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Hi, everyone! today we gonna be talking about ammerican culture.
Specificaly, we gonna talk about convenience stores.
Convenience stores are small retail shops, they sell wide for area goods. They sell everything from food and drinkings
to snacks, accessories, car maintenance tools
and other things.
The United States has over 150,000 convenience stores around the country.
The largest is Seven-Eleven
franchise. America has a huge
driving culture and it's very normal
to use your cars to commute everywhere.
This means gas stations typically open for long period of time.
In many cases, gas stations open 24/7,
meaning 24 hours 7 days a week.
this makes very convenient for late night drivers.
Convenience stores in U.S. might be little bit different
than what's you use to in home country.
Typically convenience stores are paired with gasoline stands.
So it's pretty weird to find convenience stores
that doesn't have gas popup attached, because of this,
convenience stores typically are found in the major highways or
on the side of the really big roads.
It's really uncommon to see the convenience stores in your neighborhood or
on the small alleys and so on. So, for this reason, it's pretty uncommon to see people walking to visit the convenience store.
The best way to get to the convenience stores is actually to drive there.
The main sources of revenue for most of the convenience stores
in the United States is gasoline about
96% of total revenue for most convenience stores in the United States
come from gasoline sales. For the rest of
revenue comes from sales goods inside of the stores.
Let's take a look some of the foods you can expect to find in a
typical American convenience store. First of all,
you can find a huge selection of snacks, foods,
and various drinks. People spend about 25 million dollars
in 2017 on food inside convenience stores.
But most of the food you find in the convenience stores,
it isn't that nutritious. It's typically stuff
easy to eat while you're driving, and salads aren`t so easy
to eat behind the wheel.
But a bag of potato chips and energy drinks
are pretty convenient for late night drivers. Well, they might not be
the healthy option, they are pretty tasty from time to time.
Some classic American convenience store foods
what you can always find Slim Jim sausages,
pre-made cake and pastries,
bags of potato chips and any candy bar you might want
There are some things you can find
only in the convenience stores in America.
This includes local favorites like boiled peanuts in a ??? parts of America
or freshly delivery crespy cream donuts
Each stores also has its own special tea items
7-11 has its famous cold drinks called the Slurpee
and the chain WoaWoa is known for its coffee.
Well, hot foods are available in the convenience stores in the USA,
they don't have to face reputation
for being grade on flavor
It's pretty common to find selection of hot dogs or microwave sandwiches
that customers heat it up themselves and eat it on the go.
But the problem with these is most of the items are
not actually fresh and they've been sitting under heat land all day,
so they might not have the best flavor and
they might not be the best quality.
there's usually no place to sit down
and eat inside of the convenience store,
as most of the thing sold inside of convenience store are taken along with you as you drive.
There are other section you can expect to find them
in American convenience stores. These includes car supplies,
accessories, a lot of cards, and the ice cream freezer.
Convenience stores in America accept cash and credit cards
and in many cases the pumps itself will
take your credit card payment if you want to go inside
of the convenience stores to make your payment, however, you need to tell
the clerk of the convenience store the number of your pump
and how much you would like to pay.
For example, $ 20 on pump #4,
means you'd like to pay 20 dollars for the gasoline at pump number 4.
so you can use cash to do this or you can use credit card.
So how do American convenience store compare to
convenience stores in your country? What is similar? What is different?
And is there any thing you's like to know about American culture?
Please let us know in the comments.
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Thanks very much for watching this video
and we will see you again soon. Bye bye
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美國的便利商店裡面有什麼? (What's Inside an American Convenience Store?)

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