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Brett, can you smell that?
- Ohh! - Ohh!
Smells like a tasty roast!
That roasted timber..
Hello, guys!
Welcome to another episode of TwoSet V - I mean -
TwoSet Roast!
I mean - Just review...
Just a rev -
- Just a review. - Just a review.
One face.
Two faces.
No. Not enough.
Today we're reviewing...
Seven-Faced Man!
It's a Chinese drama.
And you know when it's Chinese drama...
It's gonna have that good violin acting.
Put your bow on the right string!
- Ah, yes. - I can't wait, I can't wait.
Basically, it's about a guy with split personality.
He has seven personailities.
I don't care about the other six,
the one I care about is one of his personalities...
His name is...
Mo... X...
Mo Xiao...
- It was starting okay! - Yeah.
The beginning was good.
- They actually got the right notes. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Woah! - Woah!
There's no roast here.
This is the appetizer, it ain't roasted.
But then, what was that?
- Aw man.. - Wrong - Wrong string...
- He did a string change on the G string. - He moved on the string.
It's like open string.
- Ahh... - Okay.
There was obviously some vibrato in there.
Or on the G string.
If it's on the G string, you should be up in the position.
And a bit of vibrato.
But his fingers are obviously just...
- Flat, very flat. - I can't really see it...
But his ring finger, his 3rd finger...
As violinists call it.
Violinists actually call it one, two, three.
His third finger is like that, it's not curved.
- He changes bow in the middle of the long note! - Changes bow on one note.
It's obviously just...
But he's doing...
It's G string, bro.
Just stay on the G string.
That was...
That's the double!
- Yeah, cause it's a legit vibrato. - It's a legit vibrato, but then...
The sound... Aww...
Editor! You have one job!
You even got a double!
Which is a good step like...
A really good effort.
Oh! And the violin is different!
- There's only one - - What!
There's only one fine tuner.
The other one had four fine tuners.
You can't hide from my eyes.
That's like having a...
Like a...
Amazing kitchen...
Hiring professional chefs...
And all of that, right? And having the best menu.
- And then - - But then at the very end you just like...
Smash into that dish together going like...
Here you go.
It's just like, "No! What a waste".
How to tell if someone doesn't know
how to play the violin... Watch their left hand go.
- Oh. Ooo. Ooo. Ooo. - Ooo. Oh.
That bow went way off.
As we all know, remember guys what we taught you?
In between the bridge and the fingerboard!
So many crimes in just this short one minute.
So many crimes.
I mean...
Well, first of all...
His bow came off the string before the music ended.
Like it kept going.
When you finish a note...
If you want to make a...
Gesture out of finishing...
It should be...
Circular motion.
He got the circular right, except...
Circle in this dimension.
- Not... - Not...
- This dimension. - Oh, I hit my head!
I thought you were gonna hit me.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I mov - No, no, you didn't hit me. I thought -
I moved back so I can anticipate your swing.
Because when you do it this way...
The bow's gonna go this.
Watch Eddy's bow.
Do it slowly.
Do you see that? It's off the fingerboard.
That's not good.
- Yeah. - You want to...
- Out! - Draw the string outwards.
This way...
It's like drawing a sword or something.
Do you ever stand like that?
After I practice?
- Yeah. - When you just finish that song.
You're like, yeah...
The last note of like solo Bach.
I wanna do that as well.
I will do it for the C -
Everyone can relate when someone's practicing,
they're like "Ahh."
Parents can probably relate.
I don't know.
Come on, man. It's just practicing.
- Yeah. - Leave him alone.
Just give him support.
Aw man.
Stop shifting when it's long notes.
- I know. - And there's no note change.
Oh my god.
I love how the last note is a C.
But he ends on a E string.
And the sound keeps on going.
Cause you're practicing and they're trying to sleep.
Yeah. Like in the middle of the night.
Why are you here?
Yeah, it's the only piece he knows how to play apparently.
Wait... So is he saying like...
You can't record it?
Yeah, she's like - She asked him if -
She could record him play
because she really likes that piece.
And he's like no.
Because the...
The beauty in music is that it cannot be replicated.
Every performance...
- Has a different emotion in it. - Yes.
Alright, guys. Burn all your CDs.
Burn all your Deutsche Grammophon,
like Berlin Phil recordings, you know.
I mean you record it because you have an interpretation.
Yes, sometimes interpretation can change...
But there's a general - You have a general...
- Idea of what the music wants to be like. - Yeah. Yeah.
You can't just change all the time.
And just even if every performance is different,
doesn't mean you can't capture a perf -
Particular performance.
I mean it's true.
Like a live show is always going to be different
because you're in the room.
But sometimes a recording is better than a live show.
If you have a really bad seat, in the very top balcony.
- You can't hear anything. - Recording is bringing an experience that
some people can't even afford a concert.
What if I wanted to listen to David Oistrakh,
and I can't travel back in time.
- Dude, he makes a - - Is De Biao Xi Debussy?
I think so.
Is that right, guys?
I don't know but he makes a lot of excuses.
I know. Just let her record you playing, man.
Or just say no.
I'm so confused.
Why is he talking about Debussy...
Becoming perfect when he died...
- When he is playing Bach Air on G String. - Yeah...
I'm very confused.
It's like... Where did Debussy come from?
It's the white violin!
Looks like a 3D printed violin.
Oh okay.
Aw man.
Yeah, she's not playing obviously.
Dude, that music is definitely what -
That music is not right.
That music is not what he is playing!
There's like semiquavers in the back.
That is not the music he is playing.
E string... You should be on the D string.
It's so intense...
Uh Oh...
That's what happens -
That's what happens when you are in -
Childhood practicing.
Your dad's listening or whoever it is, the teacher.
Uh oh...
Oh, the glasses...
Uh oh...
- Oh! - Ooh!
I think he is punishing the girl for his mistakes?
Like psychological trauma? I don't know.
- Dude, that's messed up. - Twisted.
Okay, let's stop, no more, guys.
- Just don't do that, guys. - Safe community guidelines.
Not even, just ethical guidelines.
Ethical guidelines, just don't do that.
Not - This should not be on Youtube.
Just ethical guidelines, that's enough.
Oh no...
Oh... Woah. Woah.
- Oh, Woah, woah! - Woah!
It's like they just gave up with the double at this point.
They're just like...
- Go for it, man! - Go for it!
The - As you guys know, the ten most overplayed pieces.
And glorified pieces.
Alright, guys.
One day we will get there. One day there will be a movie.
- One day - - Oh...
We have to keep searching for the perfect violin movie.
- Alright, guys. - Please subscribe.
- Subscribe 7 times for Seven-Faced Man. - 7 likes, 7 times and 7 comments.


陸劇證明用替身是不夠的 (Chinese Drama Proves It's Not Enough To Hire a Violin Double...)

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李芷凝 發佈於 2020 年 1 月 17 日
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