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- So many iconic lines
in the Star Wars saga,
let's see if you can finish these lines.
"I suggest a new strategy, Artoo..."
- Um...
- What?
- A new one to you too.
- "I suggest a new strategy, Artoo..."
- Slap and clap.
- I didn't, I don't remember that from--
- No, that's not the right one. (laughs)
- "Let the Wookie win."
(laughs) - Oh.
- Okay, that was missing on VHS.
- What version did you get on the VHS, bro?
- I rhymed it, so point to me.
- This is a gimme, "Do. Or do not..."
- "There is no try."
- "There is no try." - "There is no try."
- (in Yoda voice) "There is no try." (laughs)
- "There is no try."
- Oh my god!
- J.J., we're promoting this film.
- Which film?
- Okay, and, "I thought they smelled bad..."
- [Josh] Did you hear the question, what happened?
- Alive?
- I know, "I thought they smelled bad."
- It's Han Solo, he's on Hoth,
there's a Tauntaun involved.
- "And I thought they smelled bad."
- "On the..."
- I'm giving you everything. "On the..."
(laughter) - "On the..."
- "On the outside."
- "On the outside."
- I got that, finally.
- Yes, yes.
- Yeah, 'cause he cuts it and he's inside of it?
- (beep) damn.
- Oh yeah, I remember that now!
- Okay.
"And I thought they smelled bad..."
- "On the outside." Pa-da-da-dump.
- Can we please stop this? - No!
- Seriously, don't you have a job?
Is this what you do?
- This is an internship that's been
going on for 10 years.
- "Why, you stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking..."
- "nerf herder."
- "nerf herder!"
- "nerf herder!"
I know that!
- Well done.
- "nerf herder."
- You should know that, really?
- Just, you know I don't concentrate on the lines like that.
I mean, what's the lines in this thing, just--
- He's talking about his own script.
- Yeah, exactly.
- "You look absolutely beautiful.
You truly belong here with us..."
- In the resistance?
On Ewok land.
In the sky?
- Very close.
- That's Hayden Christensen or something, right?
- Billy Dee, I think you're going to get this one.
- Okay, let's-- - Okay.
- No pressure.
"You look absolutely beautiful.
You truly belong here with us..."
- Amongst the stars.
Clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds.
- There were stars there too.
- Clouds.
- That's Hayden! (laughs)
- The romance, I thought it was the romance.
- I did almost have the sand line in, "I hate sand,"
but I decided against it.
- Ah, come on Obi-Wan.
- This guy's gonna kill me one day.
- You're gonna like this one J.J.
"Ex-squeeze-me, but the most safest place..."
Do you want it in the voice? - Don't do it.
- Yes, please. - Go ahead.
- "Ex-squeeze me--" - Okay, see--
- Oh that's good,
that's a good one. - I remember I actually
told you never to do this again.
- Don't do that.
(laughter) Just don't.
- "But the most safest place--"
- Stop it!
- This is unbearable.
- Is under water?
- That is very close,
"The most safest place..."
- Water.
- Is under the sea.
- "would be Gungan City."
- Please don't do that! - Okay.
- Gungan City, which is under water.
Very good Jar Jar, man.
- Yeah that is really good, we'll be in touch.
- "would be Gungan City."
- Sugar, you're very good at that.
- You're very good at that. - Yeah I was about to say.
- It's a sad talent to have, really.
- No, no, no!
- She does a really good Chewy.
- Yeah. - Like insane.
(Chewbacca sound)
- Wow, that's incredible.
- I feel it's better to hear it
than to see her do it.
- I know, that's the thing, like
whenever people ask me to do it,
I'm like, ah, I have to be like--
- Like, let me turn around. (laughter)


'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Cast Plays 'Finish the Line' | MTV News

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