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(upbeat music)
(crew 1): Get in there, Jake. (crew 2): Come on, you can do it.
(laughing) (crew 3): Are you in all the way?
- No, my legs are still hanging out. Oh, that looks just like Die Hard.
Before I was crawling through an air vent,
I had two loves in my life: science and movies.
So, I decided to put myself in one of my favorite films,
Die Hard. And don't worry, we're not actually in a skyscraper.
That? That's just a backdrop behind us.
We're doing a lot of stunts for this episode. There's falls, there's jumps...
- It's all really cool, but it's important to be safe. - Safety.
(Jake): Air vents aren't built to support the weight of a human being.
Oh boy! So I fall through frame. - Okay, resetting. Going again.
- What if - I'm just gonna throw it out, here - we have a rig set up?
- No. - Okay, what if...
- No! - No.
- But what if-- Okay. (crew): No!
(Jake): Bilbo Baggins! (crew): That was worse.
- Oh, they're a great crew to work with. Amazing crew.
Professional and very safe-conscious, so...
- I'm about to go up ten meters and then jump off,
so we can figure out what it looks like when a human being
falls 10m attached to a fire hose.
Yeah, take it up! Just like John McClane did in the movie.
(crew): One, drop!
- Oh, man. Are you kidding me?
- Jake, could you survive this movie? - Not this part.
As it turns out, it would just cut you in half.
- That worked exactly like we thought it would, and it was awesome.
- The Nakatomi we're blowing up, we have people behind the large metal body
of the scissor lift. 'Cause the plastic shrapnel is vicious
and you don't want to get hit with it.
(crew): One, boom!
- Safety!
(crew): Next, I'll do a fire... Fix the scene for me right now,
- make sure there's nothing in the way. (crew 2): Fire in the hole!
Three, two, one!
- We actually were going to do it all in one,
where the flame comes out, I jump back, all in one scene.
but I guess there is some worries about me lighting on fire
because some things that I have, like the makeup and the clothing, are flammable.
So in post, we can add the flame that we actually filmed coming in,
me flying back. 'Cause I guess it's safer. And we'll do that.
(laughing) Who are you?!
(screaming) - I think no one could survive Die Hard
which is why it's called Die Hard.
- You did it. - We did it, buddy!
Also, has Derek come down yet? - Oh no, I haven't seen him around.
(chuckles) Guess he should've been a Twinkie. (both laughing)
(crew 1): Did somebody really? - Somebody ate the Twinkies!
(indistinct chatter) (male crew): We got more, so... (female crew): We got more!
(crew 1): Oh, you got a whole backseat of Twinkies? Twinkie wrangler.
Oh no, sad Twinkie. - Aw...
(Jake): Wait, are you eating right now?
- Yeah, just having a Twinkie.
Today, I am playing Reginald Veljohnson's character from Die Hard.
It's a very coveted role.
I ain't gonna play this Mickey Mouse (bleep).
(Jake): No cursing. - Okay, no cursing. Okay, got it.
- Bring back the deton-err. (laughing)
What happened to my accent?
(clears throat) Alright.
Bring back the date-- (sighs)
I can't even... Why is that...? It's ridiculous.
I got a call from Jake Roper a few weeks ago,
and he just said, "Will you be a bad guy in my video?"
And I was like, "I thought you'd never ask."
- I got you, buddy! - Lift me up!
(all singing) ♪ Once more ♪
♪ You open the door ♪
- And as always...
(all): Thanks for watching! Woo!


Gotta Be Safe! The STUNTS of CYSTM: Die Hard!

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