with this math, it would take 14 years to have enough money to pay off the average American student loan debt.

    即使按照這樣計算,也需要 14 年時間才能還得起美國平均學貸債務。

  • And that is assuming you're someone who buys a coffee every day of the year, even those days when the coffee shop is closed.


  • So, even if you never drank coffee again, and invested all your coffee money in the stock market for 40 years, you would have about $280,000, which is nowhere near enough to retire.


  • So how much coffee would you need to cut out to save tons of money?


  • It would take the money from four lattes a day, every day for 40 years with a generous rate of return to end up with over a million dollars.

    要省下每天喝四杯拿鐵的錢,連續 40 年,加上高回報率,最後才能有一百多萬美金。

  • And since that is an unhealthy amount of caffeine, it's best to think of your coffee in terms of priorities.


  • Do you want a latte today?


  • Or do you wanna save that money and buy an iPhone in 6 months?

    還是你想省下這筆錢,在 6 個月內買一台新 iPhone?

  • Or a cruise next year?


  • Or a college fund for your kid in 18 years?

    又或者作為 18 年後,給孩子的大學基金?

  • So, don't feel bad about splurging on your next venti, unless you're buying four at a time.


  • And then, you should still be more worried about the caffeine.


Financial pundits are always quick to point out the easiest way to save lots of money.


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戒掉買咖啡就能讓你提早退休嗎?揭曉戒咖啡能省下的錢 How Much Money Would You Save by Cutting Out Starbucks?

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