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  • Come here, Buddy. Come here, Rufus.


  • My name is Arat Montoya and I'm the owner of Doggie School Bus.

    我是 Arat Montoya,狗狗校車的老闆。

  • We are about to go pick up the doggies.


  • [Doggie School Bus offers dog day care with pick-up and drop-off service.]


  • These dogs I have right now: Hunter, Tracer and Dina.

    剛接到的狗狗是 Hunter、Tracer 跟 Dina。

  • And this is the rest we're going to pick up.


  • The average day is 20, and the busiest day has been, like, 35.

    平常大概 20 隻狗,忙碌的時候可能會到 35 隻左右。

  • The dogs can't wait for the bus to come.


  • He's right at the window waiting for the bus.


  • I tell him in the house, I said "You wanna go to school?" and he runs to the door.


  • He's always happy when he comes home, and he loves going.


  • Arat got the idea for a 'Doggie School Bus' from his gold Scion car.

    Arat 狗狗校車的點子,是來自他的金色賽揚汽車。

  • I put on the stripes, make it looks like a school bus.


  • I put [on] the letters, parked it in the driveway, and I got 16 customers in like two weeks.

    我把字貼上車,停在車道上,兩週我就得到了 16 名顧客。

  • Today he has 300 customers, who send an average of 20 dogs a day.

    現在他有 300 名顧客,一天平均接送 20 隻狗狗。

  • And he's purchased a bigger 'bus'.


  • For a full day I charge 30 USD and I pick up and drop off within a five-mile radius.

    整天的服務我會收 30 美元 (約台幣 900 元),接送範圍為五英里。

  • 'School' is a five-acre property near West Linn, Oregon.

    「學校」是指奧勒岡 West Linn 附近的五英畝土地。

  • Dogs get to socialize and play outside.


  • I'm the happiest man in the world doing what I'm doing, watching my babies.


Come here, Buddy. Come here, Rufus.


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A2 初級 中文 美國腔 狗狗 顧客 服務 開心 學校 伙伴

【動物】狗狗校車接狗狗「上學去」! (Doggie School Bus picks up pups for 'school')

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