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  • Hey, everybody.

  • Ian Bremmer here from Addis Ababa, of all places,

  • what a beautiful day to be here.

  • And I have your World In 60 Seconds.

  • Questions here, ready to go.

  • Well, big repercussions internationally because

  • the Europeans, the Canadians, plenty met.

  • They lied about it before they finally said, OK.

  • Tried to cover it up.

  • And that means it's going to be much tougher

  • to keep them onside in terms of this

  • Iranian nuclear deal that the Iranians themselves

  • are increasingly pulling away from.

  • Also, big demonstrations on the ground in Iran.

  • That's bad for the Iranians, of course, the worst week

  • they've had in decades.

  • Well, I mean, pretty bad in the sense that Trump is

  • now not just talking about no nukes.

  • He's also saying, don't you dare abuse your people,

  • don't go after them.

  • So, is Trump saying that there's going to be hell to pay

  • or further sanctions for repression?

  • I mean, right now, the isolation

  • of the Iranian regime has gone way the heck up.

  • They're in trouble.

  • They're actually in trouble right now.

  • Well, this shows you that US-China relations

  • are going to get worse.

  • Xi Jinping feels like he's in a bit of a box

  • on this after Hong Kong and the repression there.

  • That's why Tsai Ing-wen, the nationalist

  • did so well there.

  • But after this deal is signed between the US and China

  • this week on trade,

  • everything else going in a bad direction:

  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, intellectual property, Uighurs.

  • And watch what happens with the extradition case

  • of the daughter of the Huawei founder

  • in Canada this month.

  • I'll be back with you next week.

Hey, everybody.


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