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Come here, Buddy. Come here, Rufus.
My name is Arat Montoya and I'm the owner of Doggie School Bus.
We are about to go pick up the doggies.
Doggie school bus offers dog day care with pick-up and drop-off service.
These dogs I have right now: Hunter, Tracer and Dina.
And this is the rest we're going to pick up.
The average day is 20, and the busiest day has been, like, 35.
The dogs can't wait for the bus to come.
He's right at the window waiting for the bus.
I tell him in the house, I said 'You wanna go to school?' and he runs to the door.
He's always happy when he comes home, and he loves going.
Arat got the idea for a 'doggie school bus' from his gold scion car.
I put on the stripes, make it looks like a school bus.
I put (on) the letters, parked it in the driveway, and I got 16 customers in like two weeks.
Today he has 300 customers, who send an average of 20 dogs a day.
And he's purchased a bigger 'bus'.
For a full day I charge $30 and I pick up and drop off within a five-mile radius.
'School' is a five-acre property near West Linn, Oregon.
Dogs get to socialize and play outside.
I'm the happiest man in the world doing what I'm doing, watching my babies.


狗狗校車接狗狗「上學去」! (Doggie School Bus picks up pups for 'school')

558 分類 收藏
Mackenzie 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 21 日
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