A2 初級 美國腔 17 分類 收藏
I decided to do social work at UVic because
I really enjoy the helping profession.
I like the idea of making difference in people's lives,
and it's been a really eye-opening experience for me,
just to see the scope of social work, and where you can go with it,
for sure.
I think it's really important for people to have support, children, youths, seniors.
I just think that through personal experience and
just experience within the field already.
I just see how important even just being a listener is,
so I'm just really passionate about that.
Social Work is a wonderful program for teaching critical social work to students.
We're talking about how there's more than one, sort of, evidence out there, and people
often think of evidence as fact.
And we're saying that there's many different ways to create knowledge
and so when we're doing community-based research,
it's around students getting engaged with those voices that often
aren't heard, and aren't part of policy decisions.
The community at UVic for Social Work is extremely diverse.
I mean, you have people from all over the country,
all different kind of specializations,
all different kind of skills,
that are coming here, so you have a bunch of different perspectives
coming to one common place.
And it's a pretty special place for that.


在UVic的社会工作 (Social Work at UVic)

17 分類 收藏
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