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  • the Berenstain Bears

  • we like kites the Berenstain

  • Windy Hill summer sky

  • a perfect day

  • for kites to fly running

  • running running down the hill

  • Will our kite flying .Yes! it will

  • more string more string

  • let out more stream

  • we catch the wind! our kites take wing!

  • kites of every shape and size

  • dance across the summer skies

  • some spin

  • some swoop some loop de loop sad kite

  • glad kite, bad kite, cat kite

  • A kite with stripes

  • kite with stars account that wants to go to mars

  • fire-breathing dragon kite

  • gives the other kites a fright the setting

  • Sun says goodbye we

  • really in our kites from up on high

  • we head for home

  • but that's okay the hill

  • and sky are here to stay and tomorrow here good day

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the Berenstain Bears


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B1 中級 美國腔

我們喜歡風箏 (We Like Kites)

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