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watch this video and learn the three
reasons why native speakers don't
understand you and how to change that
hey friends teacher Prix here to help
you talk to anyone anywhere anytime in
English thanks for joining me on another
video I appreciate you coming back but
if it's your first time here yes thank
you so much I hope I can help you with
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videos the first reason native speakers
don't understand it is accent and
pronunciation yes guys
why because strong accents may confuse
native speakers okay many students study
listening, grammar writing
but they don't focus on pronunciation and accent
reduction consequently when they travel
abroad or when they have an opportunity
to talk to a native speaker it gets a
little hard for the native speakers to
understand you, because the truth is you
were not practing how to reduce your
accent how to improve your pronunciation
the most common problems are to stress
the wrong syllables to pronounce to
stress the wrong syllables mispronounce
words vowel sounds consonant sounds
to stress the sentences incorrectly
the intonation is wrong I don't know if
it's in if it's a question or if it's an affirmative based on the intonation
because you don't have a clear
intonation and all of these things
together will make it very difficult for native speakers to understand you
Now, what do you need to do to change that
accent and pronunciation exercises need to be on the top of your priority
list if you are having problems if native speakers are having problems to
understand you okay think about it
actors do accent reduction lessons or improve their accent I am a teacher but
I'm always doing accent and pronunciation exercises
because I want to be clear I want to
make sure that people understand me so this is a continuous exercise now
imagine if you have never done it okay so make sure to do pronunciation and
accent reduction exercises to help you become a clear English speaker okay
awesome number two the reason why native speakers don't understand you or are
having problems to understand you is because your vocabulary and your grammar
are not on point now when I say that please keep in mind
that making mistakes is alright okay I'm not saying that you have to stop making
mistakes, no you will continue making mistakes I make mistakes everybody makes
mistakes the problem is when those mistakes stop
you okay there are some mistakes that will confuse native speakers and will
stop conversation and what are they the first one that comes to mind is tense
conjugation if you are having a conversation and you're constantly
changing the tenses present past future, present past best present you will
confuse any speaker not just native speakers it'll be difficult to
understand your story if you're not clear with the tense so this is a past
story is it a present story the speaker may be a little confused this
can and will stop native speakers from understanding you one thing that I also
noticed using the wrong words before and after many students confuse that so if
you confuse this in a conversation using before or using after the native speaker
will have a very difficult time understanding what you have to say so
make sure that you're very careful with the words you choose that you really
know what they mean because they can confuse people that's why I said the
vocabulary and grammar because it's not just grammar that stops conversation but
vocabulary and most of the times it's not
it's not because you don't know a word it's because you think you know the
meaning of that word you think you know how to use that word but you don't so
make sure that you work on that before you're having a conversation because
these things combined can do a terrible damage to your conversation
with a native speaker okay now what do you need to do to improve your grammar
and vocabulary when talking about grammar the first thing you need to have
is a clear understanding of the basic tenses past present future you need to
understand this basic lessons present past future because they stop
conversations all the time so it's a basic lesson okay learning the tenses
it's a very basic lesson but if you haven't mastered yet no problems but you
need to dedicate more time to studying it okay actually for my students I make
it like a routine to study these tenses because they are so important and they
stop conversations so make sure that you study them on a continuous basis okay
now vocabulary same thing but I would recommend studying vocabulary
that is connected to things you like to talk about okay because if you just sit
down and study vocabulary me and that's gonna take a long time because
vocabulary is so general so what kind of vocabulary do you want to study or do
you need to study that's a good way to start okay and then number three reason
why native speakers don't understand you especially if you are from
spanish-speaking countries or if your country's language come from Latin okay
false friends what is a false friend a false friend is a word that you believe
has a meaning but it doesn't it means something completely different from what
you think it is this is what we call false friends and this my friend
stop conversations it can make people very confused
I am a non-native speaker and I know a lot about false friends and sometimes
when my students use them with me I get confused I need a minute or two to be
like oh you're trying to say that I'm a teacher now imagine a native speaker
they can have many problems if you're using false friends and if you're using
the wrong words it's very similar to problem or chew up vocabulary but here
it's very specific it's about false friends words that we
believe mean something but they don't they look like something the
spelling is, makes you think they are something now what can you do study it
study fast friends okay there are many lists on the internet
that you can download and and read more about because the truth is that are many
false friends so start small then go big you don't need to download a
list with 100 false friends download a small list and start becoming familiar
with that list that's the best way for you to improve your knowledge of false
friends and start changing this okay breaking this habit alright
very nice now I have a bonus for you because I'm a cool teacher ha, killer
reason why native speakers don't understand you why did they make this to
the end because only the true followers watch until the end so if you are a true
follower write in the description #truefollower because I'm
watching it to the end so #truefollower okay and the
killer reason why native speakers don't understand you is you are trying to
explain things how you would explain them in your language yes if you are
doing that it doesn't matter if you're having grammar problems vocabulary
problems intonation problems the problem is how you structure the things to
explain to native speakers and if you are doing that thinking of your language
people will not understand you okay so you need to let go of this mentality of
explaining things how you would explain them in your language that's when I talk
about translation and how they stop conversation that's what I'm trying to
show you when I make this videos about translation this is the impact of
translation when we are communicating in English it's not that you're just
translating words all the time but you're doing that automatically when you
are communicating with someone in English okay what do you need to do well
I don't have a short cake recipe to share it with you it's a process okay if
you realize that you're doing this and I know many of you are okay I receive your
emails you are my true follower remember so I get your emails I see that you guys
do that so it's the process writing can help you
okay writing can help you a lot if you make this kind of mistake okay
writing and listening watching things can help you but especially writing
because you speak what you're right it doesn't matter if people tell me all
teacher I'm an excellent writer but I'm a terrible speaker no chances are that
in 90% of the cases maybe even more if you write well you speak well if you
don't write well you don't speak well and when I say writing well and not
saying about having a good range of vocabulary creativity imagination no I'm
talking about the structure I'm talking about explaining things in writing okay
so if you have problems to explain things in writing you will have the same
problems to explain speaking because imagine when you're writing you have
time to think so if you're having problems already to write this is the
same problem you have in speaking that's why I'm always saying that everything is
connected and if you're not doing one you're not improving the other okay so
this is the killer reason why native speakers don't understand you improving
that takes time and dedication and a lot of writing very nice guys I hope you
enjoyed this video if you found this information useful share it with your
friends it helps the channel grow and more people will improve their English
thank you so much and I'll see you next time bye


以英语为母语的人不理解你的三个原因 (3 Reasons WHY Native Speakers DON'T Understand YOU)

88 分類 收藏
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